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The Creator Of The Original Regal Cinemas Roller-Coaster Animation Has Died

At a time when movie theaters pre-screening presentations are rife with previews, previews of previews, and an engorged miscellany of advertising that nearly rivals the actual feature’s length and scope, it’s easy to forget what used to be. 354 more words


The Nice Guys are and they aren't, but they're always interesting

It’s 1977 in Los Angeles, and folks are having a fine time dancing their way through the smog, sort of, until a car carrying porno star Misty Mountains crashes down from the hills through the living room of a wide-eyed but somehow still respectful young teen. 341 more words


Summer Movie Express | Dollar Summer Movies| Regal Cinemas | Regal Cinemas

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Blizzard handing out in-game items & copies of World of Warcraft to celebrate the upcoming film

With the World of Warcraft movie slated for release in the coming months, Blizzard has now outed some of the promotional details we will be seeing to celebrate the launch of the film. 121 more words


With George Clooney, Julia Roberts hitting Jodie Foster's marks, it's easy to believe Money Monster

In true life on a slow day, one might hover over a cable network show such as Money Monster for a couple of minutes for sheer shock value. 438 more words


Q&A: Theater Allocations and Clearances

Hold on to your hats folks, this question is a doozy.

This question comes in from Bryan Wolfie (great name by the way), and Bryan writes in via email: 1,217 more words

X-Men: Apocalypse

Captain America: Civil War takes them from Avenging friends to astonishing rivals to probing film

Life’s tough when you’re an Avenger.

The latest in the line of blockbusters from the Marvel Universe starts with more terrible turmoil for the gang of heroes who collect to save the world from bad stuff concocted by badder people. 466 more words