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Stress Is Your Brain Trying to Avoid Something

Stress exists in every workplace, and all of us have probably tried a few trendy stress-management approaches. But rather than trying the latest fad, it may be more effective to understand how stress works and where it comes from, so that you can create your own methods for dealing with it. 12 more words


stake your claim and the growth will follow

For some reason I always though that the phrase “stake your claim” had a sense of declaring something that you have already achieved, a way of saying “Take note, this area is mine and this is what I have done.” 603 more words


Is it ever okay to be manipulated?

As a financial educator and consultant, I have three main objectives. First, I have to work with my clients to determine what they deem to a financial success.  874 more words

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Come On In, We Have a New Front Door!

Yay! The rain has retreated so we have a chance to do the last re-framing project for our building! The front door, whose handle and lock we bought months and months ago! 134 more words


FMM 8 14 15 The Placebo Effect

“Keep your face to the sunshine

and you cannot see a shadow”~Helen Keller (a blind woman!).

How do you start your day, your week, your month?   1,003 more words


Laugh About It

A short conversation with my friend during a recent low:


The second step in the Twelve Step program is believing that a power higher than yourself can restore you to sanity. 136 more words


Odds and Ends: A Quick Tally

We are at the point where lots of little things can get done as we prepare for larger projects to get going!

Aaron framed up the wall that goes behind and next to the refrigerator, which means that the closet has been started too! 64 more words