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Lay Me To Rest

In light of recent events, I’ve unwillingly put a lot of thought into what becomes of me and my family, if I, too, had to untimingly part from the living realm. 1,683 more words



So, as this is the first time I’ve logged onto WordPress in about 6 months, you can imagine my surprise when I had a notification saying that I’d reached 100 likes. 123 more words


On bravery

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Today I saw a brave man. He was speaking in a microphone, loudly, for his immediate circle to hear. Those who passed on the other side of the street, if they did not cover their ears could hear him. 495 more words


Debating Blog Names

This may seem a bit weak as a first blog post, but I wanted to do something that would pertain to the rest of this blog and have something of a butterfly effect on the rest of my time as a blogger here. 411 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Wish I Heard This In College - A 23 year old's attempt at a wisdom note

It’s been a year and four months since I graduated (surprisingly well) with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from Bangalore (the up and coming… 1,407 more words

Openness and the Feeling of Betrayal

Countless times within the relationship Jess asked for more openness, and sure, it may have seemed like I wasn’t being open with her, but I firmly believe I really was. 638 more words

Simple Stripes

These scarves were based off a commissions idea I got off a request on Etsy. It was a lot of fun just doing something very simple. 169 more words