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REFS’ “Play God” Is For The Unpragmatic Bold Spirits Out There

NYC duo REFS embraces unpragmatic, but blood-rushing sensations in their new single “Play God.” We’ve all done it – you know it’s not the smartest move to date certain person or make a certain decision, but you do it anyways. 105 more words


#REFSreferenceprojects [Yeni Bir Hashtag]

REFS PRODUCTION proje resmi hashtagi ” REFS Reference Projects “ 102 more words


The Black and White Effect: It's Time to Update the Referee System

For a weird change of pace on this blog, let’s talk for a second about… not football? That’s right! The NBA Western Conference Finals were an awesome series… except for one thing. 752 more words


The Fix is in....again

The NBA and conspiracies go together like peanut butter and fluff, they just taste soooooo good together (and if you’re anti-Fluff just go kick rocks cuz Fluff is gooooood). 188 more words

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