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Why Aren’t Our Rape Protection Programs Working On Campuses?

Today we would hope that people have better judgment not to rape someone, but it is best to provide rape protection programs on college campuses to help guide and inform students what to do in that serious situation. 286 more words



The prospect of paying college athletes has been debated for some time with strong arguments on both sides. Some believe that because college athletes generate money for their school and endure physical conditioning (among other things) they deserve compensation in addition to their free education. 246 more words


Refutation #1

This refutational post touches on the same subject as the affirmative post (2 posts ago): Whether the fetus should be considered an actual person or not. 332 more words

Pro Life

Online Courses vs. Traditional Classrooms: Study shows pros do not outweigh cons

In recent years, education as a whole has seen a major shift toward tech in the classroom. Then what happens when you take the classroom out of the picture? 357 more words

Higher Education

Positive Impacts of Technology on Education, Transportation and Society as a Whole

In today’s society, technology plays an essential role in our daily lives. In fact, many of us have become reliant on it that is really hard to separate it from our lives. 539 more words


A Refutation of Senator Rand Paul's Claim that Vaccines lead to Mental Disorders

One of the major threats to the elimination of preventable diseases in America is the group of people, known as anti-vaxxers, who oppose vaccines and claim they are harmful to children. 512 more words


Selfies = Self-Absorption

Some social scientists have proclaimed that selfies are the teenager’s way of self exploration, while also a means of gaining popularity and the likeness of their peers. 312 more words