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Blockheads & Petticoat Holds - A Look at Regency Slang with Ally Broadfield

I’m pleased to welcome historical romance author Ally Broadfield today. Welcome, Ally!

Tara, thank you for having me as a guest on your blog today! 589 more words

Friday Favorite: Candice Hern's Regency World

Our Friday Favorite this week is a treasure trove of information. Regency romance author Candice Hern recently revamped her website, and now it’s bigger and better than ever! 61 more words

Friday Favorites

A Royal Birth, A Duchess "in the straw" and Some Dynastic Speculation

As I write this post the newspapers are full of discussion about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, the birth and any other royal or baby detail they can try and make remotely relevant. 833 more words


Regency Lexicon: Swell

If you asked a person on the street the meaning of swell, they might mention a puffed up injury or as an expression like “Gee, that’s swell!” 52 more words

Regency Words

Regency Customs: The Cut

“For one person to look directly at another and not acknowledge the other’s bow is such a breach of civility that only an unforgivable misdemeanor can warrant the rebuke. 1,074 more words

Regency Words

Regency Lexicon: Fustian

Did you know that fustian is actually a thick cotton and flax (linen) woven fabric?  I actually pride myself in knowing quite a bit about textiles, but I had never heard the word. 166 more words


Regency Lexicon: fudge

Oh fudge.  Now, we know you as an alternative curse word or a delicious chocolatey treat.

But back in the Regency era, a fudge would be a falsehood. 171 more words

Regency Words