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A matter of perspective...

My colleague interrupted my conversation with my friend Kathy when she entered the office, holding an opened magazine.

“You’re famous!” she exclaimed, although she could have just as easily claimed herself famous. 848 more words


The Power of Suggestion. Thinking what you want instead.

Our mind is a wonderful and powerful entity. It has memories, emotions, depth, awareness, motivation, survival instincts and so very much more.

One thing our mind struggles with though, is negatives. 510 more words

Letting Go by Brendon Burchard

Letting Go can be a key to a better life. Brendon Burchard presents suggestions and ideas which can help.

In the video Brendon presents a great idea, that one way to deal with past hurt is to ask yourself “ 98 more words

Uniquely Narcissistic

"Could Do Better", 6/10

The story of my school life is summed up in the comment that was so often appended to my written submissions. The remark still haunts me. 540 more words


Meningkat Tanpa Bermanfaat Bagai Dendeng Balado Tanpa Lado

Sekitar empat tahun yang lalu ada seseorang yang bertanya pada saya, “Git, dalam hidup loe udah berapa orang yang berhasil mendapat manfaat dari loe?”  At first saya nggak ngerti maksud dia apa, dan immediately saya berpikir orang ini gila.   489 more words

Keeping Things Simple: 4 Thoughts For Navigating The Every Day Path

There is an interesting short series on Netflix called “Cooked”.  It is a four episode look at the history of human cooking, and in particular the impact of the hectic pace of our society on our diets, because fewer people are making food for themselves.   1,083 more words



Professor Sheila Kennedy has posed the issue of what to do about public education and the various reforms proposed by those who would destroy it. I responded to her invitation to comment as follows. 291 more words