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Refutation #1

This refutational post touches on the same subject as the affirmative post (2 posts ago): Whether the fetus should be considered an actual person or not. 332 more words

Pro Life

Blog Wrap-Up

Thanks everyone for checking out our blog!!! The authors of this blog feel very passionate about the issue of Gender Neutral Housing options for campuses around the U.S.   88 more words


Animals are Better than Alternatives

As the team here sits at our computers and add to this blog, alternative methods to animal testing are being developed and used in laboratories. In fact, many alternative methods are currently being used, but only in great shadow to the number of experiments performed on animals. 311 more words

Week 4

New York defends standardized tests for students as movement against them builds

“ one of many tools that should be used to measure student growth and help inform instruction,” State Education Department spokesman, Dennis Tompkins.

Given the amount of opposition New York has faced, it’s natural they would defend standardized testing. 463 more words

Standardized Testing

Keystone Pipeline XL: Cancer generator

            So as we talked about last week, we all know that the Keystone Pipeline XL project has not been completely truthful about how the project will increase jobs. 443 more words

Can we be a little nicer?

The United States and our friends in NATO are basically doing what I think is the worst way possible to handle this conflict.  I want everyone to look at it from my perspective, I basically only know what is happening from what I read in the news, and because that is the only way I will hear about things like this.  282 more words