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Dynamism and Punishment

The “squeeze” on the U.S. middle class is a fiction. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the “gif” above. It first appeared in… 566 more words

Mark Perry

Macro-pru, regulation, rule of law and public choice theory

Another rule of law-related post. It might be the anniversary of the Magna Carta that brought this topic back in fashion. Consider it as a follow-up post to… 1,469 more words

The share market effects of British elections

#Dailychart: Do British general election results have a big impact on the stockmarket? econ.st/1ES2X9O http://t.co/AzwEM0hEeV
The Economist (@EconBizFin) May 07, 2015

Politicians won't be the only ones panicking tonight.

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