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Ed Hochuli Thought He Watched a Half-Dozen On-Field Deaths Each Game

Retired NFL Ed Hochuli has been largely off the media grid since retiring. We all miss his well-defined arms and fans of longform miss his exposition while announcing penalties. 481 more words


Why Aren't We Reviewing Every Play in NFL Games?

Last Sunday I watched the Steelers execute their biggest choke-job in home-field history, blowing a 16 point lead to fall to the Chargers. On the road of this heart-breaker, we were served up this abomination: 369 more words


NBA Refs Are Way Too Soft

So you’re telling me that Rudy Gobert gets ejected for slapping a water bottle? Jesus H. Christ. I’m surprised NBA rating haven’t plummeted in recent years. 232 more words


Not About Me

From “Exploring Humanoid Robots Locomotion Capabilities in Virtual Disaster Response Scenarios” by Karim Bouyarmane, Joris Vaillant, Francois Keith, and Abderrahmane Kheddar.

What Is Written

Of Architecture

According to PBJ Marketing, these are the pillars of content production of several social media platforms. In other words, the architecture.

Of Facebook:

According to a study conducted by Boston University, the vast majority of Facebook users log in for two primary reasons: the need to belong and the need for self-presentation.

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What Is Written




twitter etiquette for new users

  • replying is how you make friends! reply to anything you want and be friendly. don’t make rude jokes if you’re not friends already though!
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ESPN's Ryan Clark detailed his own negative interactions with NFL officials

The postgame incident involving Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes and an NFL official has the league looking into the confrontation. (NSFW language)

Jerry Hughes runs off field and straight to officials, getting in the face of one in particular.

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