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Selenium Notes

Automated testing:

The process of reducing and where possible removing human interactions from an existing manual test process.

Automated Manual Repeatability

Easy to pass or fail a test case… 1,157 more words

Software Testing

RegEx Pattern

RegEx Pattern

 / open and close
 ^ Begin
 $ End
 ? preceding character
 [] group
 | choice
 + one or more


/^(+)-(+)-(+)-(+)) $/

How to check valid number / integer? 77 more words


Regex in Salesforce

(Pardon the dust. :) This post is still a work in progress!)

Regex is a confusing language to me. But even though I find it confusing, I recognize it’s power to verify input. 2,047 more words

Visual Flow

Visual Flow to Return Letters Only

Have you ever wanted to extract just the letters out of a string? Here is a super quick Flow that you can use to do that. 185 more words

Visual Flow

Kotlin Koans—Part 6

Insert Values into String

Kotlin upgrades some of Java’s String capabilities. One of the first things I liked was the ability to insert variables into the String… 204 more words

Regular Expression & Treemaps to Visualize Emergency Department Visits

It’s been a while since my last post on some TB WHO data. A lot has happened since then, including the opportunity to attend the… 3,440 more words