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Delayed gratification 

Yes. I hear it is a skill adults “should” have. But my favourite part about becoming an adult was INSTANT gratification.

I loved the freedom and feelings of liberation and free will that came with instantly finding alignment with desires. 330 more words

Wannabe Vegan Diary

#blogElul 2017 - Day 3: Prepare

OK – I messed up – looked at an old #BlogElul list and posted Day 3 (Prepare) as Day 1. Will post the real Day 1 (Act) in a few. 169 more words


The Danish Way of Parenting

Writing books about raising babies is a big business! We were gifted a few, flicked through a few in the library, tend to ignore them as much as possible, but one that cropped up- just kept asking to be read. 426 more words


Relapse prevention: learning to accept my (introverted) self part 2

If you read my previous blog post in this two-part series, you’d be aware of the struggles I’ve had in coming to terms with my introverted personality traits. 954 more words

Anksioznost nije problem—nego je to vaš odgovor

Istraživanja pokazuju da anksioznost može da vam pomogne, ako naučite kako da odgovorite na nju.

Šta pomislite kada čujete reč “anksioznost”? Možda zamišljate znojave ruke i brz puls koji doživite pred javni nastup. 879 more words


Endings and Beginnings

Playwright and actor Sam Shepard died on Thursday from ALS.  I grew up reading his plays, acting in one or two of them, and watching him give blood and bone to otherwise cut-out characters.   165 more words

As It Is Right Now

Reframing the story,
telling a new narrative.
It’s one where I can be grateful
for the big changes,
seeing them as openings
to new possibilities. 75 more words