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Refuting the anti-vax URL dump

Anti-vaxxers have long tried to come up with different ways to give their movement the veneer of science without actually having to do any science (because getting a BS, MS, and PhD/MD is difficult, but posting on Facebook is easy). 3,341 more words


Refutation Blog

The blog titled Another Child Dies of Medical Neglect published by Steven Novella, M.D. on January 6, 2017, was an eye opener about blogging for me. 166 more words

iJihad Ep. 3: Sargonic Suicide

In this episode I address Sargon of Akkad and his video “Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist’s Guide”.


Tiananmen Lies

On June 4, 1989, troops of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China opened fire on unarmed, pro-democracy student protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. According to most Western news sources, “thousands were gunned down in cold blood, and many more were crushed by tanks”. 790 more words


Imam Lalkaaee (Rahimahullah) Ki Kitab “Sharah Atiqaad Usool-e-Ahle-Sunnah” Par Ulma Ka Atimaad

Imam Lalkaaee (Rahimahullah) Ki Kitab “Sharah Atiqaad Usool-e-Ahle-Sunnah” Par Ulma Ka Atimaad:

1.Imam Zahabi (Rahimahullah):

وصح عن ثابت البناني قال: كان داود عليه السلام يطيل الصلاة، ثم يركع، ثم يرفع رأسه إلى السماء، ثم يقول: إليك رفعت رأسي [يا عامر السماء] ، نظر العبيد إلى أربابها يا ساكن السماء”. 58 more words


Dinosaurs, Brains, and 'Progressive' Evolution: Part II

1700 words

In part I, I showed how Dale Russel’s contention that the troodon would have evolved into a bipedal ‘dinosauroid’ with human locomotion and a human-sized brain was pure fantasy. 1,753 more words

Race Realism

Response to Roland Barthes

Some time ago I attempted to hash out an argument that art could be objectively assessed. But I’m unsatisfied with my logic in hindsight regarding Roland Barthes. 956 more words