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Facing South Florida: Gun Control

Jim discusses gun control with Regis Giles of GirlsJust WannaHaveGuns.com and Bradley Gerber, President of the Miami Young Republicans. 6 more words

Facing South Florida

Politically Incorrect Gun Rules

Regis Giles lays down the law and discloses her 10 politically incorrect gun rules. Rule No. 1: “Guns have two enemies — rust and politicians.”¬†Giles is a leading voice for Second Amendment Rights, self-defense and conservation. 27 more words

Political, Hey!

Guns Becoming Popular For Florida Women

MIAMI (CBS4) – Ladies night used to entail a trip to a favorite restaurant or bar. But recently, ladies night is becoming more and more popular at local gun ranges, including the Florida Gun Center in Hialeah. 304 more words


How to Avoid Turning Your Daughters Into Kardashians: "Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls" By Doug Giles, (A Review)

Those of us with daughters to raise in the current climate are, understandably, terrified. Just turning on the TV is hazardous. The hottest shows on television featuring today’s role models for girls include “Holly’s World,” featuring Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend who, while sweet as apple pie, must have been abandoned by any positive male influence in her life. 1,390 more words

Interview with Doug Giles, father of two extraordinary daughters

From the Daily Caller. (H/T Pearcey Report)


Like most parents, Clash Radio host and Townhall.com columnist Doug Giles is proud of his children.

806 more words

The Megan Fox Radio Show: Tsunami, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns and Child Predators Protected by the Unions

Sunday night’s program is the last broadcast from Hawaii. We talked tsunami and what’s going on in Japan. Also, Regis Giles of GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns joins us to talk about arming women and empowering women through the training and use of firearms. 14 more words