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Founder of Reform Judaism v. Evolution, pt. II

For it is not alone nature around him that he (Man) must explain, — he himself must be explained together with it; he is part and parcel of nature, and to search himself is a task which he cannot avoid.

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Mussar (Ethics)

The Founder of Reform Judaism Against Evolution

Nature presents herself in a great variety of beings, according to classes and species, which, while disinct from each other, work together, and for each other, but are not transformed one into the other.

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Fantasy and the Jewish Future

A reader asked me recently, “Which mitzvot do Reform Jews observe?”

My answer (this was on Twitter, so I had to be brief), “Like all Jews, some observe many mitzvot and some do not.” 517 more words

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Who Is Chosen?

I remember reading The Chosen  as a teen and I was hooked. I then went on to The Promise, the sequel and pretty much every other book by Chaim Potok.   966 more words


From Gatekeepers to Legators - משומרים למורישים

A slightly unedited sermon for this Shabbat:

A very warm welcome to all those gathered here for the celebrations of a very special baby and all our members, visitors and friends in our sanctuary and joining us on line. 2,268 more words


Style or Substance?: A Follow-Up Post

A friend of mine told me that a Conservative Jewish friend of hers said this when she read about the whole Elad Debacle of 5775 today: “You know… we don’t talk about the Orthodox. 852 more words

Jewish Practices

Hey, Pop Chassid - it's not a "paradox."

Today, I had to make a painful decision.

I stopped following Pop Chassid, who I’ve followed pretty much since I started this journey, and Hevria, the Jewish artistic magazine he started sometime this past year, because apparently… 650 more words