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My Adventures with Kashrut

Knowing the basics of Jewish dietary law and keeping kosher in real life are two different things. The best way to learn how to keep kosher is to submit humbly to someone who actually does it. 697 more words

Especially For Beginners

The Kids Are All Right! American Judaism is Going Along the Right Path

As I read responses from my rabbinic colleagues in the Reform Movement, I am fascinated by what appears to be a backlash from some of them against some of the next generation terms and approaches. 1,794 more words

See how the "Women of the Wall" desecrate a Torah scroll

It is not about religion but only about provocation. The self – appointed Women of the Wall made another attempt of Torah scroll desecration. I very much doubt whether this women are all Jewish at all ! 15 more words
Kotel (Western Wall)

On Second Thought

I said here (in a comment to the repost of Rabbi Adar’s blog post responding to my prior post, which in turn was a response to a post of hers) that there is no real dispute between Rabbi Adar and myself over sacrifice vs. 1,018 more words

Humanistic Judaism

The Chosen Frozen

As you may or may not know, I am a blogger for The Jerusalem Post, which is the major daily English-language newspaper in Israel. My blog, The Chosen Frozen, appears on their website, JPost.com. 26 more words


I Voted.

Through April 30th 2015, the World Zionist Organization is holding open voting for all jews to help shape its agenda, including issues affecting both Diaspora Jews and the state of affairs in Israel. 74 more words


What Reform Judaism can learn about Choice from Disney World

In 2002, at the age of 18, I visited Walt Disney World for the first time. My sister was 15, and waiting until this point in our lives to make the trek to Orlando was a supremely wise decision on my parents’ part, as it removed a lot of the stress that accompanies visiting the home of the world’s most famous mouse. 2,122 more words

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