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How to persuade anyone to tell you the truth

James, my stepson, came home last night. Violet, his dog, jumped with joy and squealed with delight. True love, make no mistake. James’s biological dad died in a car accident. 459 more words


How to embrace the unknown and challenge the known

I picked up my car this morning. The garage fixed it for two-thirds their estimate. Great. I came in my son’s car which had a misfire. 2,365 more words


Supervisor Fennell On Manipulation

Can you get somebody? Can you track somebody down? Can you target them when they are going to work, when they are going on vacation? You know, can you identify possible voters, people who are registered and can you manipulate them the way you do everything else?

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Board Of Supervisors

First and foremost

Distillation column of a cryogenic air separation plant

Perhaps the most common failures of individuals and organizations that need to change but can’t are either that they don’t seek the broader view that offers new choices, or that they don’t explore the deeper roots (unquestioned beliefs) that perpetuate past and present dysfunctions. 1,125 more words


Proposal: 3 Year Olds at All Republican Campaign Stops

I don’t know if there is a more effective analytical journalist than this wonderful 3 year-old whose mother brought her to the definitely PG-13 Ted Cruz’s pre-campaign campaign stop last week.   587 more words


Push-to-talk or why I can't hear a word you are saying

You know how to communicate. I know you do. You listen. A lot. You choose your words carefully. You acknowledge other points of view and then respectfully offer your own perspective. 736 more words


Councilwoman Atkins Struck a Nerve

Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association was moved to write from somewhere about Councilwoman’s Linda Atkin’s My Word last week.  I say “from somewhere” b/c I’m assuming that he does not live in Humboldt given the blurb associated with… 1,266 more words