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Refreshment - A Tanka

Raindrops in Morse Code,

Dotted and dashed on fogged panes,

Soft patter soundtrack;

From the confines of these walls

I crave the rain’s cool caress.

Emma H, age 26, 13/09/2017


But I am not qualified to share the Gospel.

But I am not qualified to share the Gospel.

1 Timothy 4:12: Yet just as Timothy was not too young, or inexperienced neither are you.  The Bible does not tell us Timothy’s age, but he must have been young.  320 more words


Like a beer on a hot day...

Who would have thought that those who live and share the good news of Jesus are like a beer on a hot day? Not just to other people, but to God. 279 more words

Christian Faith

Simple Things Really...

Living Each Day As If There Is No Tomorrow!

We’re Singing In The Rain, When Most Think We’re Insane; What A Glorious Feeling, It’s All About Healing… 703 more words

30 Days of Thankfulness

During the month of November, My feed is full of things for which people are thankful. It is really nice seeing all the posts giving Thanks to the Lord for all the things they have. 263 more words


China Tea

Photograph: How Hwee Young

The humble cuppa,

a break from work,

a social ritual,

a routine marker through the day 68 more words