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Reconnect Assange

I admire Julian Assange very much. His voice has been vital in the cause of human liberty, peace and justice.

Wikileaks’ work along with other individuals over the years have been instrumental in restoring opportunity and hope to many people and countries around the world. 67 more words


Proposed state takeover of SNCF debt puts Government in balance sheet dilemma

Opposition deputies in France have said that France’s Stability Programme report to the EU for 2018 to 2022, being submitted this month, makes no provision for it taking-on part of SNCF’s debt, which is current Government policy. 104 more words


Our politics is broken

Five changes we think will improve the political process

There is considerable dissatisfaction with the state of politics in the country. There is unhappiness over many things which include: the effects of austerity on the poorest in our society; the continuing threats to our public services from austerity policies; ever rising levels of inequality; housing issues; unfair taxation and increasing levels of job insecurity.  1,063 more words

Salisbury Compass

bne: Gloves off for Ukraine's health minister as long-awaited reforms begin

Article published on the bne Intellinews website on April 16, 2018.

When the Ukrainian Health minister announced the start of the country’s most ambitious healthcare reform of its post-soviet history, 32 years-old doctor Svetlana Bulatova could not hide her anxiety. 484 more words


Using Schools to Stop "Self-Shaming"

With the upcoming referendum on repealing the 8th Amendment, and the sex education bill passed through the Dáil earlier this week, I know that a topic like “self-shaming” isn’t high on anybody’s reading list. 683 more words


Ultimately, evil is unstable and unchoosable

Over the last few months, I’ve been reflecting on what God’s response to hell was, is, and will be, and how that shapes our response to it. 761 more words