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Carrot, Peach, Apple smoothie

Basically , you choose the best ingredients that you can find and make yourself a enjoyment by your measure.



I drive about 35-40 minutes one way to work, then 35-40 minutes back home. I pay a subscription to XM Satellite Radio. But some days, I just drive in silence. 242 more words



Whenever I think of summer… somehow I begin to remember my childhood.. summer went on forever and it was amazing. School was out so there were no deadlines..we had time to swim, ride bikes, take vacations and my favorite of all.. 412 more words


From June to July: A Teacher's Take


Athletic action
Badminton tournaments
Ultimate frisbee tournaments
Track and field events

Meeting mania
Staff meetings
Parent meetings
Committee meetings
Planning-for-next-year meetings
Emails about meetings… 434 more words


An Inspired Ice Cream Dessert

Sizzling days are here, and it’s time for ice cream!

Remember the summer days when we were growing up and our relatives all got together for a picnic, and someone made home made ice cream? 640 more words

A breath of Rain.

I need rain to grow. I’m not saying figurative rain. I mean real raindrops on my face, puddles to splash in, cool breezes. On these warm summer days I start to feel like the flowers, droopy and wilted. 97 more words

Make Time to Refresh Yourself

After time, doors need oiling, shoes need polishing, cars need refueling, pantries need restocking and

women need refreshing!

You’ve probably already accomplished much this week – perhaps taking care of children, encouraging your husband during a difficult time, mentoring a younger woman, washing 100 loads of laundry (or it seemed like it!), cooking meals, encouraging a friend and dealing with your own needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.  

210 more words