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As I have been working in collaboration with a number of individuals as a photographer of exhibitions, installations and events, I have seen to become the official photographer for my peer… 208 more words


Writing, Thinking, Perspective

It is true that I sometimes confine myself to the rectangle on which I now write. Its emptiness is a challenge, blank lines calling, and that emptiness and blankness provoking the creation of what you now read. 1,866 more words


Back In The Saddle

For about two years now, I haven’t done much original writing.

After a while it seemed a little pointless to bang on here about original writing when I wasn’t doing any. 627 more words

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Reasons for writing are so diverse -- the ones described here aren't bad at all. Welcome back, Sam! You're motivating me, too.

Ceres' Strange Bright Spots are Almost Certainly Reflective Material

Ever since it was first spotted by Hubble in 2003, the nature of the curious bright spot on Ceres has been an intriguing mystery for scientists. 431 more words


5 Blog Tasks // Combined Post

Blog Task 1 – The One Show

I have never personally watched ‘The One Show’ on BBC One but I am aware of what it is and what it serves to do.  3,347 more words


Getting swept along for the ride (Slight rant)

As many might know, Concordia University is located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, which is home to one of the largest underground malls, to thousands of international students as well as hundreds of cyclists (because most cyclists nowadays are humans, except for a few animals that were trained beforehand). 279 more words


Digital: Alter Mann

Alter Mann
This is another 3D sculpture of an elderly, bearded man. Perhaps the digital sculpture appeals as a superior way of preserving the living, to embody them in a electronic form with greater depth than photographs, moulded from memory, rather than just the binary nodes of a light sensor in a digital camera. 649 more words