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WOW #15

MMM, leftovers

I recently encountered a very strange word (don’t ask how) that had me scratching my head. It is as awesome as it is mystifying. 373 more words



When we moved into this house, it lacked most appliances and so we bought various things. One was a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser built in. 572 more words


Refrigerator Repair Service -5 Unavoidable Appliances Under $500

Electronic appliances have infected our lives ever since their invention. Whether you need a chilling air conditioner to beat your summer blues or refrigerator for a chilled beer to relax on a Sunday noon; market has ample options to select from. 288 more words

Home Appliances

#1633 - Cleansing

Man, I should probably have a hazmat suit, too.

Sketch A Day

Spilled Milk

For the most part, my jet lag has improved a lot. On average, I’ve been sleeping more than 6 hours per night, so it came as a big nasty surprise when I managed to spill milk in the community refrigerator a couple of days ago. 171 more words


What's in your fridge?

When I kissed my luxury condo goodbye some time ago, the most time wasn’t spent on sorting clothes or knick-knacks. Strangely, it was the food that took forever. 509 more words

Making Marble

A year or so ago, I needed a small freezer. Stores had them, but they cost hundreds of dollars that I did not have. I began to scout the thrift stores. 1,480 more words