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Signed, sealed, delivered - Trara, die Post ist da!

Es kommt relativ häufig vor, dass einer meiner Schüler oder ein anderer Bewohner des Hotels mit einem Brief zu mir kommt und mich um Hilfe bittet.   801 more words


Refugees, Western Governments and Me

“WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. 1,294 more words

Why You Don't Need to Worry—Much—About Europe's Far Right

It’s not surprising that the near-election this week of Norbert Hofer as president of Austria would generate a fresh round of worries over the rise of the right… 445 more words

Immigration changes Europe from the ground up - Sweden

The Australia’s 60 Minutes weekly news magazine reports on the situation in Europe.

Black African Mohammedans from Somalia violently attack a crew of left-wing reporters from Australia’s 60 Minutes weekly news magazine in Sweden while reporting on the Islamic invasion of Europe. 75 more words


Turkey-EU and Erdogan's Two-Level Game

The latest developments show that the Turkey-European Union (EU) deal on the refugee crisis is in limbo. On the one hand, the EU (through Merkel… 870 more words


Conference on Syrian Refugee Crisis Excludes Syrians, Includes Assad Defender

To the participants and organisers of the ‘Crossing Borders’ Conference

Your conference has been brought to our attention as one of your keynote speakers is outspoken Assad regime supporter, Tim Anderson. 582 more words



So it happened … Idomeni is being evicted. Honestly, in some way I feel relieved. I know others share this feeling too, it’s ‘over’ … we can take a few days off .. 1,904 more words