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New Smart Fridges Can Save You Money

You already have a smart phone – maybe even a smart thermostat. What’s next? Believe it or not, refrigerators are next in the line of devices with advanced features and technology to improve our domestic lives. 470 more words


I do think the freezer is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. We often take this compartment of the refrigerator for granted; but, before its creation, ice and snow were used for preserving foods. 631 more words

Writer Wednesday

Hey fellow writers! Here’s today’s prompt:

We all have junk. What is in your fridge that you never use but can’t throw out?
What item of clothing in your closet do you never wear but cannot bring yourself to throw away?
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We must raid this fridge

You never know when the midnight munchies will strike…..

Mmmmm…..chocolate cake

Now if she only get a glass of milk to go with it…..

Oh, and you can buy this refrigerator for just $10.

Sale Of The Century

You don't know what you've got...

…until several things stop working properly in about a week and you find yourself ankle deep in disgusting bathtub water, sobbing over a broken plunger and wondering how you’re going to fit… 525 more words


Safety First

One person out of six get sick from food — Liz.Kitchen is Fighting Bac! “BACTERIA” that is.

I live with a sensitive system that can easily get disrupted and when one domino in my life falls it can mean a long and expensive hospital stay. 77 more words

Frankenturkey Insults My Intelligence

Today I learned that Thanksgiving leftovers can be revived after three months in the refrigerator.

First, eliminate the odor with a few quick shots of bleach.  238 more words