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Refuting David Wood on Quran 9:73

David Wood Refutation Session 1: Refuting David Wood’s Misinterpretation of the Quran Verse 9:73

In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Beneficent

Quran 9:73 O Prophet! 1,315 more words


A different world-conception

The materialistic world-conception may not be true, but for all that it contains an inner truth. Of this inner truth it can be said: What the materialistic world-conception describes regarding man would become actual fact if this world-conception were to gain the day. 128 more words


Refutation 4

More gun control is not needed; education about guns and gun safety is needed to prevent accidental gun deaths. 95% of all US gun owners believe that children should learn about gun safety.  291 more words


Free Speech or Hate Speech? Definitely Hate Speech

Since the 1st Amendment of our Constitution has been in effect (82,517 days to be exact), we have used, protected, in some people’s eyes “abused” our right to the Freedom of Speech. 307 more words


Mental Health is the Issue, Not Guns

Some say, like President Trump did on November 6th, that the United States of America does not have a gun problem, but rather a mental health problem. 415 more words

Gun Control

Trump claims that record-breaking hurricane season was not impacted by climate change

Hurricane season 2017 was an unprecedented catastrophe, and scientific evidence points to climate change as a contributing factor. Still, Trump shrugs off the facts.

Let’s explore Trump’s stubborn dismissal of climate change by flashing back to early September. 468 more words


Why Trump Is Wrong About North Korea

President Donald Trump isn’t wrong to not back down to Kim Jong-Un. When it comes to protecting your home and country, the leader of that country can not be fickle and does have to put his foot down like Trump does. 463 more words