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The Biggest Lie in the food industry.

Often food labeled “100 % natural” at the grocery store are not natural. The FDA stated that ” it is difficult to define a food product that is natural because the food has probably been processed and it is no longer the product of the earth ” yet it is still on the market. 342 more words


Brock Turner

In 2015, Brock Turner sexually assaulted a woman on Stanford University’s campus. Several people testified that Turner had simply been intoxicated and therefore blamed the assault on alcohol, minimizing his culpability. 52 more words


Smartphones are a Necessity to the Modern Refugee

A phenomenon that I have noticed recently is that ‘patriotic’ Americans are becoming exceedingly angry about refugees with smartphones. I came across this meme and couldn’t help but wonder why people were so upset about someone being excited to finally be safe? 787 more words


How Instagram's Viral Plastic Surgery Craze Outlines the Future of Business: A Refutation

It’s time for entrepreneurs to check their DMs- Ben Lee

It’s no surprise that technology has taken a massive toll in our daily lives. Plastic surgeons have taken their social skills to another level, they have created Instagram accounts with videos, comments, and descriptions of each cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries. 399 more words


FDA for Health

Poor health in the United States is a growing concern. This issue affects a great number of Americans every day as the battle for heathy food options becomes more difficult due to lack of quality food availability and cost of quality food. 194 more words


The Arizona Debate: Give DACA Recipients What They Deserve. A Refutation.

NPR reports that in a 7-0 vote, Arizona has denied Dreamers the right to pay in state tuition at public colleges and universities. Lawmakers claim that DACA recipients who have “lawful status” but not “legal status” are not eligible to pay in-state resident rates for tuition. 285 more words


"The Future of Social Media: 32 Experts Share Their 2018 Predictions": A Refutation

It seems like there’s a huge wave of people who believe that the world is going to be a better place now that Facebook is getting their wrists slapped for their privacy invasions.  1,058 more words