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Science Magazine: "Taking race out of human genetics"

I always love these. Refuting race-denialists has become sort of a past time for me. It’s interesting to see either the same things all the time (more likely), or something new, but still bullshit ( 2,540 more words

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Blacks in Medieval Europe? Afrocentric Ramblings

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Came across this article today from a (totally not unbiased source) person who seems to believe in the myths of Afrocentrism.

I’m always amazed at how many people are so quick to argue that people of color did not exist in Europe during medieval times or that black people, for instance, weren’t around during the Greek and Roman eras.

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North/South Differences in Italian IQ: Is Richard Lynn Right?

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Richard Lynn has said that there are differences in Northern and Southern Italian IQ scores. Is he correct?

Lynn claims Italian IQ is 100 in the North and 90 in the South, with the lowest being IQ 89 in the Southern most part of Sicily. 2,206 more words


John Shorey: another impostor

John Shorey: another impostor

John Shorey shares what he believes God is doing now that the Shemitah has ended.


HBD and Diet Advice: Anglin Paleo Refutation Part 2

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A lot of people seem to have wrong views on nutrition. It’s not really taught in school, people think that it doesn’t matter so they do no independent research of their own and they believe anything and every thing that comes out in the MSM as gospel. 2,421 more words


"Race is a Social Construct": Part 1

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“Race is a social construct”. You may hear that a lot from uneducated people. They may say that since the definition of race is ‘ever-changing’, that race doesn’t exist and that it only exists in our minds. 3,288 more words

Race Realism

"You've Been Trumped!"

Can we talk about Donald Trump? After all, he does seem to be the most talked about topic in America. While I do respect Trump as a businessman and political strategist, many of his political maneuvers to revert America back to its “great” past are borderline extremist. 325 more words