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I took some time and read again my posts this year. It revealed a lot about my own discourse. The posts are all built along the same discursive structure: at the beginning, a long presentation. 122 more words

Day 14 - Step on the Scale

I’m curious. When was the last time you stepped on the scale? Some people check every single day! That may seem excessive, but when you’re dieting or experimenting with a new lifestyle, you see weight loss (or gain) as the measuring stick to determine whether you’ve met your goal. 281 more words

Building Relationships

Authenticity v Positivity

From where I’m sitting within the self-development community Authenticity and Positivity seem to be the two pillars of personal growth.  Through my own journey I am witnessing my responses to these two bath and found that I have a very interesting inner battle going on. 830 more words

Here comes summer...

I live in the southeast suburbs of Houston and summer arrives early here and lingers with hot, humid days until long after school has started, and some years, even until  trick-or-treaters are roaming the neighborhood.  312 more words


Yoga is often an allegory for life.  Such is the case for me right now.

After my cast came off , I  graduated to a sling type contraption.  1,539 more words

Wake Up Gurl!

Enjoying the Journey

One of the most important changes I made to my life in order to become more optimistic, was to learn to enjoy the journey. I have always been an extremely goal-orientated individual, with my eyes always on the destination. 845 more words


Giving Your Happiness Away

When people ask you, “hey so how was your day, did you have a good day?” what do you usually tell them? So and so did this, this and that happened and yeah I guess it was good or no it wasn’t that great. 309 more words

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