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this is about recharging my batteries (figurative, not literal)...

I’m easily overwhelmed and overstimulated. Living, in general, is too much. At work there are fluorescent lights, and people, and talking, and more people. Commuting there are cars merging into me, and people, and honking, and cars cutting me off. 358 more words

Random Rambling

Hibernate Formula Annotated Field Behaviors

When the @Formula annotation is used to create a virtual column (in object model but not in database), developers should be aware of some behaviors to avoid of any pitfalls. 515 more words


Distraction of Drought #devotion


The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land   and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. 598 more words

Distraction Devotions

Getting Better

*sighs* Situationships

You know when it’s not official but you somehow end up feeling like it is and start acting loyal like say you are his girlfriend or even pre-season girl before the Premier League starts. 670 more words


Time Sucks

I often feel bombarded by the countless things that demand my attention! I am often so caught up in the unnecessary clutter of life! So today while my babe slept I took some time out from my busy life to ‘stop and smell the roses’, well kind of, I couldn’t find any roses however I did spend some time sitting back and gazing up at the clouds! 137 more words



As you will have noticed the site not only looks a little different but has more pages available. This has come after a long decision to rebrand and expand into different topics. 115 more words

Wandering Student


Recently i feel..there’s too much negative vibe around me~
Lots of negative ppls…negative behaviours~~negative things~
And i have to admit that all that negative things really give influence to make my mood become negative 😪 17 more words