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The Kotel Decision: The Parties at the Table

I remember going to visit Judy Chicago’s art installation “The Dinner Party” long ago at the Brooklyn Museum. This iconic feminist art piece sits in a mood-lit room, in the middle a triangular table upon which are 39 place settings, using mixed media, to highlight thirty-nine women: goddesses, historical figures, and women of importance in Western Civilization. 1,849 more words


Bereishis-in the beginning

I grew up in a non religious home in a small, rural southern town in Alabama…population 2,000.  I became interested in religion while in high school when I was taking a comparative religion class. 1,052 more words


Learning Shabbat

I’m five weeks into my “official” study of Judaism (official because I’m under the tutelage of a rabbi) and every single week, I learn something new or discover something about myself and my own beliefs that tells me I’m on the right path. 578 more words


Abraham Geiger, 19th century founder of Reform Judaism in Germany, exhorts his fellow Jews to cast off the trappings of tradition and embrace brotherhood with their gentile countrymen, for the Jews can surely anticipate a most loving and warm welcome by their brothers in humanity.

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Mussar (Ethics)

“That science, which, despairing of itself and aware of its own weak mind, denies the existence of a spirit, shows up with triumphant mien the apparatus of a system of bones, and thereby believes to have given an explanation of man, will with shame retire: it will yield to the healthful science which respects the spirit, and has a presentiment of the Spirit of all spirits.

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Mussar (Ethics)

Remembering Rabbi Borowitz

Jewish Publication Society author, long serving JPS board member, and JPS Scholar of Distinction Professor, Eugene Borowitz passed away on Friday. In a Forward obituary, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, called Borowitz “a larger-than-life figure in postwar Judaism.” 106 more words

In The News

Abraham Geiger on the attitude of Diaspora Jewry toward the Jewish community in the land of Israel

Read “Diaspora Jews” in place of “Grecian Jews” (i.e. Jews of the Greco-Roman empire), and it seems to me a sad but accurate description of affairs even today. 190 more words

Mussar (Ethics)