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WebView 2.1a


Een WebView heeft alleen nut als er een internetverbinding is. Als die er niet is verschijnt er nu een melding in beeld en zijn alleen de sluitknoppen nog beschikbaar. 97 more words


3 Tips for Giving Wedding Gifts

Some people don’t like being invited to weddings. They don’t like the crowd, all the customs and the wedding bands. On the other hands, a lot of us love it. 643 more words


Problem when accessing administration page in Sage CRM

There is a common issue when accessing the administration page in Sage CRM, you will probably hit the error “Your connection to this site is not private”. 132 more words


Microsoft Office Reading Locations (Part 1)

Over the weekend I was looking at the “Reading Locations” subkey in the NTUSER.dat and found something interesting. I haven’t got a complete understanding yet, so I’ve labelled this as Part 1, but I have to figure some more stuff out for there to be a part 2. 768 more words

2019 Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Who doesn’t love getting free things? I know I enjoy free things! I had signed up for an amazon baby registry a few months ago to keep an ongoing list of the things I wanted to get for our newest family member (due in May). 515 more words


Search Folder with Everything from VoidTools

To use the program Everything with a right-click on a folder, use this safe registry edit.

Search with Everything

Windows 10

Determine if running on 64 bit or 32 bit

This is from a Microsoft script, so I expect it’s considered a reliable way.

reg Query "HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\CentralProcessor\0" | find /i "x86" > NUL && set OS=32BIT || set OS=64BIT
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