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Response to Roland Barthes

Some time ago I attempted to hash out an argument that art could be objectively assessed. But I’m unsatisfied with my logic in hindsight regarding Roland Barthes. 956 more words


The Structure of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization: Orientalists' Fables

Asalaamualaykum everyone. I’ve just published my first article for Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research titled “The Structure of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization: Orientalists’ Fables”. Below is a short abstract. 167 more words


Fitna-e-Ghamdiyat urdu pdf 

Urdu Pdf

Book name : Muslimat Islamia Aur Hadis Nabwi ke inkar Ka Fitnah FITNA-E-GHAMDIYAT ek Tahqeeqi o Tanqeedi jayza
Author : Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf حفظه الله … 7 more words


Leave it to the States: A Refutation

Just as some may argue that sexual education is decision made by parents, it can also be argued that it the curriculum should be decided on by each individual state, because if we’re being honest, America’s public school system is failing us. 975 more words


#CancelColbert: It's not all bad

#Cancelcolbert was an internet campaign started by a woman named Suey Park in retaliation for a tweet sent out by the twitter account The Colbert Report. 290 more words


Refutation: “The Scientists Aren’t Even Sure”

Some people are still very skeptical of the legitimacy of climate change. Often times, some try to argue that, “even scientists don’t know.” It is argued that scientists are not sure if we are the ones causing the climate change or if it is even changing at all. 320 more words


Planned Parenthood Saves the Lives of Cancer Survivors

Every year, Planned Parenthood provides more than 650,000 cancer screenings a year, some of these life-saving.

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