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14th Reg. Combat Scenario

In 14th Regiment, we have been drilling inside the gym due to the weather. Recently, we practiced loading and firing whilst kneeling and laying down. When we would be laying down, you would load by rolling onto your back and moving the stock of the musket between your knees, or however far down so that the muzzle was in front of your face. 210 more words

31st Grey Regiment Niagara Camp 1906

The 31st Grey Regiment at there annual militia training at Camp Niagara 1906.


Training Film: Officers and Men (1944)

In August 1944 the British Army commissioned a training film instructing new officers on how best to lead their men. For a new officer joining the ranks so late in the war it must have been a daunting task to lead men in to combat especially if those men had already seen action and the officer hadn’t. 21 more words


Band strikes again

The Cardinal Regiment is having another successful year and it could be  the techniques the director Justin Antos uses.

This year the Cardinal Regiment collected five first place trophies and numerous captain awards including Best Drum Major,Best Auxiliary,Best Percussion and Best Winds. 239 more words


Divisions & Regiments

There is more information revealed now about the composition of the two Welsh divisions that spent time in Bedford – the first line 53rd (Welsh) Division and the second line 68th (2nd Welsh) Division – and new regiments have been identified from which battalions were attached to the 160th (Welsh Border) Brigade of the 53rd (Welsh) Division. 140 more words



There’s a timeline now of arrivals at and departures from Bedford of the Welsh troops, first by month/year and secondly by division/regiment. It’s based on current best information and will be updated as and when new information may come to light. 22 more words