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Reflections on Yom Kippur

For the readers out there who do not know, I am Jewish. I am a Jew in Korea during Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews around the world. 900 more words


Why are Jews Leftist?

Any astute student of history or current affairs will note a very pervasive tendency over the last two centuries for European Jews to hold leftist views, ranging from multiculturalism and social democracy to full-blown communism or red anarchism. 1,329 more words

What We Owe to Past, Present, and Future

My latest blog post for The Times of Israel:

What do we owe to our people who lived in the past and are now dead? 151 more words

Jewish Philosophy

My Issues With Orthodoxy: A Response to Rafi Mollot

I had not intended to devote an entire post to this topic. Most regular readers of my blog already know how I feel about the Orthodox stream of Judaism, between the Elad Debacle a few months ago, the Haredim who are constantly trying to stop the Women of the Wall from worshiping at the Kotel, and of course the ongoing violence from Israeli Jewish extremists against women and children, both Jewish and non-Jewish. 4,239 more words

Conversion Process

Geulah -- Redemption

With thanks to Rabbi Leah Berkowitz, Stacy Lubov, and Rabbi John Friedman for helping me create  a prayerbook for our Religious School. I’ve always wanted to see this prayer go farther, so I’m putting it here. 62 more words


The Greeks had no teachers or patterns in Art and Science, they were their own teachers and masters, — they speedily appeared with such perfect accomplishment, as makes them the teachers of mankind for all times.

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The Ripple Effects of Peer to Peer Mentorship

Recently, I asked a group of colleagues to help me think about examples from pop-culture in which teens were mentoring other teens. It was surprisingly hard to come up with a genuine example of peer-to-peer mentorship. 1,149 more words