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A Fragile Glory: John Calvin on the Grandeur of Human Inability

John Calvin has the unfortunate reputation of having been a rather dour and depressive individual. Among the countless caricatures that have proliferated in various publications about Calvin, perhaps… 1,297 more words

Reformed Theology

A Covenant Freely Given

Pierre Marcel on the glory of the covenant of grace. All italics are his.

It is a covenant of grace, that is to say, freely given.

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Reformed Theology

Non-Neutrality: A Personal Testimony [Pt. 5]

Underground Philosophizing

I pretended to be sold on the utopia the reprobate philosopher promised me. But I wasn’t. No amount of will-power could keep me from facing the problem of meaninglessness. 1,051 more words

Reformed Theology

A Second TULIP

(It should be noted at the outset that this article does not necessarily represent exactly the Fellowship Baptist Statement of Faith, a movement of which I am both a member and an employee. 1,346 more words

Theological Scribblings

How Not to Read Karl Barth: T.F. Torrance on Cornelius Van Til

There is no doubt that reading and understanding the theology of Karl Barth can be, for many people, a daunting or seemingly overwhelming challenge. Just the sheer size of Barth’s… 1,226 more words

Reformed Theology

Second Helvetic Confession: Of Idols and Images

There are two issues addressed in chapter IV of The Second Helvetic Confession: whether or not Christ should be pictured in an image and whether or not we should put up images of the saints. 777 more words

Reformed Theology

Studies in Mark [Pt. 11]

Christ Gave Himself Up For Us

…there are unbelievers who claim that our Lord’s life was taken away from him before he even had a chance to know what was going on. 399 more words