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Wabi-Sabi Love

I’m not perfect. She’s not perfect. On the point of neither of us being perfect, we are a perfect match! What is perfect about it, is that we are both semi-painfully aware of our own imperfections, yet we have decided to just get on with life and enjoy it while we may, as best we can. 552 more words


Bereavement awareness...the young Royals

Well done to the younger Royals for speaking out about bereavement and mental illness. Increasing awareness and the importance for people who are sufffering to talk will definitely help take the stigma away from these subjects which have been taboos for far too long. 113 more words

The Bipolar Transformation

Daddy’s Girl~ (Entry 9) {1995}

Dear Diary,

We were home at last! Kris was waiting outside the parking lot…biting her lip and solaced my father’s shoulders. 1,033 more words

Diary Entries

Willowed whispers.

…and in the willows
wisp of love,
where shadows reign
and death departs,
the beast ascends the
ancient walls
searching the shallow
skies of time, 9 more words

Creative Writing


The Raven (opening stanza only) by Edgar Allen Poe:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— 417 more words


Long Distance Pizza

Why would a man write about something that most people couldn’t access in any reasonable manner? I’m doing it because I believe in acknowledging excellence wherever it may be found. 443 more words


What does it look like to be on a Coaching Cycle?

A coaching cycle is a focused and sustained on-the-job professional development, that allows for deep professional conversations. Therefore, it is an ideal approach to try out and reflect on student learning and teaching strategies. 752 more words

Professional Development