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The Treadmill of Life

Life during a pandemic is like going for a run on a treadmill.

When you run on a treadmill time passes, you go a distance.  You burn calories. 454 more words


Sunday Special: Love On Top

Hi, Sweethearts!

“I don’t need a mask; I have faith!”
“Y’all are stupid for re-opening churches!”

Seeing how the Body of Christ has been addressing each other lately made me pray for clarity… and boy did I get it. 184 more words

Reflective Moments

Wednesday Wind Down: What It Takes

Hi, Sweethearts! I hope that you are well wherever you are.

Right now, it’s a double national appreciation week highlighting teachers and nurses. *insert confetti party here especially for my fellow educators!* 633 more words

Reflective Moments

No Touching

I’m sitting on one end of the couch.  My husband Scott is sitting at the other end. Our 120-pound mastiff, Tank is laying on the floor facing away from us looking toward the kitchen, loudly chewing on his buffalo horn. 553 more words


Post-Marathon Ponderings

Last Friday, I ran my first marathon. It didn’t go as well as I had planned. In fact, it was bloody awful.

At mile six, I knew that this run wasn’t going my way. 659 more words


Little Adjustments Everywhere

Making it Work

With the addition of two adult children to our household, week three of Covid social distancing required a few tweaks to the plan for… 996 more words

One More Day

It’s been 123 days. I’ve done approximately 87 workouts. And I’ve run 388.9 miles. It’s all been for one day. That day is tomorrow, where I go the distance and run the elusive 26.2. 259 more words