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Found a whole new genre of music that I’m loving. It’s great to know that my taste has the ability to change, because with that change in taste, comes a change in my general mindset. 75 more words


Digital: Misc Fantasy Digital Paintings

Alongside more considered conceptual reinforced artworks, I have been intermittently returned to digital fantasy painting, mostly for technical practice and person entertainment, but also as laments for the incapability of escapism, and the unavoidable desire to avoid the worldly things, to reflect on reality by delving into the unreal (alongside general figure-work). 33 more words


Maybe Next Time

Pink moon
Don’t leave so soon
I haven’t finished
Dreaming up wishes

I’m still gazing
At the grass grazing
The last drops of dew
Tomorrow comes too soon… 97 more words

Too Sensative

My thin flailing skin
A layer of white toilet tissue
My jeans and jumper rub and poke
A wisp of a breeze sends me flying… 69 more words

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me
I act too spontaneously
I love to wear a constant coat of mystery
Only ‘cos I’m scared oh what’s underneath

I asked you to stay… 217 more words

Who No One Is

Who No One Is

I am heard by deafen ears
I am seen through eyes blind
I am felt within a numb touch
I am known only as non existence… 121 more words


Tear Drops Like Fireflies

Each smile
Each laughter
Each tear
Like butterflies in the wind
Breaths in a crystal stream
The vivid dreams of sunset
Leaves suspended in time… 29 more words