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Logical Obstacles to Doing Good Better


Philosopher William MacAskill says in an interview with Sam Harris, people who want to do good must use their spare time and money to minimize illbeing, and maximize wellbeing of the greatest number as best they can. 1,021 more words

Rational Logocentrism

Doing Good Better ≠ Undoing Worst Bads

Can Fixing the Biggest Bads Accomplish the Biggest Goods?

One dominant idea about how charitable tasks ought to be selected and appraised holds that the neediest of needy prospects available for consideration ought to be given highest priority… 1,202 more words

Rational Logocentrism

Are Australoids and Pacific Islanders Negroid? A Reply to PumpkinPerson

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I’ve been in a few discussion with PumpkinPerson on phenotype and if the similar phenotype found in Australoids and Pacific Islanders meant they were Negroid. 1,617 more words

Race Realism

The satanic pledge of Ikhwaan Ul Muslimeen

When Ikhwaan-Ul-Muslimeen presented themselves as the jamaat of muslims, and their leaders as the muslims’ imam, they presented the following ideologies:

  1.      It is compulsory upon every muslim to adhere to their jamaat.
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