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Georgia Aquarium, a Voice for All Marine Mammal Facilities?

On June 15, 2012, the Georgia Aquarium requested issuance to import 18 beluga whales from Russia to the United States for the purpose of “public display.” Following the rejection, the Georgia Aquarium shared a… 486 more words


Refutation: Let Me Upgrade You (lower class Americans)

There are many issues in the debate for raising the minimum wage. An article titled The Negative Effects of Minimum Wage Laws by Mark Wilson makes multiple suggestions as to why increasing the minimum wage would have harmful effects. 426 more words


There is no link between Media and Violence

In the article, “We Worry Too Much About Fictional Violence”, by Jonathon Gotschall, it states that the media has no link to violence. The video games and films that we play and watch do not have a connection to us, as people, to becoming violent or aggressive. 392 more words


Should language be Introduced so Young?

A key part of our proposition is that bilingualism should be introduced early on in a child’s education, as early as elementary school so that the effects will have the longest possible time to benefit the child and so that the language is effectively learned. 382 more words


Arizona Celebrates as They Pass Pro-Gun Bills : A Refutation

Recently I came across in the news that Arizona was trying to pass four pro-gun bills. As of April 16, 2014 four bills have been passed and Governor, Jan Brewer, has already signed one bill into law. 691 more words

Gun Control

Gay Marriage: A Not So Slippery-Slope

Many people argue that the legalization of gay marriage will lead to a dangerous slippery-slope where those people practicing polygamy, incest and bestiality would be granted the same rights, distancing us even more from “traditional marriage”. 365 more words