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More Jane Smiley: Henry and the Cathars

Hello, readers, hello! My summers are often quite wild, so I haven’t written in a while. But not for lack of thinking.

What I want to do today is pick up on my last… 603 more words

Baggage and Reactionary Definitions

Baggage is one of the major topics which I harp on as a cause of major issues with Paganism. In this context “baggage” can run a gamut of incidences: unidentified emotional hangers-on, obvious biases based off of previous interactions or disappointments, or even trauma which needs to be addressed, but nevertheless colors the topic. 1,347 more words


AEC building block of ASEAN community?

August 14, 2016

AEC building block of ASEAN community?

by Dr. Munir Majid


THE AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) could turn out to be the saviour of ASEAN. 1,320 more words


Once & Future Cities

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eBlog, 7/29/16

In this morning’s eBlog, we consider the critical, successful first effort by the City of Detroit to issue full faith and credit municipal debt–an effort complicated by the still unsettled fiscal situation of Detroit’s public school system; we examine the next chapter in the Chris Christie saga and Atlantic City’s efforts to avoid a default and /or state takeover. 1,197 more words



Six summer weeks on the road, traveling from my New Orleans base back to my Twin Cities home turf. Let’s call it a ‘working vacation’…that I now could use a vacation from. 453 more words

Sons of the Soil


The love of motherland, the place we belong to, is deep entrenched in people. Remember the partition that have happened on political lines there always stood a voice against it holding the hand of their relation with the “land”, they lived on and forms an identity which may surpass other identities like religion , economic disparities , etc.   610 more words