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Regular Expressions on iOS

I’ve decided to take on the masochistic task of getting my hands dirty with NSRegularExpression. Here are some of my thoughts and findings:

– Regex is voodoo. 194 more words

Regex Tutorial Part1

A regular expression specify a set of string that matches it.A regex is a sequence of characters that defines a search pattern, mainly for the use of string pattern matching. 365 more words


New Regex Features in Java 9

I recently received my complimentary copy of the book “Java 9 Regular Expressions” from Anubhava Srivastava published by Packt. The book is a good tutorial and introduction to anyone who wants to learn what regular expressions are and start from scratch. 1,453 more words


Removing latex commands using Python "re" module

Recently I had to sanitize lines in a .tex file where a \textcolor command had been used.
The command was being used the following way: … 157 more words


Regex: searching with regular expressions

Most searches return too many results, of which the great majority are usually irrelevant. Despite increasingly smart search engines, getting the best out of them requires us to learn how to refine searches, to focus them so that they return just the ‘hits’ that we want. 1,382 more words


Looking in the log: predicates, filters, regex, and find

Consolation 3, and many other apps, offer several different ways of locating and refining information. Using my log browser as an example, this article looks at strategies and techniques which you can use to avoid becoming overwhelmed with data. 1,287 more words


Find and Replace using Regex in Atom

It’s been a long time! As I don’t follow the instructions blindly but prefer finding my own way, I’ll introduce you to one of the simple but effective features in Atom editor called “Use Regex”. 255 more words