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Independence from black-and-white thinking

Today concluded my first Independence Day as an Israeli.  And the first one I’ve celebrated on my homeland’s soil.  It was an independence day for me, a chance to declare my freedom from… 1,629 more words


This Independence Day, I belong in Hatikvah - שכונת התקווה מעל כולם

Today was Yom Ha’atzmaut.  Israeli Independence Day.  My country, my home turned 70 today- every day and every year a true miracle.  We’ve got our problems and we manage to survive and learn and grow.  1,333 more words


Warning from Yad le'Achim: "Diaspora Affairs Ministry is endangering the Jewish People"

It is bad enough that Reform converts to Judaism are allowed to make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel). The State of Israel recognizes such converts as… 575 more words

Rediscovered: The Tobias Theodores Papers

Another in our occasional series describing work being undertaken on some of our less well-known collections.

Miriam Wildermuth, an Erasmus student from the Humboldt University, Berlin, has recently been working on several projects in Special Collections, including a catalogue of the Tobias Theodores papers. 833 more words


This Year in Haifa

I’m on a train heading back down south to meet the Walk About Love group to start the second half of my journey on the shvil. 428 more words


A Muslim pluralist

One of the great frustrations I’ve faced when dealing with dialogue here is that some people aren’t pluralists.  Being a pluralist, as I see it, is about saying “I have one way of doing things, you have another, let’s co-exist.”  It means legally allowing people to do things you don’t agree with.  1,162 more words


A family reunion with Haredim in a cave in Tsfat

I just got back from an absolutely fascinating and fantastic trip up North.  The North is truly the most beautiful part of this Land.  A place where mountains and hills, covered in green, soothe the city dweller’s soul.  806 more words

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