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Messerschmitt Attack of the Googleapis

Messerschmitt Bf 109 / Me 109 Fighter Planes Startup & Takeoff

“Waiting for .

“Waiting for googleapis”.

It was a Messerschmitt attack! “It is the flies which will get you,” is common wisdom. 743 more words

Secrets of the Tinfoil Hat

Americans totally OK with Bilderberg Illuminati

In the short video clip hopefully embedded above, one Lori Harfenist wears her version of the tinfoil hat. The tinfoil hat is worn by some persons who believe it shields the brain from threats such as electromagnetic fields, mind control, and mind reading. 896 more words

Google's two-year time limit on mobile R&D projects before they are killed, adopted or sold

Google’s mobile-focused research group, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATP), gives projects a maximum of two years’ work before they are killed, adopted as official Google products or sold to outside companies, reports the  366 more words

Google Corporate

This Is What Google Learned from the Department of Defense

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By Miguel Helft… 323 more words

Zynga announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Advanced Technology and Projects Regina Dugan to its Board of Directors. Dugan joined Motorola Mobility in March 2012 to oversee the ATAP group, a skunkworks-inspired team tasked with coming up with breakthrough innovations in mobile computing. 222 more words

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Googler, And Former DARPA Director, Regina Dugan Joins Zynga's Board Of Directors

Zynga is announcing a new addition to its board of directors — Regina E. Dugan, vice president of engineering and head of the Advanced Technology and Projects group at Google. 424 more words