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A case for bringing the issue of poverty to the centre stage of public policy has recently been made by two of India’s prominent economists. In their article, “How the data sets stack up” ( The Hindu , Editorial page, April 4), C. 1,187 more words


How Cuba works

Cuba is not reasonable for a regular short-term visitor. It is like a different world, not at the first, but the second view. A closer look reveals the extraordinaries but a lot of time, conversations and comparisons with the western world are required to get the clue about what is going on in this particular political, social and cultural microcosm. 559 more words

The Presidency and the Economy

As with any presidential election, the question of what impact a presidential candidate might have on the economy is often raised. In some countries, the president has little measurable effect on the overall economy and in others, the choice of president has an outsized effect on economic activity. 421 more words


It’s time to replace the UGC Act

It’s time to replace the UGC Act – Editorial: 17th April 2018; The Hindu

Overhauling higher education through HRD reforms:

The Ministry of Human Resource Development’s reforms push have set the stage for an overhaul of higher education in India that is long overdue.

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Mexico's Next President & The Economy

Mexico’s upcoming presidential election has the potential to greatly impact the future of Mexico’s economy.

Over the last twenty-plus years, Mexico’s economic direction has been led by a series of neoliberal technocrats. 913 more words


Mexico’s Economy: An Overview

The eleventh largest in the world, Mexico’s economy is dynamic, expanding, and one of the most open in the world. In 2016, Mexico’s GDP rose to US$2.406 trillion (PPP). 1,245 more words


Corruption in Unions

Mexico’s labor unions are a complex issue. For decades, the biggest conglomeration of labor unions was effectively a tool of Mexico’s dominant political party, the PRI. 558 more words