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Book Review: Christian Theistic Evidences by Cornelius Van Til

“On the basis of brute fact no predication is possible.”

-CVT, Christian Theistic Evidences pg. 59

This book is Gold! As far as getting to know Van Til’s thought in his own words, I might start recommending that people read this book before his others like The Defense of the Faith or An Introduction to Systematic Theology. 985 more words

Book Review

Some Thoughts on Arguments for 'Beautiful Church Buildings' Based on the Aesthetics of the Temple

Recently, my church has been studying the tabernacle in Exodus 25-31, and looking at the various pieces of furniture and their meaning. We had noted that there was an aesthetic quality to these tabernacle pieces. 2,101 more words

Is God Sovereign? No! At least, Not in the Calvinist Sense. The "Heresy of Sovereignty" Exposed by Jesse Morrell


“Everything happens for a reason”

This is a cliche we sometimes hear. I tell them, “That’s true, everything happens for a reason. 1,483 more words

Irresistible Grace | Calvinist Doctrine

In Calvinism, God irresistibly forces regeneration upon the unwilling, to “make them willing.” Reminds me of a “date rape drug.”

A true loving relationship requires the consent of both parties. 14 more words

A Heinous Doctrine That Misrepresents God

As a former Calvinist, I am quite concerned about how it is sweeping through churches across the land and so many don’t seem all that concerned about it. 396 more words


Classical Theism and Theistic Personalism: Part 1, Understanding the Issues Between James Dolezal and John Frame

The nature and attributes of God ought to be considered one of the fundamentals grounding each doctrine of the Christian faith. In recent years there has been a debate between classical theists and theistic personalists. 1,295 more words

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