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Tom Hanks' Sully sticks the landing with hardly a splash

How’d you like it if you just pulled off the most miraculous move of your career, in the front of the clenched-shut eyes of 153 souls and most likely wide-open eyes of their highest Power, just to have your judgment-makers on a smug bureaucratic panel insist you made the wrong decision? 379 more words


Does the world need a pretty good movie about Roberto Duran?

No question that Roberto Duran, he of the Hands of Stone, was one of the best fighters in the world, the scrappy soul from Panama who threw his first professional punch in 1968 and remained relevant in the ring way into the 1990s. 623 more words


In War Dogs, everybody waits for the magic bullet to go off

Miles Teller and Jonah Hill are all grown up in War Dogs. Director Todd Phillips, too. Teller left any signs of his snide teen dystopia days and Hill the goof from… 515 more words


How awful that Meryl Streep can even act like she can sing like Florence Foster Jenkins

Back in the high society days when newspapers ran popular opinion, soldiers fought and relaxed en masses and something called records were played on a gadget by the name of the radio, there was a woman by the name of Florence Foster Jenkins who lived for music. 422 more words


There's a lot to like about the rotten heroes of Suicide Squad

What happens when you go to the tightest jail to collect a handful of the baddest people — that last word used loosely, for this is the comic book world, after all — to save the world? 413 more words


FREE Digital copies of Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Bourne Ultimatum at Regal Crown Club

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Matt Damon is Jason Bourne again, so people must die

To say that things get heavy when old connection Nicky hunts down former operative Jason Bourne on the streets of Greece to let him know that she’s hacked into the agency’s files to find the secrets about his past he’s been longing to discover doesn’t quite put the reunion of main man Matt Damon and director/co-writer (with Christopher Rouse) Paul Greengrass into the proper focus. 464 more words