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Mothers of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin say supporting Clinton is about “saving our children”

The mothers of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, and other young people who died of gun violence or violence at the hands of police officers joined together on Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, calling for police reform and gun control. 270 more words

Activism And Protest

Video captures 2 women thrashed and abused by "cow vigilantes" in India

The moment two Muslim women were apprehended and beaten by violent “cow vigilantes,” acting on a rumor the pair were traveling with a large quantity of beef to sell, has been caught on camera. 119 more words

Human And Civil Rights

My head hurts

I was out with The Long Haired General at a house party on Saturday night. It was a lovely evening with people I barely knew, most of whom came from her work. 349 more words


The classroom of the future

Whilst reading ‘Weaving creativity into every strand of your curriculum’ by Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Julia Figliotti, I was drawn to a question which they used as a hook for activating creative thoughts in students. 485 more words

End of Education Reform?

Four years ago, I first described the parallels between cops and teachers:

A year after the election, I wrote about unions and asked, again, why the GOP was so intent on attacking teacher protections when cops and other government workers get the same advantages. 1,233 more words


Reform Benefits - part 1

In the UK we have what I’d say is a fairly generous benifit system but I’d say that it’s being to generous to the wrong people while those who really need it struggle to keep there head above the water. 411 more words


Phony reforms, a ballot crammed with measures - business as usual in California

The trendline isn’t looking good for Governor Brown.

After polls confirmed that California voters were frustrated by ballot overload, lawmakers made changes two years ago that were aimed at preempting at least some initiatives from landing on the ballot and improving those that do. 43 more words

Sacramento Update