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Are There Race Differences in Penis Size? Part II

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I haven’t completely discredited the notion that Rushton and Lynn may be correct on this variable, but I’m highly skeptical. Hormonal data doesn’t show it. 1,007 more words

Race Realism

Are There Racial Differences in Penis Size?

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Do racial differences in penis size exist? The average person may say yes, due to viewing porn and hearing ‘stories’ from their friends, ie anecdotal accounts. 1,888 more words

Race Realism


In the article published on Breitbart.com by Jerome Hudson, the Black Lives Matter Movement is accused of covering and ignoring 5 truths. Hudson claims that the BLM movement is covering up and ignoring “truths” about Planned Parenthood, “black on black crime”, unarmed police shooting victims including Michael Brown, the racial disparities in police profiling, and that the movement itself is “political grandstanding.” But, before we get into the details of this article, let’s point out that the Breitbart news network is a conservative website which had Stephen Bannon (an alt-right and white… 989 more words


Killing Jobs vs. Creating Jobs: A refutable view

To raise minimum wage or not? That is the question. As the United States continues to battle on what’s best for its people, the battle field is still booming. 329 more words

Minimum Wage

Gun Control is Not the Answer- A Refutation

In this article titled, Gun Control is not the Answer: Opposing View, writer Robert Farago argues against government attempts to limit gun ownership by criminals. Farago’s opposition to gun control revolves around two main arguments. 423 more words

Gun Control

Why the US Should Not Ban Guns: A Refutation

In her article, Ellen Grace Jones argues against the banning of guns. Jones is not a gun supporter but believes that prohibition of any kind is ineffective. 277 more words


Sanders joins protesters against the pipeline build: The Refute

Joining the tens of thousands of protestors against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Senator Bernie Sanders calls out President Obama to strongly reevaluate the plans. This all went down while protestors rallied near the White House. 335 more words