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Patras: the "Calais of Greece"

Patras. Mountains. Sea. Warm spring sunshine. Having spent a year in Calais’ harsh, flat-as-a-pancake landscape, I am ridiculously glad to see hills, and the sunshine is a welcome break from the freezing temperatures currently gripping Northern Europe. 1,440 more words

Refugee Crisis

A Response to Clashes in Calais, 1st February 2018

Initially posted on Refugee Info Bus’ Medium blog, 5th February 2018.

Clashes between refugees and smugglers in Calais | Media reaction oversimplifies complex situation | The latest in a string of incidents | Response to Natacha Bouchart’s rhetoric | Call for legal and safe passage to disrupt smuggler networks 1,066 more words

Refugee Crisis

A 16 year old boy.

A 16 year old boy has lost his eye after being shot in the face with a tear gas canister. 368 more words

Refugee Crisis

Il est mort. Il est mort.

The wind whistles around the caravan, shaking it on its mouldy foundations and crumbling panels. And the rain smacks off the roof, like boulders crashing down a mountain. 729 more words

Refugee Crisis

Refugee Rights Campaign

Our Refugee Rights campaign this year is focusing on refugees in Edinburgh and the UK. In our local community, we are fundraising for and supporting charities working in Edinburgh with refugees and asylum seekers, such as… 142 more words