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Judaism prt 4

As I moved forward in my investigation, I was equipped with an obvious yet often overlooked understanding that I’d gathered anecdotally from my Jewish friends. The Jews are called “Jews” because they are the descendents of Judah. 1,616 more words

The GST Conundrum

The entire GST bill conundrum has left many to wonder whether the GST reform is a mere political hyperbole or is it indeed the ‘reform of the century’ for the financial integration of India as it is touted to be. 710 more words


Monetary Reform: Worldwide Awareness Is Growing.

By Jerry Alatalo

egular readers at The Oneness of Humanity are likely more informed on the topic of monetary reform and public banking than the average citizen… It’s easy to say that as there are over 160 postings in the… 473 more words

Earth Matters

Resolving Africa's Educational Crisis

In developing regions across the globe, school systems fail to provide their youth with an adequate education.

As part of 2014’s World Teacher Day (October 5th), the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) released preliminary estimates of teacher shortages across the globe.  508 more words

International Relations

Seeing the bigger picture

PDF file: Seeing the bigger picture – A perspective on socio-political structures

The choice to form a united political community, which for so long stood out of reach of the common man and rested upon the fate of battles and on the willingness of kings and emperors to conquer more territory, is now open to popular decisions and choices. 4,677 more words

Sacrificing our Retirement for Socialist Policies

With the 82nd anniversary of Social Security, the government’s state-imposed retirement plan signed into place by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in August of 1935, upon us, it’s time to take into consideration some of the implications of this program. 1,190 more words

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Illinois House Votes on Amendatory Veto this Morning

SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (KMOX) – The eyes of Illinois are on Springfield this morning as the House returns to session, with the possible override of Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of the education reform bill top on the agenda. 151 more words