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Forest school in serbia for refugee minors.

25/4/17 – A day out in the woods, climbing trees, running down forest paths screeching , catching Gundagir the dig, and generally having fun, like young boys should. 46 more words


Palm Sunday Rally 9/4/17 (in photos)

Thousands of supporters of refugee rights came out in Sydney today to advocate for the closure of offshore detention centres. Marchers chanted “close the camps” and “refugees are welcome here” as they made their way from Archibald fountain in Hyde Park to the First Fleet park at Circular Quay. 29 more words

Community Action

Release the Refugees! Close the Detention Centres! For Workers Leadership!



09-04-2017 – The dead are many. Reza Berati, Hamid Khazaei, Kamil Hussain, Faysal Ishak Ahmed and Omid Masoumali are some of the recent innocents to have lost their lives in the off-shore hell-holes referred to as detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru. 2,137 more words


13 year old's testimony of beating at Hungarian boarder with Serbia...!?!

Hungarian police have been beating and torturing migrants trying to cross from the Balkans in to Europe, before sending them back across the border all winter, but a new video from fresh response now shows a 13 year old’s testimony as he describes how the police punched and kicked him, as well as settings  dogs on him, before soaking  him with water. 194 more words


Call out for funding for giving the refugees lighting and hot water in Belgrade 'barracks'

After 3 days in the camp I am beginning to get a view on how I can help and what is needed.  So yesterday I helped one of the other welders here to make 4 oil drum bar b que’s, and there was a big chicken fry up all night.   427 more words


You Can't Fight Trump and Turnbull with Shorten and Di Natale! Defend Refugees by Opposing Imperialist War!

11-02-2017 – Selective outrage is flavour of the week. In the wake of US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning the entry of people from 7 Middle Eastern and African Muslim majority countries, protests have materialised at US airports and other locations around the world. 2,143 more words


Shared: Six other times the US has banned immigrants

Over the weekend, President Trump issued an Executive Order titled, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” It essentially halted the U.S. 770 more words

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