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Burrell revamp funding is almost in place

Four supporters have pledged a further £1.4 million in funding for the £66 million project, bring the total to almost 65% of its projected cost to expand display space and improve visitor facilities. 244 more words


Do We Have to Say "Buh-bye" to School Bread?

Oh, don’t panic, folks.  This post’s provocative title does not mean that Norway’s beloved School Bread is going to fade away into a Maelstrom-like abyss of Disney history. 91 more words


Townhill Library

As many of you are aware our much loved library is currently undertaking refurbishment.

This is due to end at the end of the month and we cannot wait for it to reopen. 31 more words


Want plastering services? Contact with AJT services


Buildings are the symbol of a nation’s environment; it demonstrates their culture and their progression in the technology. From the beginning of human culture, they paid particular concentration to the buildings. 489 more words


Libraries in the news | 5 Jan 2018

Could two of the five libraries in Cheshire East threatened with closure stay open?

Plans to cease purchase of new books for Islington libraries to save funds, 147 more words

UK Library News

როგორ მოვაწყოთ ხის იატაკი სწორად?

დღეს ვისაუბრებთ ხის იატაკის სწორ მოწყობაზე და განვიხილავთ აივნის მაგალითს.

ქვემოთ მოცემულ ბლოგში ნახავთ, თუ როგორ იწყობა იატაკი ბეტონის ზედაპირზე.

იატაკის მოსაწყობად საჭირო მატერიალები

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What Are The Methods To Consider For House Refurbishment?

If you are considering renovating your home, good organizational expertise and planning skills are needed.

First of all, you need to draw up a rough estimation, look for the costs of materials and consider labor assistance. 501 more words