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17 years in a refugee camp: on the trail of a dodgy statistic

I haven’t previously written much about refugees and refugee camps, though they’re the subject of my current research (and much of my teaching): I dimly aspire to set up a specific blog for that, but as yet it doesn’t exist. 1,257 more words

Eleanor Davey

More than 5000 children missing from refugee camps in Italy

More than 5000 children have disappeared after arriving on smuggler boats from the north coast of Africa. The migrant children come from countries such as Eritrea, Sudan, Afghanistan and Somalia, countries suffering extreme poverty, conflict and political repression. 122 more words

Angelina Jolie with daughter Shiloh on a Trip to Lebanon: Visiting Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey

 Angelina Jolie with daughter Shiloh on a Trip to Lebanon: Visiting refugee camps

Angelina Jolie is known for her giving heart and charitable work around the world, and now… 1,369 more words


A Refugee Footnote.

According to UN data, more than 43 million people worldwide are now forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution, the highest number since the mid-1990s. 218 more words

Art Of Resistance

A Refugee Artist, Interview With Abdulrahman Katanani

Abdulrahman Katanani, a sculpture artist a little over 30 years old, is a representative of the increasingly prominent young Palestinian artists who are staging exhibitions around the world. 1,801 more words


Freedom Day

Today we celebrate Freedom Day here in sunny South Africa. The problem is, we may have Freedom but we do not have peace. Every day my Facebook and Twitter feeds are packed with stories about xenophobia, criminality, hi-jacking, rape, murder… the list goes on and on. 441 more words

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