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Regex: Counting Patterns In A String

Counting patterns in a string can be easy using Regex.

Using the =~ operator will match a string against a regular expression.
Here are some examples of how to use it. 252 more words


Case study- client side email validation

A few months ago, we were working on upgrading the user account creation screen.  It was mostly cosmetic- the original version was in a bit of an odd order, and didn’t really have any logical flow to it.  556 more words

Recently I was in need of a regular expression while searching though some code and I needed the ability to sift through all characters, including the newline character. 32 more words


How to Tackle Regex in Ruby

The first time I came across regular expressions in Ruby, it was confusing to get my head around how to use this powerful tool in my programming repertoire. 518 more words




sampleEntity : SampleEntity($code1:code)
sampleEntity2 : SampleEntity2()
if ($code1 == "1" && #max(1, 0) == 1 && #trim("apple ").equals("apple")) do
else if ($code1 == "2") do
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Bonfire 29: Spinal Tap Case

TASK: Convert a string to spinal case. Spinal case is all-lowercase-words-joined-by-dashes.

I’m not particularly proud of the way I got it to work for theCamelCase, but… 32 more words