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Momento Mori

Let me tell you about the eyes

That dropped and looked away,

About the ocean blue irises that

Glanced sharply and sliced the photo,

There is no other photographer. 27 more words


Take It Back Now, Y'all

With high school graduation season upon us (quite literally, as my hometown’s graduation is this afternoon), I can’t help but reflect on my own life.  Specifically, how terrified I was for my high school graduation, and how intimidating the “real world” outside of locker-filled hallways seemed at 17.  1,237 more words


I often stare at this page
And I wait for the words
To reveal themselves.
For them to ooze out
Nouns and verbs
And metaphors. 151 more words



This isn’t a rant; more musings whilst being dragged through the meadow by the pup. But it might feel like one. Honestly though, take my word for it, it isn’t. 567 more words


Walter’s Story—and Being Challenged by a Simple Gesture

My church, St. David’s Episcopal, offers breakfast on Sunday mornings. They recently started a Breakfast Greeter ministry where a member stays in the breakfast area to welcome parishioners and keeps an eye out for new people. 1,164 more words


The tune.

Bone of my bone,

Skull unto me,

My life drains from my own insanity.

Thus what my orbs see,

are nothing compared to others,

all that of suicidal thoughts inside me. 107 more words


Christ Walks

My feet are tired

From dredging paths

That tore across history

With ankles raw and

Bloodied from rusted

Iron the bit and burrowed

Deep into my flesh… 66 more words