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Reflective Learning - Boud, Keogh & Walker

Boud, Keogh, and Walker came up with a model of reflecting learning in 1985 that can be used to help reflect on one’s own practice. It looks at reflection as an activity, in which a professional can really take a step back and evaluate their own practice in a way that helps them to learn from it in the future. 648 more words


A shift in seasons 

Another change in seasons has got me reflecting on the concept of ‘change’ overall. The reality is things are constantly moving, shifting, evolving and developing… but when we experience a shift it rocks us. 269 more words


Week Seven

Getting organized by filtering your email

I am a part of two wonderful organizations called Emerge and Coast Young Professionals. These organizations allow for you to meet new people and network. 183 more words


Parts of My Soul (At least according to Plato)

The tripartite division of the human psyche (the rational or reflective, the spirited, and the appetitive elements) reflects a similar stratification in the state (the rulers who will govern the state, the auxiliaries who will defend it, and the producers who will provide the material goods). 1,450 more words

Academic Writing

Peace on the Rock

There have been times in my life when I was taking a class of some sort (yoga, creative drama, meditation) in which the participants were asked to think of a time when they were totally at peace. 762 more words


Why Ragnar Relay Races?

Simply, an all year round event to different states, that’s one big thing! But the main challenge is the 200(ish) mile relay races and the process from start to end. 264 more words

247 Viz

Visiting nursing homes

I know a lot of families are faced with having to make the difficult decision of selecting the next sensible move for their elderly relatives. This may result in having to find the right nursing home which can seem very daunting. 412 more words