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After Shining the Light on Our Betrayers, What Comes Next?

“However, the saddest thing of all is the passivity by which “we” challenge the truth. Instead, we cower in indifference for fear of being “labeled” (fined or imprisoned) for standing up for the basic tenets that has made this nation unique in world history. 534 more words


Regionalism returns

In 2004, John Prescott tried very hard to establish elected regional government in England.  He selected North East England for his attempt, believing this was an area that saw itself as a region and would support the idea.  849 more words


Time for Indonesia to play a bigger role in ASEAN

April 1, 2015

Time for Indonesia to play a bigger role in ASEAN

by Pattharapong Rattanasevee


ASEAN would benefit from stronger leadership. But Indonesia, best placed to take up that role, appears unwilling despite the fact that it could be the leader that ASEAN needs. 853 more words


Eat MORE Science Fiction -- Any Fiction At All, Really

     In my last post, EAT SCIENCE FICTION (link opens in new tab), I discussed the role of food in fiction, especially science fiction. I focused on the social element of eating meals and the way food and smells of food can evoke memories and feelings in us and in our readers when we include food in our fiction. 644 more words


47 Tahun ASEAN : Metamorfosa menuju Regionalisme yang Lebih Matang

Dear readers, ini adalah tulisan saya yang di muat dalam ASEAN Brief yang dikeluarkan oleh CIRES FISIP UI tahun 2014 lalu. Buletin tersebut merupakan salah satu betuk upaya mensosialisasikan ASEAN ke seluruh masyarakat. 723 more words

(Days Twenty-one through Twenty-five) Mumford Country

Lewis Mumford, born in 1895, is a hero. He died in 1990 in a little house in Amenia, New York–a home that, for no good reason–is not an historic landmark today.  826 more words


Ultranationalism: what does it really mean?

It has been observed that the term ultranationalism has become a pejorative description for nationalists who display an extreme fervor to or advocacy of the interests of their country. 539 more words