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Bi-Weekly Learning Update (18!)

I’ve been working on the freeCodeCamp Intermediate Algorithm Scripting challenges for the past couple of weeks. I wanted to do that instead of jumping straight back in to the Twitch tv project, just to ease myself back into it. 490 more words

Web Dev

Powershell Tip: Escaping special Characters in a String using [RegEx] type accelerator

Often when using the -Replace (Operator) or .replace() (Method) in Powershell, I forget that the former parses the string in regex and in case you’re passing Special characters in the string, you’ll get the error all over your console. 81 more words


Regular Expression

This is more of a note-to-self type of post.

You know that series of symbols and characters in a chain following each other? Sometimes you will find them with a find, replace, or find and replace function. 111 more words

Web Development

Supporting Named capturing groups before Java 7

Java 7 has introduced named capturing groups in regular expressions. Which is cool. But I had a requirement to support named capturing groups for prior versions of Java too. 254 more words


[/{REGEX} + /{PYTHON}]

Regex or regular expressions can be used to identify a particular pattern in a large dump of data. This comes handy when there is a requirement to extract/identify a particular pattern of data from a heap of data. 221 more words


vim set regextype perl

The problem

Vim is a great editor. I use it every day, and that includes weekends. I’ve run into an issue where to search with the regular expression… 53 more words

RegEx reference.

Matching Patterns in Text: The Basics

Character literals


Mary had a little lamb.
And everywhere that Mary
went, the lamb was sure
to go.


Mary had a little lamb. 4,218 more words