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Here at Moria Camp

By Karim Ani

Dear Mom:

There’s a strong wind blowing in from the south. This could make the seas choppy for inbound refugees, many of whom don’t know how to swim. 2,156 more words

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BLOG 280 November 23, 2015

The terrorist killings and attacks in Paris and Belgium have raised new fears and questions about refugees. This flood of humanity pouring out of Syria and the Middle East represent the largest migration in the recorded history of the world. 444 more words

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Arabian Nights and Kits by Kids

Last summer we were once again on our way to Germany when we got held up for hours on the M20 in Operation Stack, followed by hours delay at the Eurotunnel.   378 more words


Emergency aid is not enough: five ways to actually help refugees

Most of the times, countries and organisations send monetary and food aid to refugees. This is, however, not enough to really help them. Here are five suggestions to improve the quality of refugees’ life. 835 more words


Fear or hate

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is really fear.”― Mahatma Gandhi

My first reaction to the story I read last week about a Minnesota woman who attacked another woman across the face with a beer mug in an Applebee’s restaurant was one of disgust. 1,359 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican

Where are the Syrian refugees now?

At present, 11 million Syrians, or roughly half of Syria’s prewar population, are displaced from their homes. And a large percentage of these now reside outside the country. 178 more words

Refugee Camps Multiply in France, as Calais Migrants Flee Fearing ISIS Moves In


Thousands of refugees have traveled to northern France hoping to cross into Great Britain but are stuck in refugee camps. The media has mostly focused on the Calais camp, dubbed the ‘Jungle’, but there are many others. 27 more words

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