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The real change comes from the inside​

We do not have the reason all the time and we are not hundred percent right in everything. Many times, without even noticing we commit mistakes or do something which makes someone sad. 535 more words


Where do you see your career heading?

This is an interesting question and obviously something i’m really thinking about especially because I’m approaching the end of my time at uni. During second year I have really found my love for styling, I enjoy styling my own work and have taken up the opportunities to style other peoples work. 240 more words

Where does your work sit in terms of genre and the creative industries? Think about the strengths of your working practices as well as interest – and whether these fit? And why?

I feel like my work sits very much within fashion photography, however I think my most recent project ventured more in to fine art. I have more recently thought about going in to styling, I have styled for other people within my year and also starting assisting stylists to get more on a idea of what the career entails. 101 more words

If you were to assess your approach in both areas, what do you feel works and what doesn’t and where do you see the need for development?

I think what works well is the stages in which I do things, which I have previously spoken about.  Without doing my work in this order then I feel like I wouldn’t get the best result. 128 more words

What approaches do you take to developing your work(consider both practical elements and contextual), in other words what stages do you tend to go through to develop, realise and communicate ideas? Is there a pattern to your process?

When developing my work it tends to go down a similar process each time, I really thrive off of clothing and fashion in general so a lot of my ideas tend to come from certain clothing which i’m in to at the time. 161 more words

What particular themes arise from or are dealt with in your work?

I feel I answered this in the previous question ‘What topics interest you, both visual and contextual?and why?’. But I feel without realising I seem to focus on similar themes. 206 more words

What topics interest you, both visual and contextual?and why?

By studying Fashion Photography I get to research both the fashion side and photography side. Both obviously of huge interest me. However over these two years studying I have more so warmed to the fashion side of things, focusing more so on the stylistic elements as well as the overall set design. 279 more words