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Inspiration: Books and Talks

I feel that I stumbled upon some great finds this week – and I feel that I just cannot keep them to myself. Here is a list of books and talks that make me bubbling with inspiration. 1,005 more words

Art De Vivre

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

An exciting alternative to growth economics which looks like a very congenial context for Citizen’s Income.

George Monbiot in the Guardian… 138 more words

Compost Heap

Technic #1 for a new pair of eyes

Spend 10 minutes a night with your little notebook. Sit down with the book and reflect on your day going backwards:


Sunday Shopping

We go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon. Every week, Mother looks forward to it and I dread it. Recently, I talked myself into trying to… 834 more words

Catching up!

I haven’t paid this blog much attention for a while, and it shows.  I’m not sure I’m getting healthier (at least my knees are complaining more than usual), my savings are going down a little too quickly for my liking, and wisdom – well, according to Designing Your Life failure is part of the journey of life.   219 more words

RED: Losing Weight, Gaining Fitness, Strength And New Cooking Ideas


The rather wonderful Disney kids film ‘Inside Out’ suggests the eponymous ‘Joy’ (above) represents our original childlike state. In the film, the loss of ‘Joy’ deep into the vaults of memory is the bridge to the discovery of the more complex emotions of teen and adult years. 397 more words