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Writing Appropriately About Art In A Refugee Camp

The world’s second largest refugee camp in Jordan is mainly filled with Syrians who were forced to flee their land in response to ongoing warfare. With all the problems that accompany forced migration and displacement, it isn’t often that there is a mass media story about artistic expressions taking place in a camp. 131 more words

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Abuse At Refugee Camps Is A Global Problem

In Western media coverage of African nations (already a ridiculously thin slice of the international news window) there isn’t much attention placed on internally displaced people. 177 more words

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Stones and Serpents

Chocolate brown children
playing in dust devils on sandy floors
of camps built from fear and flies
and Western-Aid-lies
watch trucks crawling close
through mirrored mirages
bringing warm, heavy blankets
for sweltering summer nights
in Afterthought-Africa

White women fake smiles
when they almost-touch encrusted heads
As they put pity parcels down
a boy with thin limbs
and a scar on his crown asks:
What have you brought to eat today? 32 more words
Attempts At Poetry

What can we do about the Syrian refugee crisis?

“None of these kids have socks…” was the first thing I thought as we drove through the giant, electric–wired gates. Dozens of children lined the snow-dusted gravel as our van slowly entered the camp. 2,541 more words

Something's not making sense in Lanka

If the war ended over five years ago, why are there still thirty-four refugee camps with displaced people in the north of the country? Haven’t houses been rebuilt yet? 29 more words



Israel are using
Advanced weapons
Destructive weapons
Naval vessels
Devastating Aircraft
To bomb Schools
Refugee camps
Woman men and children
They are attacking people that have no air force… 21 more words

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