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Easy and free fall decorations plus a neat video about the reformation

I love walking around Hobby Lobby looking at and touching all the fall decor and imagining where I would put it in my house. I realize though that that stuff is expensive and after the fall season it goes back up in the attic. 480 more words


thoughts on reformation day

As many of you may know, Reformation Day was on October 31st. This is the day on which, in 1517, a German monk named Martin Luther nailed his famous Ninety-Five Theses onto the door of the Catholic church in Rome. 370 more words


My Heart I Offer to You, O Lord, Promptly and Sincerely


A Reformation Sunday Sermon (continued…)

Matthew 10:28

November 5, 2017

You must imagine the setting. Two men in a dim Swiss inn, located in the city of Geneva. 2,269 more words


Remembering the Reformation: Martin Luther’s Anxious Heart

I was given the honour of speaking at our 2017 Reformation Day chapel at Ambrose University. Here’s the text of my reflection. You can view the video… 2,258 more words

Christianity/Faith And History

By Request, 'A Mighty Fortress'

It was 500 years ago today that Martin Luther changed the world by starting the still-ongoing reformation of the Church. He also wrote A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, … 25 more words


5 Common Misconceptions of Reformation Day


October 26, 2017 by David Qaoud

  • *Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution from Tim LeCroy who blogs at 
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When the Lord blesses small acts of faithfulness

Last night we held our annual Light Party. We did the same sorts of things that we usually do – we played some games with the kids, ate some food and watched a short video (see… 504 more words