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Wildcard RegEx Examples

I always forget how to do this so this time I am going to write it down. :)

When getting files with the “Get File Names” you can use a wildcard to retrieve all of the files or an expression just to return a file extension that you want. 54 more words


Regular Expressions

I’ve written about almost every chapter in the JavaScript book. Most of the chapter was going over a webpage with a form. It goes over various form enhancements & validation (the name of the chapter). 139 more words

Web Development

Regex tester and cheatsheet

When building a Regex statement, I need to test it with sample data because I just don’t use Regex often enough to be that fluent. 45 more words


emacs remove any indentation

Here’s another quick one. It could be when formatting pieces of code that you want to remove any space from the beginning of the line. Removing de-facto any indentation. 20 more words


.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm

Greate stuff:

Online .NET regular expression tester with real-time highlighting and detailed results output.

Allowed me to quickly verify the pattern PWWWC\d\dFE\d\d_\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d\.zip matches only one of these filenames:

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  1. Required Validator
  2. Compare Validator
  3. Regular expression Validator
  4. Custom Validator
  5. Range Validator

1.Required Field Validator :

It gives the user that required field is mandatory and has to be filled before submitting. 182 more words

Core Concepts

Getting IP addresses from DNS debugging logs

I am now in process of migrating old AD/DNS integrated servers and promoting new ones. In complex/big environments you can not control everything. That is why before shutting down old ones I turn on DNS debugging to check which clients/servers still use them. 151 more words