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Mister Met, lost and found

I noticed it with a feeling.

Mister Met was calling me from afar, the little guy from the front of my blue baseball cap, the one my dear wife Karen bought for me on our trip this season to watch our favorite team play at Citi Field. 300 more words


It's over for The Hunger Games, and it's epic

Talk about war and peace.

Katniss Everdeen rests.

The fourth and likely finale in the Hunger Games franchise that started with the girl who fired an arrow into the hearts of so many in 2012 landed in America’s theaters this pre-Thanksgiving weekend with its snowballing success and great expectations for star Jennifer Lawrence and the cinematic work of director Francis Lawrence and script by Peter Craig and Danny Strong… 332 more words


The 33 allows you to root for the winner you know

If you had your ears open in 2010, you likely heard the tale of the miners stuck deep down in belly of that Chilean mine. 556 more words


The Peanuts gang happily circles around Charlie Brown

The kids, a whole bunch of them piled into a Saturday afternoon matinée in the biggest and plushest of Regal Cinemas’ Syracuse theaters in Syracuse mall Shoppingtown, admired… 466 more words


Sandra Bullock doesn't give a damn until she creates a Crisis

When Jane Bodine answers the door to the political operatives who want to win her sly services at the start of Our Brand Is Crisis… 485 more words


Bill Murray finds himself taking a shot in Rock the Kasbah

There’s no doubt that agent Richie Lanz is playing among the lesser lights in the biz no matter how much he boasts about his connections and his past. 520 more words


In a galaxy far, far away: Hype for new 'Star Wars' movie goes into hyper-drive

With teaser promos released and the revealing of the new movie poster over the weekend, the hype behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” goes into hyper-drive. 253 more words