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The satanic pledge of Ikhwaan Ul Muslimeen

When Ikhwaan-Ul-Muslimeen presented themselves as the jamaat of muslims, and their leaders as the muslims’ imam, they presented the following ideologies:

  1.      It is compulsory upon every muslim to adhere to their jamaat.
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Analhaq or Shirk fil Wujood

The extent to which they have gone to achieve closeness and yet what happened? A wrong concept developed . A compound of ignorance emerged. Iron in the flame started yelling, “I am flame”. 378 more words

Abdul Quadeer Siddiqui

Shirk fil Wujood

Ma’azallah! “I exist” and “God exist”, we both exist, we share existence. That’s Shirk fil Wujood. God’s existence is His own, Mine is not, its given to me, its imparted to me, its supported by Him. 95 more words

Abdul Quadeer Siddiqui

A Human being like you?

Do you know what sort of people point out the commonality between us and the Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam? Abu Jahl and kuffars; Mali hazar rasooli yakulut ta’ama wa yamshee fil aswaqi (25:7) – What is this messenger that eats food (like us) and walks in the markets (like us)? 7 more words

Abdul Quadeer Siddiqui