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Getting better at regular expressions

Sup PSHomies?

So this regular expression thing has it’s advantages.  Like many things practice makes perfect…

In the past whenever I saw regex I’d flat line… There wasn’t really a need to use it, select-string with a dash of  -like, -contains, -split here and there, got me pretty far so why bother eh? 420 more words


Email Validation Regex

Every now and then I come across a situation where I need to use regex and especially during email validations. I think I have found a good email validation regex and therefore sharing it. 70 more words



If you have dealt with regular expression then you know that it takes a while to get a good grasp on it. If you are just learning it here is an amazing tutorial: http://regexone.com.

Enjoy ;-)


Repeating the same expression multiple in RegEx search, and replace it only one time - via: Stack Overflow

I’m really really glad that Lucas Trzesniewski has answered this:

While most regex flavours have roughly a similar syntax for the basic features, there is not a clear standard as to the syntax of the replacement strings.

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Regex first!

I realized that I have a waypoint (on Regular Expressions) remaining under the Basic Javascript title so I completed that first yesterday. Regexone is a cool beginner’s friendly interactive tutorial.


Regular Expressions

Although most are familiar with some shorthand notation used in searching, Regular Expressions turn this into a programming language. Are they just for Unix wizards? 1,522 more words


Interview Question of the Week #029 - Difference Between CHARINDEX vs PATINDEX

Question: What is the difference between CHARINDEX vs PATINDEX?

Answer: We can use either CHARINDEX or PATINDEX to search in a TEXT field in SQL SERVER. 148 more words

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