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Reframe Your Thoughts * Step 1 to an Empowered Life!

As a Coach, I meet up with many Leaders of large Organizations, Departments and Teams. I often wonder what goes through their mind, when they are faced with mammoth challenges and tasks almost every single moment of the day; 1,189 more words


Positive Reframing - How to Always Have an Awesome Time (No Matter What Happens)

This is a concept that I’ve recently been ingraining in my brain: Positive Reframing.

Reframing is the concept of looking at, presenting, or thinking in a new or different way.  437 more words

Reframing - from problem to opportunity

It’s easy to point finger and judge. What’s not so easy is when we take time to understand what’s going on. But that’s why the people that do benefit from it in their interactions. 211 more words


Re-Frames: Hospice Chaplain / Midwife

Pete named it: “I feel like a hospice chaplain and a midwife.”

In our circle of pastors we were responding to the question: “Your current ministry feels like or looks like a … what?” Pete’s response stayed with me. 1,247 more words

Mahan Siler

A Step Toward Self-Care

Dinner tonight was an unmitigated disaster.

At noon, I started the crock pot to give us tasty, tasty chicken stroganoff. It was a new recipe and I was eager for it to be dinner time so we could try it. 586 more words

A Day In The Life

Stress Buster 1

The business planning season is upon us.  The upside is that it is career enhancing.  You get to present yourself and your great plan to senior leadership.  345 more words



This world has evil in it. I’m not naïve and think everyone can just be “all about the love.” (Although why not?)   And although I firmly believe that we all have power to affect change, that’s not the purpose of this blog post. 836 more words

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