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Registry List for Smart Brides!

Hey gorgeous girls,

The Bridal Girl here! So, today’s topic, the REGISTRY! So many modern brides have no idea what to register for, as so many brides these days live with their fiancés before they marry. 410 more words


Beautiful Young Bride: A Wedding Series


A series on Young Caballero Life! And not just any series; a Wedding Series (and my very first)!

It’s officially engagement season and either you, or someone you know has just gotten engaged and is head over heels, blindly and blissfully in love. 237 more words

How to Disable Bing Search from the Windows 10 Start Menu

The last major update from Windows 10 (v. 1809) brought us, among other things, Bing search enabled as default in the start menu. Now everything you search on your start menu is automatically also searched online ( 383 more words

What writes to the Syscache hive?

This is a reply to the Sunday Funday 12/30/18 challenge.

The following results represent an attempt to understand what Windows components write to the Syscache hive in a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 installation (64-bit; with updates installed as of January 3, 2019). 1,517 more words


5 practical rules for baby essentials

There are too many baby products! Even my dog is stressed out.

Baby products are ever-changing. By the time you decide what you want, the product is either discontinued or the name has been changed for marketing purposes. 463 more words

Baby Products

RunOnce a Powershell Script

Why does it always seems like the most simple of tasks are the most difficult to accomplish?

Goal: run a powershell script on the next login with the RunOnce registry key. 129 more words


This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation

From a security perspective this is not really a best practice, but sometimes you get into this horrible situation where you cannot logon to a server using RDP, and you don’t have access to the server console… sometimes necessity knows no law… 200 more words