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Šta je psihoterapija traumatskog doživljaja?

“Konflikt između želje da negirate strašne događaje i želje da ih naglas iskažete je centralna dijalektika psihološke traume.” Judith Lewis Herman, “Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence—From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror” 889 more words


The Immigration System was never "Broken." The Law just hasn't been "Enforced"

The immigration system in America was never broken. The law was just never enforced in the last 20-30 years, creating the mess we are in now. 353 more words

Switch Up

I’m on the home stretch of my second rotation of third-year! Which means that I get to show “the powers that be” how much knowledge I’ve accumulated while on this rotation via my Shelf exam this Friday! 1,060 more words

Black Man M.D.

Better Me

“I’m a little less reckless, a little less wildcard breaking hearts kind of senseless
Yeah, I’m coming around
I might curse and fight, tell a few lies… 809 more words


3 ways to deal with a "worrying" mind

Life of a working mother can be stressful and demanding, our day job is only one part of the equation. Recently I suspect that I might have taken on more than I can manage/cope with, having additional responsibilities to teach on a weekly basis. 570 more words


Exploring Fears and Tears

Why I am so afraid to feel my negative emotions? Why when I feel despair or anxiety rising up do I want to run and hide, to distract myself, to do anything but avoid feeling what I feel? 990 more words


They Just Don't Know

Think about the last time you met someone you meshed with. You talked and laughed and felt like you’d known her your whole life. It felt good, like the making of a new friendship. 510 more words