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Easter Treasure Hunt!

Over Easter, many people do lots of things, and amongst these, was always a hunt for eggs, or rabbits in the garden, or house as it was often raining, or was wearing my “Sunday Best” for Church! 155 more words

Have fun and keep fit with Age UK...

Age UK Gentle Exercise

Age UK holds a gentle exercise class at Citizens House on Thursday mornings from 10am until 10.45am. The class is great fun for working off the extra calories while making new friends and having a great time. 147 more words

Watermelon Scoops!!

Hey friends..I came across this amazing fruit punch at my friends party last month and I couldn’t stop appreciating the watermelon scoops she had put on top of the drink. 249 more words


HOST THE PERFECT TEA PARTY - Advice From A Tea Specialist

Since the Victorian and Edwardian era in the United Kingdom when daily tea was the feature of the day, lavish hats and elegant dresses were the expected attire and tea etiquette was of the utmost importance. 683 more words

Coffee Talk

Hello and welcome to my new blog about my walks.

Since early January 2015, I have been going for a walk everyday. Along with a healthier diet, the aim is to lose weight and get fit, but to have fun whilst doing it. 215 more words

Aam Panna - A refreshing mango & mint drink that beats the heat!!

A cool, refreshing drink is what makes a scorching hot day bearable.  Aam Panna, a famous North Indian drink made of raw mango and mint, is one such refreshments. 294 more words


Rehydrating Iced Tea

Where ever you may be, it’s always recommended that you keep yourself well hydrated to keep optimum health. Rooibos makes for a rather refreshing iced tea. 120 more words