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Find search and replace everything EXCEPT this or that



This is how you write a regex expression for how to find search and replace everything or any word except this or that. 28 more words

SharePoint - Get Image tags From HTML C# to set the image width property.

Requirement – ┬áTo get only images tags from HTML content and set the width property of the image.

Below code shows how to get the image tags, then image name, image properties to set the width. 250 more words


URL Validation Using Regular Expression In JQuery

To validate the URL input you can use the function with regular expression (regex) given below :

function ValidateURL(urlToCheck) {
// Below regular expression can validate input URL with or without http:// etc…
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Translating dates in SDL Trados Studio

Studio usually does a good job localising source language dates in the correct target format. But sometimes the source text uses an incorrect date format or language variants cause problems. 701 more words

SDL Trados Studio

Regular Expression Speed and Automata - Russ Cox

Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple and Fast

This is a great article written by Russ Cox 0f Google regarding regex matching speeds and improving them by converting them into “Thompson NFA (Nondetermanistic finite automata).” I won’t pretend to fully grasp the concept just yet, but it would definitely be useful to know how to speed up regex matching processes.


Creating a custom enriched log using LEEF and shell scripts

Customer asked me to create an event/alert which shows when a user account is created, deleted or modified. This event should only exist if the user is one of their known domain admins and I should list a HR Data (such as his Manager or Division) of this user. 1,110 more words