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Can a refugee carry a gun?

Can a refugee carry a gun? Or, to put it another way, can someone who is armed still be considered a refugee?

The answer seems to be no. 1,598 more words


Lost in Transit

I began doing unpaid voluntary work in my early teens.

I didn’t analyse why I started doing this. Perhaps it was altruism, pathological ‘caretaking’ behaviour or simply curiosity. 648 more words

A Design Studio With Plans to Change Refugees’ Lives

CatalyticAction focuses on developing play and education spaces for refugee children, believing that their well-being and education are crucial for the community’s future. In addition to the Jarahieh school, the studio has worked on… 41 more words

Social Design

Did Usher Really Beat Up Bobby Brown Back In The Day?

Usher and Bobby Brown’s relationship has been complicated for years, mainly because of their similar styles. Bobby Brown once called Usher his “mini-me,” but legend has it, Usher does not tolerate the R&B OG’s attempts to son him. 348 more words


Where were you born?

The people from just 10 countries of the world make up the majority of refugees . Fleeing from war and persecution…. how would you be surviving if you were from one of these countries ? 23 more words

The US Surrendered Its Right to Accuse Russia of War Crimes a Long Time Ago

By Darius Shahtahmasebi | The Anti Media

Renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald recently tweeted the three rules of American exceptionalism:

Greenwald’s astute observations were presumably made in response to Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks that both  869 more words


Writing the Camp

Vis-à-vis or a Camp

by Yousif M. Qasmiyeh

“To experience is to advance by navigating, to walk by traversing.”

Derrida, Points…, p.373


What makes a camp a camp? 353 more words

Baddawi Refugee Camp