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How to TDD a compiler: learning to read

One of the first things I decided to dive deep into was how to get the textual representation of a program into a sensible representation in memory. 1,481 more words


Revisiting the toolkit...

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the SDLXLIFF Toolkit.. in fact I haven’t done since it was first released with the 2014 version of Studio.   2,218 more words

CAT Tools

Extracting information from a text using Regex and Match in C# .NET

Occasionally you need to extract some information from a free-text form. Consider the following text:

First name: Elvis
Last name: Presley
Address: 1 Heaven Street… 205 more words


Get or update SysInternals tools with PowerShell

This is version 2 – the previous version relied on mapping a new PSDrive directly to \\live.sysinternals.com\tools which made things easy, but that no longer seems to work (or at least not for me, might be my web filtering blocking it). 104 more words


Code standards review with RegEx

On our project we use Macroview to visualise and edit data. The script that drives the proces is subject to our definition of done code standards. 191 more words


String extraction using regular expression(Regex) – Python

Previously, I wrote similar thing using Powershell script.I wrote similar thing using Powershell script.

It is rather simpler in python. Additionally, it can download images from extracted URLs (if the link is not blocked by security). 137 more words


String extraction using regular expression(Regex) - Powershell

Quite often, I need to extract specific strings from text or file. It could be a simple sentence or some specific type of strings like URLs, code names, etc.. 894 more words