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VMCC | The Register of Machine - 1st Edition (1969)

On Saturday, 25 June 2016 I visited the London Motorcycle Museum. After perusing the old machines I ventured into the shop. A box contained a 1st Edition of the… 30 more words

A Most Inspiring Overwatch Play Of The Game

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last night, my teammates and I ran into some serious Overwatch latency issues. We saw teleporting opponents, hits and ults that wouldn’t register, and mysteriously vanishing health packs. 51 more words


when your referral link is active in Bitkingdom

Your referral link will be active when your account active: your identity verified (ID Card or Passport) and selfie verified, then you give provide help. done… 16 more words

The Layers of English on GitHub

Thanks to the positive response my last post got, I’ve put the source code for The Layers of English up on GitHub. You can find it here:


Cool Science

"This Video Will Stop Gun Control – If It Goes Viral"

The LGBT community is starting to realize its a good idea to pack heat. Don’t be a victim. Defend yourselves. Radical Islamist are going to target you people first.