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Confessing the Faith (Book Review)

There is a manly tobacco shop (is that a tautology?) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where a few of my friends visit about twice a year for a guy hangout day.  2,048 more words

Book Review

The PCUSA Elite Today (3)

The Rev. Shannon Kershner Interview (2)

The interview under discussion was wide ranging in scope.  Therefore, there are numerous topics with which I must disagree with corresponding levels of concern.   1,032 more words


Faults in the church.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone specifically, but I need to address issues in the church. In the past I have been more than willing to point out the flaws and failings in church leadership. 603 more words


The Glory of Christ (eBook) - Monergism

This book is one of my favorite books on Christology.  The following is from the Monergism website:

To design of the ensuing Discourse is to declare some part of that glory of our Lord Jesus Christ which is revealed in the Scripture, and proposed as the principal object of our faith, love, delight, and admiration. 1,416 more words

The Exchange

Jesus' Love For Us is Why We Ought Not Turn From Him

This is from the Belgic Confession, a 16th-century work of Reformed theology. I post it here for anyone who thinks the study of theology is a useless intellectual exercise. 203 more words


Rethinking Eschatology

Often when churches and theologians talk about eschatology, what they’re really talking about is what is going to happen immediately before Christ’s (final) return. Often this discussion centers on what Scripture means by the “millennium,” and how one interprets the Olivet Discourse and parts of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. 1,255 more words