Maine governor working to stem the flow of welfare to migrants/asylum seekers

We have written about this Maine problem with the flood of migrants into the state—some are resettled refugees, but others are asylum seekers who have flocked there to enjoy the generosity of Maine’s social service programs while waiting out the legal asylum process.   353 more words

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Agenda 2030: UN sets goal for sustainable development, has 15 years to get it done

This is something I want you to be aware of, and perhaps encourage one of you to delve deeper into—the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” 311 more words

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Senator Rand Paul cites KY refugee terrorists/Boston bombers on radio talk show, angers Left

I’m glad to see 2016 Presidential candidate and US Senator Rand Paul annoying the Left as Mediaite reports here.

See our post yesterday where we pointed out that a couple of years ago Paul was an outspoken critic of the program, then had gone underground on the topic.   553 more words

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Boy Rubio straddling the fence again on refugees/immigration; bring in children and old women

Julia Hahn has another good piece at Breitbart yesterday (hat tip: Joanne) on the refugee resettlement controversy and how it is roiling the 2016 Presidential campaign. 828 more words

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In Texas, Leftist community organizers target governor over Syrian refugee stance

As you know by now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has supported the call made by scores of other governors to halt Syrian resettlement to the state. 649 more words

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Five Quick Hits, week of Nov. 16

  1. It took me about five years to finally upgrade to a smartphone and just five months before I destroyed it in the most shameful way you can destroy a smartphone.
  2. 477 more words

Arabs in Dearborn support governor's decision to curtail Syrian refugee resettlement

Yesterday we reported that many Christian Syrian immigrants in Allentown, PA oppose resettlement of the mostly Sunni Muslim Syrians in the pipeline to America, and now look at this!   283 more words

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