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Going Pro(testant): We Are Saved By Grace Alone

Cade Campbell, Associate Pastor for Preaching and Discipleship at First Baptist Church Henryville, Indiana, is preaching a summer series titled Going Pro(testant): Living the Truths of the Reformation. 148 more words

7 Lessons from 3rd John [Sermon]

The Truth

In the span of fifteen verses, the apostle John mentions truth seven times. The first six times he speaks of the truth, while he speaks of his apostolic testimony as true in the seventh. 3,363 more words


10 Answers for 10 Illogical "Questions"? [www.biblicaltrinitarian.com]

Answering the Unitarians

        Biblicalunitarian.com’s homepage features a link to a page titled “Is Jesus God? – Logical Questions That Need Answers.” The page lists ten questions concerning the logical coherence of the doctrine of the the deity of Christ in light of certain passages of Scripture. 520 more words


The Evangelical Calvin

The following quotation from John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion is one of my personal favorites. I do not think that it is possible to find a better summary of how Calvin understood the gospel, neither do I think it possible to find a better way of succinctly explaining what we as Evangelical Calvinists are all about. 336 more words

Evangelical Calvinism

Hack Rosebrough's hatchet job on first Pensacola revival meeting

So, a glutton for punishment, it seems, I’ve just been listening, out of curiosity for its historic content and interpretation by a cessationist, to Chris Rosebrough’s critique of the meeting at Brownsville in 1995 that broke out into a lasting revival that impacted nations. 2,461 more words


Irenaeus' Botched Thinking: Jesus' Age and Other Bad Apologetics

I reflect in amazement of how it is impossible that the Bible has any other source other than God. The Bible is so internally consistent, even though it was written by different men over the course of centuries, that it defies imagination.When I read what some of the ancients believed and got wrong, even the defenders of the faith, I have an even greater appreciation of God’s written word. 2,537 more words


The missing ingredients of watcher thinking

You may have noticed fewer posts recently. This is primarily because I’m no longer really interested in the obsessively negative contentious nature of the chookwatchers… 2,028 more words