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Our History

A Biblical Reformation
On October 31st 1517, Martin Luther boldly nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church and thus launched the Protestant Reformation. 824 more words

2018.06.15 OK Enough Is Not Enough Any More

I remember reading an HBR article back in 2010, the then-seemingly robust Chinese economy was hailed by the media across the world while most of the developed countries struggled to climb out of the financial crisis. 566 more words

Day In Day Out

Childhood and Social Conditioning

Social conditioning has a huge and permanent effect on humans. This is probably why the people to people differences within a society are not very significant as compared to difference between peoples from different societies. 309 more words

Social Issues

Anne Boleyn

A crown
And books
For reformation
Reformed you

A king
A church
A guttural cry
Gutted you

Small worth
A kingdom
Power taken
Overpowering you… 19 more words



It was on this day two years ago when I accidentally noticed Mr. Emmanuel Macron  the then French Minister of Economy and Finance. I was reading something regarding Brexit, but somehow my attention was caught by a video featuring one of his many radio interviews on RTL pertaining to the economy. 472 more words


The Tale of the 99 Percent.

Ahhhh, the good ‘ole days of the Occupy Wall Street movement. “Yes, those were the times”, he reflected back to himself.

When it all started in 2011 it was everywhere on the news. 798 more words

Occupy Movement

Celebrating Death

How can we be happy over any death? How can we be happy over the death of the cruelest of our enemies, the bitterest of our opponents, the wickedest of our foes, the most brutal of our antagonists, the savagest of our adversaries and the most hostile of our rivals, when all it does is reminding us of a reality which we can’t escape that someday we will also die and will have to face our Lord all alone, explaining to him all the wrongs we have done! 388 more words

Social Issues