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#atinylife Good

My mother told me that she had had a good life. For 50 years, she’d lived in small-town Scotland, the wife of a professional man: she and her immediate family were healthy, comfortable and successful. 111 more words


change in pace

I used to be afraid of my own reflection,

weighing every worth of my existence- from the tip of my chin to the ends of my toes, curled up in self-doubt and shame. 408 more words

Rinse and return

It’s been almost a year since i’ve been here. Been a year since i actually wrote anything worth while.Been a year since i’ve wanted to do so. 256 more words

Growing Up

Searching for THE ONE... or onesssss

Ever hear of the term “the Chosen One”? Or spend hours looking for that one special thing? Or read a story that talks about two individuals being the perfect match for each other? 469 more words


The Opposite Viewpoint

It is always difficult for me to select the best practices from Spark! Incubator because so much of the experiential learning experience is based on the growth, journey, and self assessment.    402 more words


Reflective Journal -6/02/2016

Today April and I met up with the clients for the wedding shoot in August. I found this went really well, and as it was something I haven’t done before I was expecting it to be harder than it was. 22 more words


8th Feb

Yesterday We were involved in the hardest session of life drawing. I do feel like my my life drawing skills are slowly slowly slowly improving. This time Graham tried some new thing with us. 293 more words