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Mark Driscoll Controversy: Reformation Day

It seems to make perfect sense that the dissolving of Mars Hill Church should be dramatically proclaimed on Reformation Day. For those of us who do not know what Reformation Day is, it is the woefully-unacknowledged- day, in which Martyn Luther ( the first, not King Junior), hung his 95 thesis from the Wittenberg Castle Door in Germany in 1517, stating ninety-five separate offenses to the then current reign of the Roman Catholic Church. 1,452 more words

Mark Driscoll Controversy

A Protestant and a Catholic Walk into a Bar . . .

My final paper for my Transitional Moments class was to do a talk/sermon for Reformation Day October 31.  I decided to approach this as a talk for an adult formation class.   3,401 more words


Oktober Miscellany

With October well under way, I thought I’d share my thoughts over the past few weeks.

What do you mean, October’s over? It was only yesterday I saw the QR code on the police cruiser and had the idea for this post. 82 more words


Just Another Week

Once again, I’ll just post a brief update, since our past week has been pretty normal and uneventful.  We’ve just been working, hanging out with students, going to RUF, baking, and all the normal day-to-day life stuff. 417 more words

The Wintern Life

German Pretzels

As you all know this past week was Halloween, but most of you probably didn’t know that it was also Reformation Day. Reformation Day is a day where we celebrate the event of Martin Luther (a German friar during the 16th century) nailing his document of protest to the Roman Catholic Church to the door of All Saints on October 31st, 1517. 355 more words

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How Christians Will Know They Can Join Hands With Rome

by Eric Davis

“With Reformation Day coming up, this is a good time to recall why the Reformers departed from Roman Catholicism. In our day especially, it seems that many Christians have history-amnesia when it comes to the importance of what God did through the Reformers. 144 more words