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Al-Idraj Feel Matn (Interpolation In The Text Of A Narration)

Definition: This is where a narrator or Muhaddith inserts into the text of a hadeeth a statement from himself, not intending for his words to be taken as part of the hadeeth.[1] An insertion into the text of a hadeeth usually occurs as a result of a narrator explaining a particular word in the hadeeth, extracting a ruling or bringing forth a benefit from the hadeeth. 464 more words


Tahirul Qadri Aur Ek Jhoote Rewayat?

Barelwi Mazhab k Sheikh Ul Islam jhoote ahadith bolnay mein bohut mutasahil hai aur jhoote rewayat bayaan karne main zara b nahi darta hai aur apne aap ko ashq-e-Rasool samujta hai. 240 more words


Abu Haneefa Tabi Nahi Thy

Abu Haneefa (rahimahullah) k muqalideen k dalail:

1.Muhammad Bin Sa’id ne kaha:

” حدثنا أبو الموفق سيف بن جابر قاضي واسط قال: سمعت أبا حنيفة يقول: قدم أنس بن مالك الكوفة ونزل النخع وكان يخضب بالحمرة ، قد رأيته مرارًا” 494 more words


The Authority of Khabar Wahid and refutation of those who oppose it

Bismillah was-salatu was-salaam `ala rasoolAllah , `Amma Ba`d : 

Depending on the number of the reporters of the hadeeth in each stage of the isnad, i.e. 1,886 more words


Don't force it

The article “Using Cell Phones to Increase Student Achievement and Engagement with Reading and Writing”, illustrates cell phones as a terrific tool that supports students to be involved in reading and writing. 480 more words


Debate Regarding New Grading Scale

The issues of grading systems and policies is a hot topic that continues to be debated over in higher education. Many argue that maintaining the traditional grading system is the cause of grade inflation. 353 more words


Selfies: The "Perfect" Version of You

In the article “7 Reasons to Take More Selfies” the author states that selfies allow one to “showcase their good side,” as opposed to normal photographs which do not put the result in the hands of the people in the photograph. 265 more words