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Registry Cleaning Made Easy - Software Solutions For Your Needs

by The DEMO Conference
When a computer is not operating at its best, there are many different possible reasons for it. You need to know all of the different reasons as to why your computer could be performing improperly and what you can do to make it operate better on a daily basis. One of the…

Website domain faux pas #url #oops #dotbugger

So out with thecjnet.com, cjnetglobal.com, cjnet.com.au and in with cjnet.mobi

I bet you’re wonder what’s up with the .mobi address… read more about how it came about and what it means at this Wikipedia page…  6 more words


Problems with Windows XP Registry Errors and Solutions

by Internet Archive Book Images
It is a common knowledge that the Windows registry is a key factor to determine whether your computer will slow and speed up. 23 more words

Baby things...

About a week ago, my sister in law posed a question that has had both my husband and I thinking ever since. What gift did we receive for the baby that we absolutely could not do without?   1,326 more words


Progress and Complications

50 grams of sugar in that nasty little bottle of flat orange pop for my glucose test yesterday. Yuck! Granted, there are far worse things in life, but that was not pleasant for someone who gets the majority of her sugar from fresh fruit. 590 more words


Free Registry Cleaners - Learn How Free Registry Cleaners Can Do Anything But Clean Your Registry

Registry cleaners are  software programs used for cleaning cluttered entries and invalid values found in the Windows system registry.  This registry cleaner also acts as a database for storing important information about your PC and provides it to your PC when required.  Registry Cleaners can ha…

Baby Essentials for 0-3 Months

I wish somebody created this post for me while I was making my baby registry. I was so overwhelmed with what to get/what not to get that I ended up registering for a TON of stuff. 361 more words

Baby Gear