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Rough Start

Good morning World!!!! Me and my family are blessed to see another day. I woke up today thinking today was going to be a good day. 168 more words

Camouflaged Refrigerator

Camouflage designs are popular in the South.  People wear camouflaged shirts, shorts, and pants.  I’ve seen trucks with camouflage.  I’ve even seen a camouflaged mailbox.  However, this camouflaged refrigerator may be a bit much.  What do you think?

white noise

I sat with a man who makes white noise when he opens his mouth

I was trying to explain things because they told me that being elaborate enables collective thoughtfulness… 126 more words

How to Organize Your Refrigerator (Because It's Gross)

“How do you organize a refrigerator?” is a question that, for most of us, simply doesn’t get asked enough. You pile your groceries in, and it’s not until you find moldy broccoli buried beneath a 2-month-old burrito (or at least what you think might have been a burrito) that it dawns on you:  805 more words