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Sea World: What a Load of Carp.

Fishing for articles promoting aquatic captivity was very difficult, but I eventually did find a surprising Pro-Captivity argument and you’ll never guess where it came from….. 862 more words

McBain And Andrews

Homosexual Marriage: Harmful?

Although many people in today’s society agree that gay marriage should be equally as accepted as marriage between a man and woman, some organizations such as tfpstudentaction.org feel otherwise. 270 more words


Call it What You Want

“Result in net job losses that will harm those with limited skills, who will become (further) dependent on government transfer payments if they are unable to find jobs at their skill level.” 430 more words

Are you serious!!! That's soo unfair and not true!!

    Why do college textbooks cost so much? According to Ethan Trex author of “Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?,” textbooks are expensive because publishing a college textbook full of graphs, charts, illustrations, cost more than just a simple $10 Nicholas Sparks novel. 378 more words


Guns Make America Safer: A Refutation

In this 2007 editorial by Alan Korin (an author of seven books on gun control) that ran in The Arizona Central, Korin argues that guns keep America free. 352 more words

Gun Control

Refuting UNC Board of Governors decision to ban Gender Neutral Housing

In August of last year, an article came out stating that the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors banned gender neutral housing without having any public discussion in which students could support either side of the issue. 390 more words

Gender Neutral Housing

Week 3: The Cost of Animal Testing

As previously mentioned, it’s a difficult task to defend animal experimentation. But, not only has it been proven that animal testing has contributed positive research results for common types of cancer, it’s also an inexpensive way to do research. 288 more words

Week 3