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Is It Real

Do we all have the ability to bend things, to make them be what we want them to be in order to make sense based on our experiences, desires, wants and such?  297 more words

Whims And Wonders

Reframing failure

It was Moz’s turn to make dinner on Sunday. He got bored through the afternoon and decided to make us brandy snap bowls for dessert. I’m very happy with him being bored. 810 more words


What’s on the horizon

Hey again, if you read my last post Buried Alive, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a bit of a downer. I absolutely didn’t plan for it to be that way, and I wasn’t coming from a really depressed place, but I did promise to keep it all real with you guys and so I am honouring that promise. 895 more words

Chronic Illness

Places to Die

Between now and was

Between now and is not

Lies our capacity to reason

The four chambered heart is mine

Two hearts in one chest… 395 more words


My mind is full of pathways made up of the roads my thoughts have taken throughout my lifetime. The roads most often traveled are the ones deeply engrained, highways long and wide with deep groves in the pavement from the frequency of my trips. 234 more words

Journaling, Meditation & Mindfulness

The Lies In Our Heads

So much of what we tell ourselves are absolute lies.  The thoughts that run through our minds moment by moment can be so very damaging. Our thoughts can cause us unnecessary fear, mistrust, sadness, anger and so on. 632 more words

Creative Writing Challenges

Sunrise Sermon: Arms Wide Open

Ever have a bad day? I mean a really bad day? You know the kind of day I’m talking about — where so many things go wrong that this becomes your expectation. 514 more words

Building Relationships