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My Donor

I’ve been thinking a lot about my donor and their family in the last few weeks. Now that I’m well enough to have something other than recovery on my mind, I’m becoming increasingly curious about who my new liver came from and how I can thank their loved ones for making the difficult decision to donate. 382 more words

Organ Donor

Registered to Vote

In order to make a difference to the local community as well as the wider country. There’s no votes coming up that I know of, but when it happens at least I will be ready.

Community Action – Phase 1

Look Wider

Lavabit lives again • The Register

It’s taken longer than first expected, but the first fruits of Lavabit founder Ladar Levison’s Dark Mail Technical Alliance have landed with the relaunch of the encrypted mail…


MYNIC is dead

Maybe you wandering why I said that. At the time of writing, MYNIC claim there is 324130 active domains. I don’t think the number is correct since there is one domain no longer active but not available to public. 136 more words


Letters: President Trump – The Orange County Register

It’s official: President Trump It’s going to take some getting used to the fact that President-elect Trump is now President Trump. Whether or not he follows through with all that…


किसी भी सॉफ्टवेर का ट्रायल पीरियड कैसे कंट्रोल अथवा हैक करें जिससे की आपका सॉफ्टवेर का ट्रायल वर्शन (Trial Version) सदा के लिए चलता रहे और आपको रजिस्ट्रेशन (Register) या की (Key) डालने की परेशानी से बचा सके |

दोस्तों आप सब विंडोज से कई तरह के सॉफ्टवेर उनकी ओफ़्फ़िशिअल वेबसाइट से फ्री डाउनलोड कर लेते है परन्तु हर बार ट्रायल वर्शन ही डाउनलोड कर पाते है जो की कुछ समय के बाद समाप्त हो जाता है और आपके सॉफ्टवेर की कार्यप्रणाली रुक जाती है | जिसको पुनः चालित करने के लिए या तो आपको वह सॉफ्टवेर को खरीदना पड़ता है या फिर उसका क्रैक डाउनलोड करना पड़ता है परन्तु क्रैक कई बार कार्य नहीं करते है और आपको परेशानी उठानी पड़ सकती है |

'No s*x for Men' If they don't register to Vote, Kenyan MP tells Women

A Kenyan opposition MP has urged her fellow women to deprive their husband of enjoying their conjugal right until they register to vote ahead of August’s general election. 145 more words

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