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Regular Expressions in Ruby

Most of Ruby syntax is pretty straightforward — the majority of us can take a pretty good guess at what a method like “capitalize” might do.  731 more words

JS regex to validate an e-mail address

One of my developers says “this is tricky!” – but I can’t see why!

The basic regex I use is ^(\w)+([\.]*)(\w)+[@](\w)+[\.](\w)+

If you find a string that’s a valid e-mail address but it’s rejected by this regex, please let me know. 23 more words


An better way to ask for currency responses in Qualtrics

Willingness to Pay questions (WTP) are ubiquitous in marketing research (my field), as well as many others. When asking for WTP in Qualtrics, you normally have to settle for some sub-par work-arounds. 823 more words


Regular expression: introduction and samples

From wikipedia: “In theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a regular expression (abbreviated regex or regexp and sometimes called a rational expression[1] 324 more words


Alphabetical Regular Expression for Non-English Languages

Just a quick tip I want to put out there. Whenever you need to match alphabetical characters using a RegEx in an environment that will contain non-english languages (which have… 68 more words