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Regex using increasing sequence of numbers Python

Say I have a string:

teststring =  "1.3 Hello how are you 1.4 I am fine, thanks 1.2 Hi There 1.5 Great!" 

That I would like as: 518 more words


KUSchedule (iOS, Android)

April 2015

KUSchedule allows Korea University students to download their lecture schedules in a picture format, which is automatically fetched and generated from texts, by simply signing in with their portal id/pwd. 104 more words


UE4.18 Email Validation

Because this would be an almost impossible task to do in Blueprints I’ve created a C++ Blueprint Function Library where I’ll store more Validation tools in over time. 120 more words


Make code less complex and more readable

I need to rewrite my simple code. I’m getting simple strings as below:

  • Distrib ABC 1-2-x
  • Distrib ABC DEF 1-2-x
  • Distrib ABC DEF GHI 1-2-x…
  • 364 more words

Splitting strings based on multiple delimiters does not yield consistent result

I have a file type with many rows containing information as follows:

  P087 = ( 4.000000000000000E+001,-6.250000000000000E-001 )
  P088 = ( 4.000000000000000E+001, 0.000000000000000E+000 )

I’m reading this file line by line using… 185 more words


JAVA- Read integers from txt file and compute integers

I need some help with the code below.
What I’m trying to do is to write a program that reads in the file and computes the average grade and prints it out. 561 more words


Detect word at the end of the sentence with regex

I start in regex. My string can look like nxs_flo.nexus or127.0.0.1 or nxs_flo.nexus.com

I want to filter only strings of nxs_flo.nexus type. So I want to test if in my string there is… 132 more words