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Unbreakable Spirit


An ancient Vietnamese proverb states, “ăn quả nhớ kẻ trồng cây,” or in its English equivalent, “when eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.” While most linguists claim this to mean that one must have gratitude for those who provide for him, I have come to realize that my own interpretation is that one must look beyond the superficial surface of a certain circumstance and acknowledge the journey that led to its realization. 2,518 more words

Refugee Interviews

Weeping Under This Same Moon

I have a bad habit of taking new books from our Little Free Library, but some of them sound so good! This book by Jana Laiz was one of them, and it’s a feel-good story if I’ve ever read one. 297 more words


Westerners don't understand the danger they're in

“We don’t revolt because we don’t understand.”

Phillip K. Howard wrote these words 20 years ago as he decried how overbearing regulations put forth by government have crushed American freedoms. 1,091 more words

#RefugeesGR Call for Solidaity #SquatsGR Orfanotrofio #Thessaloniki

Last summer the Squat Orfanotrofio in Thessaloniki was evicted and demolished by the Greek government. One commerade faces repressions now for the squating alone, standing at court for all of us, on the trial on the 31.05.2017. 1,359 more words

Over 1Million Roingya Muslims Live In Apartheid-Like Conditions Denied Citizenship And Basic Rights

About a million Rohingya Muslims live in apartheid-like conditions in squalid camps in northwestern Rakhine state, where they are denied citizenship and basic rights. Many in the Buddhist-majority country regard them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. 69 more words

Live Balanced

Turkish NGO provides education for refugee children in makeshift tents

I’m passing this on from Turkey’s English language Hürriyet Daily News:

The Imece Initiative, a non-governmental organization working mostly with Syrian refugees in the western province of İzmir, has started to provide education for refugee children who do not have access to school, by setting up makeshift tents. 360 more words

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