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Remnants of Nothing

I knew there were reasons why I had to get up this morning. The longer I waited, the more I  became acquainted with the belief that it will be better for me, if I stayed to bed. 149 more words

The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’

Source: Alt-Market

In order to understand what is really going on around the globe in terms of the collapsing economy, we must set aside false mainstream versions of reality. 581 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Not everyone can see our worth. Those who do will tell you in many ways. You will see their worth as well.


"Hi", "Hi" "So what are you actually doing right now??????" "Oh I have lice from them, this is why their hair is short." / interesting concept: revised logic??? /pure panic in my face and instand scratching guaranteed

I walked around and catched a view in the tent. Just like that, just to say hi basically, which I also did. I almost didn’t wanted to disturb that close connection between the child and the young woman, a connection that worked without any words, very natural,organic almost and very relaxed but with very obvious guestures …… … 149 more words