Maine: Catholic Charity's grand experiment supplying refugee employees to nursing home company failing

Once again, readers, forget the humanitarian mumbo-jumbo and remember that one of the primary drivers of refugee resettlement is the ‘need’ for cheap LEGAL labor! 605 more words

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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society helped organize pink pussy hat protest in Washington yesterday

Did they use any of your tax dollars?

Donald Trump should be told that more than half of  the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society’s funding comes from taxpayer dollars ostensibly to resettle refugees. 266 more words

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Comment worth noting: Let's pay them to go home

Reader Harold made a suggestion this morning.  But it isn’t completely new to us. It is an idea another reader proposed in 2015—let’s pay refugees to go home!  348 more words

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European nationalists meet: European migration policy a daily disaster

Invasion of Europe news…..

Obviously timed to follow the Inauguration of Donald Trump, nationalist leaders from five European countries met in Koblenz, Germany today to declare a new day for Europe. 372 more words

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Trump Watch! begins today

Yesterday was a fantastically inspirational day. I hope you all enjoyed it.

I’ve been a Trump supporter from the earliest days of his campaign, but I also know something about how Washington works and so I see my job, in addition to continuing to report what is happening in your states and around the world on refugees, as a nag to… 392 more words

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Bye! Bye! Bob! (Carey) Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement

“Warrior spirits” needed to advance the Trump agenda!

Elections have consequences and one of those is that political appointees must resign by Inauguration Day. Two key political appointees run the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program—the Asst. 404 more words

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Numbers of refugees arriving this month are through the roof!

In the last five days, the Obama Administration has admitted the astronomical number of 2,432 refugees.

Today is the big day! And, it feels like a huge holiday.  231 more words

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