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Letting The Soul and Spirit Fly in Cozumel

…the end of summer. Too short for some, too long for others.

Road trips, camping, Denver, Cozumel, writing, reading, plays, and actually working out at a gym for three months consistently (hey, quite a feat for me) filled my summer. 664 more words


Harmony, Leadership, and Strength.

Romans 12:4-5:  This explains why we need community. We are designed by God to help each other to work in harmony.  We say the body of Christ, then we go our separate ways. 214 more words

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On the Beach

Whatever Chris Rea’s song, On the Beach (1986), is about, there’s that line in it:

“Upon a summer wind, there’s a certain melody, takes me back, to the place that I know, on the beach.” 29 more words


Despair or Gladness?

Psalms 116: 1-7:  How easy it is to be overcome with depression, feelings of insecurity, and fear. These are not the ways of the Lord. When we trust in God, we find ourselves overcoming obstacles. 308 more words

Bible Study

#TuesdayTea | Refreshment

Welcome to #TuesdayTea! Pull up a chair, grab a mug and get comfortable. Today, we’re talking refreshments.

I love tea of all kinds! Green, white, oolong, jazmine, mint, hibiscus, peach, raspberry pomegranate, chamomile lavender, mango ginger–you name it, I probably drink it! 697 more words


Waiting...and waiting...and more waiting.

Despite so much change going on in my life at the moment (remember, more to come on that subject in the future) we decided now might be the perfect opportunity to move. 495 more words


When you feel discouraged or troubled..

Here are some refreshment from me and the book that I’ve been reading for a long time.

This book have helped me during hard and good times to again remember how God is so good to me and to the world. 637 more words

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