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Muhammad the prideful heretick and false prophet...

Any one who has casually examined snippets of the Quran can note strong similarities between the Bible (Jewish TNKH and Christian NT) and itself. It shouldn’t be surprising. 1,063 more words

New Testament

8 Reasons Only Ministers May Preach

“First, We distinguish between a private brotherly teaching, admonition, exhortation of one another and an authoritative public teaching. The first grounded on charity is the common duty of all Christians, by the royal Law of love, and prescribed to all, even to women, by the Law of God under pain of sin, and this especially in evil times.

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Christological Correction of Church and Ministry: T.F. Torrance on the Contribution of the Reformed Tradition to the Church Universal

It is just here that the Reformed Churches have a witness to give and a contribution to make of great significance to the situation of the world Church today: in picking up again the Reformed integration of the different doctrines of the faith and in thinking them into each other more thoroughly than ever before. 695 more words

Reformed Theology

Warp and Woof

Mathematics has axioms – presuppositions, accepted without proof — which form the basis for all subsequent mathematical proofs.   Likewise, Christianity demands certain presuppositions.  As a revealed religion, Christianity’s presuppositions, its axioms, must be accepted on faith.   222 more words

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Translate Reformed Theologian Richard Hooker into Chinese

As the Church in China moves beyond fundamentalism versus modernism, and as it grows in numbers and confidence, it faces political questions that until recently it has not been in a position to do much about. 132 more words


What Traditions to Avoid

In chapter X of his Institutes John Calvin is explaining what types of human traditions and laws should be accepted and which ones should be rejected. 611 more words

Reformed Theology

Kevin J. Vanhoozer's Book: Biblical Authority After Babel

Biblical Authority After Babel: Retrieving the Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity. By Kevin J. Vanhoozer. Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2016, vii + 269 pp., $21.99.  3,029 more words