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Writing your own content-blocker for Safari 9 in El Capitan: 2

The first article in this series covered the basics of writing your own content-blocker for Safari version 9 in OS X 10.11 El Capitan. I will now move on to explain more fully the different options available for triggers and actions. 771 more words


Python Info Scraper: Stock Prices Part 3

I looked in the mirror and saw him pick up a red Autumn leaf. I knew that it was going to be his story now… 450 more words


Python Info Scraper: Stock Prices Part 2

Friday swings by faster than I expected. What’s important it brings a promise of getting a little rest after pretty intense week. And what’s essential: … 685 more words


Python regular expression

^			Matches beginning of line.
$			Matches end of line.
.			Matches any single character except newline. Using m option allows it to match newline as well. 299 more words

Regex: Counting Patterns In A String

Counting patterns in a string can be easy using Regex.

Using the =~ operator will match a string against a regular expression.
Here are some examples of how to use it. 252 more words