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you are not naked until I can say you are

Vizzini:                   He didn’t fall?! Inconceivable!
Inigo Montoya:     You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Princess Bride… 535 more words


11 Confessions about Chronic Illness

I saw this today:

And this is my response:

Yes, true. But!!

1. Guilt is a useless emotion

2. Feeling lonely is a good chance to know and love yourself… 140 more words


A perception on precipitation

Conditions change every day. The stock market goes up and down; the weather shines and storms. What matters is what we do when that storm comes. 124 more words

Creating Your Best Self

Friday Letter, 11-18-16

Guest Writer – Rosemary Sutton

I’ve been thinking a lot about anger.

I spent 10 years studying teachers’ emotions – especially anger and frustration and the way teachers report managing or self-regulating their emotions.  909 more words

Integrated Education

Re:Framing Marxist Criticism and Equestrianism

Equestrianism refers to the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing or vaulting with horses. This broad description includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises and competitive sport. 350 more words


Re:Framing Marxist Criticism and Golf in China

Golf has been considered a rich people’s sport for a long time. In many countries, most golfers are from the upper social class. China is one of them.  663 more words