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Refutation Week 4: The second wall.

For this week’s refutation post, I will be delving into the history of the stigmatization of Muslims and Muslim Americans, and how the Trump administration reinforces this through the media and their “second wall”. 401 more words


Leave it to the States: A Refutation

Just as some may argue that sexual education is decision made by parents, it can also be argued that it the curriculum should be decided on by each individual state, because if we’re being honest, America’s public school system is failing us. 975 more words


#CancelColbert: It's not all bad

#Cancelcolbert was an internet campaign started by a woman named Suey Park in retaliation for a tweet sent out by the twitter account The Colbert Report. 290 more words


A Refutation About Animal Rights

Animals are mammals, just like humans. Thus, all animals should have the same rights as humans. This article brought up an interesting, yet questionable perspective on… 338 more words

Animal Rights

Can Social Media Improve Our Relationships?

Natasha Koifman, President of NKPR, wrote this article published by Huffington Post Canada, where she stated all of the reasons she thought that social media had a positive impact on our personal relationships. 326 more words

Social Media

Maybe Minorities just Commit More Crimes

The three major race groups in America include Whites, Blacks and Hispanics. According to the US Census Bureau, Whites account for 77.1% of the population, Blacks 13.3% and Hispanics 17.6%. 425 more words