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How To Avoid Costly Refrigerator Repairs With These 5 DIY Tips

Refrigerator repair can begin to add up in terms of cost depending on the issue at hand. At times, if they estimated cost of repairing your fridge runs in excess of what your fridge cost in the first place, you may even begin to think about replacing your current model with a new model. 340 more words

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Nutrition Humor - Midnight

Yes, I’d like to know the answer to this.  I CLEARLY don’t need it during the day, but when midnight or 1 rolls around, by god, that thing comes in handy!


Appliance Repair & Maintenance Service At Your Doorstep

Everyone wants to use electrical appliances by as much as needed but with fewer bills. Fortunately, this is possible with the help of some alternatives that are proven solutions for getting more and spending less. 270 more words

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Top Refrigerator Brands in India

Brows for Top Refrigerator company in India that gives you options to choose fridge for your kitchen according your needs and budgets.

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New Prayers -3

Open the refrigerator door,
take my heart out
Put it in a pan, on the stove
My hope is the burner, your love the lighter. 11 more words


Day 13: What's Inside Your Fridge

Day 13: What’s Inside Your Fridge.

I knew this entry was coming up and I had a thought to go shopping before I wrote it so there were actually be things in my fridge.  536 more words

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