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I accept that I’m an odd-ball. Being an odd-ball is my starting point. I just don’t think the way other folks think. I don’t go to casinos for example because I regard them as places where rich folks (casino owners) take money from poor folks on the unlikely chance that every once in a while one of those poor folks will be made rich too. 361 more words



Why should I,

How do I?

The thing is,

Both of us grew into our own epitaph of what life fell,

Although yes we are related, 117 more words


AuVi 9a.1z

Where art thou,

Wherefore art thine,

Mi inspiracion;

Mi fantastico inspiracion.

Muy cabeza is looking for you.

Mi cabeza is now empty without U.

I need something to put this at ease.


The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau

my father’s voice I can not hear
my mother’s hands I cannot see
naked on the lake’s edge I do not forget
I am

© Guy Traiber

את קול אבי איני שומע
ואת ידי אימי אני רואה
עירום, על שפת האגם איני שוכח

הכל - And All


The train shades the tracks groaning with cries from the past. Life is quiet and green and wide. The sky is an airy baby blanket or a blanket spread out on the grass under the white mountains. 36 more words

הכל - And All

All State

Each of the last four years, my daughter has made the Alabama All-State Red Band, the top of the three All-State Bands (Red, White and Blue).  819 more words


Tick tock

Tick tock tick tock

The restless seconds wasted

On a mindless jumble that some call education

While all I perfect is the art of pretending to be interested… 160 more words