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Kateřina Cepáková: fb bubble

“A world in its own.
With that liquid feel.


Thanks for the mammaries

Two years have passed since my first and last mammogram, where I found out that left to their devices, it was extremely likely my breasts were going to kill me. 734 more words


Laws to Keep or Break

The law of love
Love everyone
Pretend to not hate
the ones you abhor

The law of biology
Everything eats everything,
and when the shifts change… 75 more words
My Poetry

Create Listening Time

Sometimes we are so busy making plans,
that we forget to listen for guidance on them.

PS – Are you on my newsletter list?  This 3-word wisdom was inspired by… 20 more words


A steady stream of firefighting moments

I’m fast approaching my fifth year as a volunteer firefighter. In those five years I’ve experienced some of my life’s greatest emotional peaks and valleys while fighting fully involved house fires, searching for lost hikers, transporting injured ATV riders off the dunes, educating kindergarteners about fire safety, and extricating both the living and the dead from mangled automobiles — sometimes within arm’s reach of one another. 246 more words

Ned Hickson

Summer Dislike

He hated summer and he had a list of reasons that seemed never ending.

The heat, the unpredictable weather, the noisy children, the flocks of people. 22 more words


Are We All Supposed To Know Exactly What We're Doing, Or Do We Just All Pretend?

Background music: Chopin’s Nocturne in Em Op. 72/1

Am I the only one who has no f*cking idea what to do in life? That sometimes stops, looks around at the piles of shit that I’ve created (and called castles) and just squints and thinks ‘Dude. 719 more words