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Governor Phil Bryant Does the Christian Thing and Rejects Syrian Refugees

Mississippi’s immigrant community knows Governor Phil Bryant is against us. We’ve all lived in the state long enough to know that it’s a risk to move to place that doesn’t seem to want us around, denies its Native American ancestry and name on a daily basis, and treats African-Americans with contempt. 348 more words


Beyond the numbers: what does it mean to be a resettled refugee?

When it comes to states’ response to the refugee crisis unfolding across Europe, much media attention has focused on the number of refugees these states have committed to accept. 876 more words

Refugee Rights

A Face for the Masses

Boats of migrants are the face of the refugee crisis. Instead of capturing the stories of the individuals who suffer the journey to potential safety, we instead see masses of faceless victims seeking asylum. 358 more words

Refugee Rights

LSESU Amnesty International Booth

All through last week, there was one permanent fixture outside the LSE Student’s Union building — the LSESU Amnesty International Booth. At first glance, you’d think that it was just another other booth set up outside the Saw Swee Hock building, similar to the countless others there almost everyday. 889 more words

Refugee Rights

Are refugees to blame? Of course not.

The attacks in Paris last night shocked the world. People like to believe that battles are fought overseas in places we never have to go to. 519 more words

Refugee Rights

"God Grew Tired of US" Trailer

Did you miss the documentary screening at the LSE last night? If you did, watch the trailer for “God Grew Tired of Us” by filmmaker Christopher Quinn here! 18 more words

Refugee Rights

The role of political and professional institutions in the dehumanization of refugees

“God grew tired of us.” These are powerful words spoken by individuals who are unfortunately not so powerful. There must be something gravely despicable about our political system that leads young individuals to believe that they were not meant to be here and that they are being punished for the sins of others. 649 more words

Refugee Rights