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Refugees are not to be feared

I’m a canvasser. For clarification, that means I’m a good ole’ fashioned door knocker. Yes, I’m the one who comes to your door and interrupts your peaceful family meal to ask who you’re voting for. 1,217 more words


Growing up abroad: a glimpse back in time


For nearly a decade now tuning in to the six-o’clock news meant tuning in to the war in the Middle-East; a conflict synonymous with clashing cultures, opposing ideologies, and of course fleeing refugees. 1,240 more words


Every child deserves a childhood


Reading books, packing bags and doing homework, for most young children these are the dreaded daily chores. Yet for refugees they are the small pleasures that take their minds off the trauma and tragedy. 1,129 more words


Do not pass go, do not collect $200


The realization of obtaining the jail card in an innocent monopolization situation is hostile to swallow.

There is two alternative ways of attaining this card. 1,116 more words


Government v Triggs

It’s hardly President of the Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs’ fault when the Australian government is the worst human rights offender that Commission has to deal with. 600 more words



Amr Arafa  has started a project of worldwide importance- an Airbnb for those who need it the most: EmergencyBNB.

According to CNN, Arafa has been working on this project for months, with one goal in mind: to change how we treat the world’s most vulnerable people. 550 more words


Dirtying the A.N.Z.A.C. relationship

When I was in the United States last year I stopped over for the night in a town called Salem in Oregon.  When went into service station to buy a cold drink I noticed the gentleman at the counter had an Australian accent and we started talking – turns out he was actually a Kiwi who moved to Australia when he was young and then to the U.S. 598 more words

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