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Express Regularly!

Part 1

One recent lesson involved Regular Expressions or RegEx.  RegEx allows you to quickly scan over text for different properties.  Regular Expressions almost seem like an entire language by itself and is does exist in more than just JavaScript.   618 more words


Road to Regex: To Make a Machine

Having gone through how finite state machines (finite automata for the geekier ones) work, it’s time to generate one given any regular expression. So far, the finite automata used in all illustrations were manually hand-crafted, with the finest, diamond-tipped tools (that is my pen and paper). 990 more words

Some basics of writing Solr queries

Solr is a powerful search and indexing tool for your site. However, it can demand a significant overhead of learning and planning to setup for a site. 345 more words


Building a Reddit bot and introduction to natural language processing with Python (part2)

Welcome to the second part of this post.

If you didn’t see the first, you might want to go see it => link.

What are we gonna do today…

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Regular expressions (positive lookahead and negative lookahead)

Positive lookahead

“Assert that the regex below can be matched, starting at this position”.

Let’s go with this little example:


This would mean, match a space between one and many times followed by a word character between one and many times only if there is a dot following the previous match: 130 more words


Search functions


In this post we’ll explore ways of selecting records by comparison of properties. Designing even the simplest scientific examples implied too many decisions on the theoretical level for us to risk here. 1,495 more words

Features And Code

Xây dựng ứng dụng crawler với .NET

Sau một thời gian tập trung viết những thứ nhảm nhảm thì nay mình đã quay lại và cho ra mắt bài viết có dính dáng tí kĩ thuật nhiều hơn với sự đầu tư lớn về âm nhạc lẫn hình ảnh. 1,127 more words