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May 5, 2016

This is not a cinco de mayo cartoon. Floyd is not allowed to eat mayo, either, if it’s in the fridge.


Kitchen Basics

The first time I went shopping, to stock my all too bare kitchen cupboards, I bought a whole variety of food, breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks. 492 more words


First Look: DC-based Everblume Is Developing a 'Living' Refrigerator - DC Inno

The backyard garden is coming indoors.

Michael Morgan, a biochemist and nanotechnology specialist, has spent years working for both the federal government and a cohort of defense contractors, including Northrop Grumman and The Tauri Group, constructing innovative and complex products like “DNA-based gold nanowires.” Now, Morgan, a resident of Pentagon City who is also a repeat entrepreneur, has turned his sights to an entirely different industry: hydroponics. 603 more words


Chilling with the Fridge

I keep hoping my refrigerator would smarten up, but there it sits just keeping things well-organized and cold. For $600 or so, that’s what the biggest box in my house does all day long. 553 more words


Work foodology - fridge stories #1

So…I decided to post some hilarious real stories that happened in my workplace, like a report log, just for memories. And there’s A LOT of ’em! 570 more words


Ah, home ownership...

New space age fridge replaced our old 1980’s bought-from-Craigslist-delight. The noises it was making were far too avalanche-like to ignore anymore. After a false start involving the digital display, everything is now a go, Houston. 204 more words