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Mortification of Sin | Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford,
The Covenant of Life Opened, pp. 268-270.

Question 4: To what things must we be crucified?

Answer: Galatians 6:14, To all things created, to the world; we condemn and despise and hate the world, and the world does value us nothing. 1,077 more words


Christian Aristotelianism: Understanding the Reformed and evangelical Intellectual and Theological History

I originally wrote this post on September 5th, 2010, I thought I’d share it again. It’s relevance hasn’t gone away in these last seven years, and remains unchanged for many folks either just cutting their teeth on Reformed theology, and/or for those who are flamingly Reformed and have been for years. 1,745 more words

Critiquing Classic Calvinism

It is therefore in Reformed thinking alone that we may expect to find anything like a consistently Christian philosophy of history. Romanism and Arminianism have virtually allowed that God’s counsel need not always and everywhere be taken as our principle of individuation.

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Cornelius Van Til

"According to the Scriptures": Irenaeus, the Word of God, and the Tradition of the Church

One of the common criticisms of sola Scriptura is that it has no support prior to the Reformation, especially in the early centuries of church history. 2,642 more words

Reformed Theology

Five Marks of True Faith

  1. Faith is a Christ-prizing grace, it puts a high valuation on Christ. ‘To you that believe he is precious.’ 1 Peter 2:7. Paul best knew Christ.

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Christian Life

Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Soteriology Compared and Contrasted

In trying to figure out what divides Christendom, it is easy to get caught up on issues such as Mariology, prayers to saints, and ecclesiology. However, the most relevant and serious issue to most Protestants is the doctrine of justification, and ultimately, how one is saved. 1,197 more words


I’ve had the privilege of having a post published on the Rooted Ministry blog today.

“Why is it that many of us in youth ministry are hesitant to reference the Scriptures?

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Youth Ministry