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The MYP reframed

The MYPChat on Twitter this morning raised a few questions that significantly impact the development of the MYP in our schools.

How do we implement all the elements of the MYP mindfully balancing teacher workload and program goals… 923 more words

MYP Implementation

Day 1937: What could go right?

In therapy lately, several people have decided to ask themselves “What could go right?” instead of consistently focusing on what could go wrong.

I’m pulling for everyone to have success in this valiant effort to change habitually negative thinking.  101 more words

Personal Growth

Reframing: 3 Powerful Ways to Change Your Parenting Outlook

The Boston Marathon was a rainy, chilly, hypothermia kind of day this year. Some might have called it miserable, but that wasn’t the common sentiment. Instead, there were loads of fan posters that pointed out the bright side, with messages like this: 1,063 more words


Hamlet's a tragedy. This is just sort of messed up.

According to Elisabeth Kublar Ross, there are five stages of grief and they basically come in the same order, starting with denial, then anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. 896 more words

You Will Suffer Until You Realize This!

“The timeless principle is, there is cause and effect. You are the cause of the effects. You make things happen. From within so without. Yet, most people have it backwards. 617 more words

Personal Development

"Even This..." A Practice in Reframing

Most of us meet with overwhelm, fatigue, and not enough hours in a day to pause to take a quiet moment for down time and recovery. 628 more words

Is It Real

Do we all have the ability to bend things, to make them be what we want them to be in order to make sense based on our experiences, desires, wants and such?  297 more words

Whims And Wonders