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Woman arrested for taking down Confederate Flag in SC breaks her silence

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Early on Saturday morning, filmmaker, musician, activist and self-described ‘freedom fighter’ Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole on the grounds of the South Carolina State House and… 150 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Libyan freedom fighter Salwa Bugaighis remembered one year after her murder

On the one-year anniversary of Libyan human rights defender Salwa Bugaighis’s murder, prominent activists, diplomats and politicians from around the world convened in Cairo and The Hague to… 277 more words

Human And Civil Rights

The Fate of Canada's Senate

The Senate of Canada is a highly debated topic in Canada and there has not been an outcome. Over the years, some Canadian provinces had upper houses, they were either abolished before joining the Dominion or during the time the province was part of Canada. 362 more words


Flipped Classrooms; Moving from Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered

The paradigm for teaching and learning is slowly shifting from teacher-centered to student-centered. The old paradigm included teacher directed learning activities such as lecturing, discussion and testing. 1,297 more words


Teacher Unions from a Teachers' Perspective

We hear a lot of complaining in the general public about teachers unions and their detriment to education and schools. Like many other issues in education we are often hearing from those who have little experience in education and no true experience dealing with teachers unions on a day-to-day basis. 833 more words


Plan For Reform: NYPD


“We are at a pivotal moment in New York’s history—we have the need, motivation, and opportunity to imagine a city where cops are not just policing in New York’s communities but with the residents in each of those communities whose involvement is the as yet untapped force we need to continue to drive down crime and make every neighborhood as safe as every other… 464 more words


What to do about snitch testimony?

I believe juries should be cautioned about the unreliability of snitch testimony, and be told that many wrongful convictions have resulted from such testimony.