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Unearth those ‘‘unknown knowns’’

I am, by nature, a happy person. That is, my “psychological immune system” works well, perhaps too well.

For it seems to me that – as in all things – our strengths are also our weaknesses. 372 more words


Five “Goodies” you get through Self Development

We go through each and every day facing numerous life events that occur one after another. Some are less remarkable than others, but all of them present a chance for personal growth and an opportunity to get closer to the results we say we want to have in our lives. 601 more words


Regrets & Happy Endings

I came home the other day to see an old wooden chair with a lyre carved into its back frame. I stopped and stared with my heart latched into my throat. 799 more words

Should we take our happiness more seriously?

Huffington Post believes it’s Time to Take Happiness More Seriously. But you need only watch one or two of the (currently 53) TED talks on the subject of happiness, or read a few of the scores of self-help books on the topic, to realise that we don’t know very much about it. 504 more words


WinteryFocus on VisualThinking

Mindful observation is a little like sitting in the armchair before the fire, sitting back appreciating a cooler position, enjoying warmth and a glow. But you would not want to be in the fire


How Drinking More Water Can 5X Your Productivity

How to Drink More Water:

Get a really nice durable water bottle like any bottle in the Camelbak line (I personally use the Eddy).

And keep it on your desk within reach. 489 more words

Life & Random Thoughts

The Secret To Avoiding Drastic Measures

In Canada, spring and summer is forest fire season.  If you’ve ever been near one, you know they are at once terrifying and awe inspiring. Their destructive power is not to be underestimated.  1,245 more words