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Football reform leader group formed

On 30 April, Soccer News reported that a leadership group at the top of the government which was headed by important officials was formed. The formation of the group indicates that Chinese football will come into practical stages. 136 more words


The inequities of India's proposed Land Acquisition Bill

The Indian government led by Modi has proposed a series of wide-ranging reforms to the Land Acquisition Bill which, in my personal view, will have a deleterious effect on the nation and her people. 1,613 more words


How has Vietnam's education system changed from 1975 to today?

This post is largely a summary of the World Bank’s report on Vietnam’s education development [1]. Over the years after 1975, there have been visible changes in Vietnam’s education system. 630 more words


A Proposal for Access Lawsuit Reform that Helps Everybody but the Lawyers

Even staunch supporters of the American’s with Disabilities Act and it’s California corollaries now widely acknowledge that these laws are being abused. A few lawyers and plaintiffs bring the bulk of the state’s disabled access lawsuits, typically relying on the expense of litigation rather than the merits of their claims to extract disproportionate settlements from mostly small businesses. 1,152 more words

Sheep and Drones

They walk through vast plains and luscious valleys. Nothing can be heard over their excessive bah-ing. Their thick wool and group mentality keeps them going. They follow a man equipped with a cattle prod, and believe he leads them to a greater field – a better future. 108 more words


5 for FRI: Preventing Another Baltimore, Low Civic Knowledge, and James Q. Wilson Is Still Correct

This week we highlight pieces looking at public safety and policing in light of the Baltimore riots – one from the perspective of a former mayor, and the other from the current police chief of the NYPD. 841 more words

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