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Day 33

The first thing that made sense to be today was regular expressions. This is really important to me as I know how damn useful they are in Ruby (as well as in other languages). 238 more words


Regular Expression (Regex)

Regex is powerful when you want to select a dynamic text with certain patterns and go on from there. Regex looks complicated to me at first but when you went through some of it long enough, eventually you will get a grasp of what’s happening. 248 more words


Project: Extracting Quotes from a Bible App

I have a friend who’s been using this app, and I wanted to store up the verses he was highlighting. At first, I did it by copying and pasting them in. 72 more words

Chrome OS - Using The Crosh Connectivity Command

Today I was wanting to get some quick network information from my Chromebook 2. I would say that the most common way to accomplish this is to open a new tab and navigate to: 470 more words


Build and use PCRE in windows

Building PCRE(older version) source code in windows environment is quite easy with CMake build system. Once you checkout the code from their SVN server using following command: 170 more words


Python Auto-Coloured Serial Terminal

After a whole lot of watching serial logs to debug intermittent hardware issues, we thought it would be great if the terminal could draw attention to errors and warnings, to help with the Signal to Noise issue that is inevitable with serial logging. 51 more words


Coding Test: Sorting an Array while Maintaining Data Type Order Integrity

Truth be told, one of the worst things about a lot of tech jobs these days has to be the grueling interview methodology. The whole interview process can take a total of 8 hours, during which time the candidate gets battered with coding tests and grueling questions to gauge how much they know about… pretty much everything. 660 more words