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The Present Evil Age: A Brief Refutation of Postmillennialism

An Insoluble Dilemma for Postmillennialism

In Paul’s opening greeting to the church in Galatia, he declares that “the Lord Jesus Christ… gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age.” 1,072 more words


A “Catholic” Flavored Commentary on Romans: Chapter 6

Before the Council of Trent, Augustine, Chrysostom, and others had no problem elucidating ideas most clearly represented today by Reformed theologians.  In Chapter 6, Paul answers everyone’s big question: if we are really saved by faith alone, irrespective of works of the Law or any good works, why not just sin? 3,198 more words


3 passages that show Irresistible Grace to be false.

The doctrine of Irresistible grace is easily disproved by many passages in the Bible. But I will show just 3 passages that show this doctrine to be false. 174 more words


Seek God. (Reformers say you can`t, Bible says you can)

Reformed Christians aka Calvinists, Lutherans and others teach man has lost his free-will due to the fall and can no longer seek God. (Lets see what scripture says.) 655 more words


Limited Atonement is a ‘Doctrine of Demons’.

There is a very popular belief out there that Jesus only died for the elect. That he did not die for those who end up in the lake of fire, and that he did not die for the false prophets. 270 more words


Eternal Judgment: 1 - Judgment Is Needed For Justice

Gospel means good news. In order to understand how good the gospel of Jesus Christ is, one must understand how bad the bad news is. The bad news is very bad: God, at some point in the future, will put an end to the earth as we know it. 549 more words

Faith Foundations

Book Review: A Journey in Grace - By Richard P. Belcher

A Journey in Grace follows the progression of a young pastor as he is confronted with the question “Are You a Calvinist?” Not knowing the answer to the question, he goes out to discover whether or not he is. 422 more words

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