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“If you only measure your ministry by the amount of people that come to your church, then you are using the wrong measurement.”

~ Wayne Penn, Sr. (Dad)

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The Wheels on the (Dodgy) Bus

Responsible for ferrying around the former capital’s estimated 2.6 million commuters – about half of Yangon’s 5.2 million residents – Yangon’s long-overdue, rehauled public bus system launched in January 2017 to much fanfare. 769 more words

reformers contrasted with revolutionaries

There is, of course, an important distinction to be aware of.  Social revolutionaries believe the current system, current culture is too sick (too corrupt/rotten, fundamentally flawed, institutionally racist, etc.) to be fixed and must be destroyed so that a new system can replace it.  468 more words


THE TRIAL: Ghana's Educational System

The make-up of Ghana’s educational curricula does not try to produce adults who are functional, self-sufficient, who understand their politics, their economics and their relationship with the global village.  278 more words


Dividing the Third Pole

Written by Martin Mills.

Over the last decade, the Tibetan Plateau has changed beyond recognition. In the place of the organic huddles of mud-brick villages and scattered nomadic pastoralist tents that characterised rural life on the Plateau for more than a thousand years, stand roadside lines of concrete and breezeblock housing estates. 1,543 more words


Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña on Monday had made a decree stating that cannabis is now legal to use for medical purposes in the country.   289 more words


Turtle meditation

It’s almost summer here in rural North Carolina, which means two things: tobacco is lush in the fields, and turtles are busily crossing the roads. 280 more words

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