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CHIPS isn't exactly TV nostalgia, but there's still something funny about Dax Shephard

If you’re one of the many millions who’ve taken comfort in the motorcycle-riding savvy and people skills of Jon Baker and Frank Llewelyn Poncherello in the half-drama, half-comedy TV hour… 455 more words


Who's the real outcast in Table 19, you'll wonder

Oh, Eloise seems so put together as she makes her entrance way back there to sit with the other (very) strangers sitting around table in the way back in the reception of her best friend, whose brother is the best man. 495 more words


The boy from Mars and a girl from Earth make their own space

Director Peter Chelsom has delivered to this world with The Space Between Us two movies in one.

The first is a space story, a tale of a frantically motivated businessman driven to bring humankind to a colony on Mars. 460 more words


How to Watch Every Oscar-Nominated Film in a Theater for Under $4 Each

The nominees for the 2017 Oscars have just been announced. Based on how the Golden Globes played out, the Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling musical La La Land… 473 more words


Patriots Day strikes the right blow for heroes rising from the terror

The heroes rose immediately from amid the victims that horrible sunny April morning at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and Patriots Day does one hell of a job reminding us all about how high they had to climb from that gut punch. 594 more words


We all won because these Hidden Figures reached for the stars

The nation was full of hope and fears in so many ways back in 1961 when these folks at NASA were busting butt to keep up with the Russians, a President on small screens seen by huge groups voicing dreams and concerns as fragmented groups wondered if they could come together to accomplish this greater good. 713 more words


The Biggest Problem With Movie Theater Popcorn Is Now Solved

This story originally appeared on Entrepreneur.

Bric Simpson was a genuine movie buff: He hit the theater about five times a month. That also made him attuned to the finer points of snacking, and he had some problems. 854 more words