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As It Is Right Now

Reframing the story,
telling a new narrative.
It’s one where I can be grateful
for the big changes,
seeing them as openings
to new possibilities. 75 more words


Stres na poslu: kako se boriti?

Stres je univerzalna kategorija ljudskog iskustva. Svi su mu izloženi: na poslu, u privatnom prostoru, čak i u slučajnim interakcijama sa prolaznicima i poznanicima. Stres je konstanta svakodnevnog življenja u modernom društvu. 1,402 more words


Challenge existing interpretations.

My last post looked at how every story is false, at least in some way. How telling a story alters the facts in some way because it tries to place some kind of framework over the story to help it make sense. 402 more words


Restaurant Jobs, No Degree = No Self-Esteem & Reframing Rejection

There is an assumption that you either work at a restaurant because you’re working your way through school, or because you couldn’t successfully make it through school, so you’ve given up on life. 467 more words

My Life In The US


A while ago, I realized how an evaluation after a speech in toastmasters, when incorporated becomes whole.

Today while thinking about when things go wrong, I was also thinking about the opposite of what things could have been put in place to avoid the problem. 27 more words

Use your illusion

If the way you see the world isn’t helping you make the changes you seek to make, consider seeing the world differently.

This Seth Godin…

112 more words

Broken and Beautiful

I got my butt back to the Buddhist Centre – finally. It’s been months since I have had any sort of spiritual renewal and the other night was a welcomed hour and half of peace. 382 more words