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An Extension for Python re: regex

One thing I dislike about python is how painful it is to use regular expressions that capture matching groups of characters. For example, if I want to find words in quotes, I would write: 261 more words

Regular Expression

Regular Expressions Guide for Google Analytics

What are Regular Expressions?

  • A regular expression¬†(also known as regex) is a special text string for describing a search pattern.
  • Searching with regular expressions enables you to get results with just one search instead of many searches.
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Find and replace all <? short open tags using regex

In PHPStorm, you can do a regex find and replace. To upgrade a crappy old site using <?, just use the following regex:




Safe Regex - REDoS protection

Regular expressions, or regex, are patterns used commonly for string matching. Although there are several flavors for the regex syntax, the basic building blocks of the pattern language stay roughly the same. 1,350 more words

Denial Of Service

Twitter, Regular Expressions, and ggmap

Goal: I want to plot a sample of bicycle accidents and find out the most dangerous intersections.

Solution:  There is a twitter handle called struckDC that tweets bicyle or pederstrain  accidents. 837 more words


Filling a large rectangle with smaller rectangles using regular expressions

We have some rectangles:

We also have a bigger, empty rectangle:


The goal is to fill the whole empty rectangle with some of the smaller rectangles, and to do it using a .Net regular expression (obviously). 1,786 more words


Using REGEX to replace in Alteryx

My thoughts about REGEX today went a little bit like this

“REGEX could change my life”


“OHH I get it now”

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