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Refuting the accusation 'Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab did not believe in the Shafaa'at of the prophet'.

Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab believes in the Shafaa’at of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) as it is mentioned in numerous ahaadith. But he conveyed that only those who died upon Tawheed will benefit from this Shafaa’at; and also, Allaah (عز و جل) will allow the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) to make Shafaa’at for whom He wills; and only after the satisfaction of Allaah with the person will the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) make his Shafaa’at. 101 more words


Refuting the Qur'aaniyyoun on "Hadiith only brings division and confusion"

A Mauritian Qur’aani said concerning the books of Hadith:

(Impact News, Friday 26 octobre 2007 No 746)



The Sunnah of the Prophet was never the cause of division among Muslims.

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Refutation against the Mauritian Deobandi Muftee - Is Al Ihsaan similar to wahdat-ul-wujud ?

The Deobandi ‘muftis’:

Rather it (wahdat-ul-wujud) is an advanced degree of piety and of taqwa which we name as ‘ihsaan’ in the language of Hadiith.

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Own up to your own responsibility - A Refutation

Time and time again I see articles that support pro-choice and abortion because the mother said she was not ready to take on the responsibilities of taking care of her own child. 278 more words


Knowledge is Key - A Refutation

There are tons of arguments for and against pro-life. While women have different viewpoints about bearing children than men, it is common for both men and women in relationships to be on different sides of abortion given their personal situations at the time. 400 more words


“No Uterus, No Opinion?” A Refutation

In many typical pro-life/pro-choice debates, there tends to be some discrimination if the one arguing for the pro-life movement is male. Males’ opinion is sometimes considered automatically irrelevant, simply because of their gender and not because of the logic presented in their opinion. 423 more words

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Refutation #1

This refutational post touches on the same subject as the affirmative post (2 posts ago): Whether the fetus should be considered an actual person or not. 332 more words

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