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Modernists Have Inherited Terrorism From the Kuffaar

What is the Shariah’s view regarding the placing of bombs in civilian areas where people are indiscriminately killed and injured? According to some people, such tactics are necessary to instill fear into the enemy and to weaken it. 825 more words


The Vizier Who Usurped the Throne

The title of Vizier was often given to those who counselled the Imam during the time of the caliphate – the prescribed model of Islamic governance, having just been abolished nearly a century ago. 4,249 more words


The Apostasy Of Seeking Judgement From The Courts Of Taghout

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulilahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasulullah wa ‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa sahabihi ajmain

Tawhid is the first obligation on the Mukhallaf ( those who are accountable ) it is the purpose of life  for which man was created  Allah says  ” And I (Allāh) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone). 8,319 more words


Is that the way things are, or not?

Socrates: In those days, when people were not wise like you young people, they were content to listen to a tree or a rock in simple openness, just as long as it spoke the truth, but to you, perhaps, it makes a difference who is speaking and where he comes from, for you do not concentrate on this alone: is that the way things are, or not?

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Refutation of Proposed Removal of Artes Liberales

I originally wrote this monograph for a philosophy class in March of 2014.

A Refutation of the Proposed Removal of the Liberal Arts from Undergraduate Curricula… 276 more words

Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics

Refuting Nasibi Claims

Certain Nasibis have lowered the Ahlul Bayt’s(as) status by claiming that hadith in praise of them in Sunni books are forged, however here I have provided evidences refuting these illogical claims with proofs from their own scholars. 932 more words

Ahlul Bayt (as)

Crucifixion on Thursday or Friday? Contradiction in the gospels?

If you went to UNC Chapel Hill and took a class by Bart Ehrman–or if you have read any of his books–it is likely that you have heard one of his main arguments about the contradictions in the Christian canon of Scripture, namely, that the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) portray the crucifixion on Friday whereas the gospel of John portrays the crucifixion on Thursday. 708 more words