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remains / refrains

what remains
refrains from speaking
has no voice..

what remains
a simple exchange
of pleasantries..

what remains
stumps and sawdust
counting rings..

what remains
neglected are walls… 64 more words


Too Much Fun

Too Much Fun

(for Dennis N. O’Brien)

The earth quakes – and a thousand weirdos run.
The High Court’s ruling is not hailed as wise. 128 more words

Poem for Xavier

Poem for Xavier

“Patient, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mûr!”
– Paul Valéry

I feel like a puzzle, I can’t find the missing piece… 144 more words


Not a Waste

Not a Waste

(for Maria Klassen)

If I waste thought on you, it’s not a waste.

If I spend words on you, there’s no expense. 53 more words

Second-language learning = first-language learning?

Don’t you love the languidness of this time of year, the sense that life is being lived out away from the workplaces and city centres? Here in Melbourne the CBD is only just starting to fill again, the cafes only this week beginning to reopen their doors. 499 more words


Animal Societies of Imitation

Tarde’s Animal Societies of Imitation

Having watched this canary-like beluga whale doing a very bizarre bugle imitation this week reminded me of Tarde’s interest in animal societies. 1,120 more words