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Magi Lab Protections using Illusions

A while ago I wrote about a few effects to protect a Magi’s lab and here are a few more using illusions. Many effects are tricks that won’t fool or dissuade another wizard, but they may abstract the lab enough to make it difficult to navigate. 564 more words

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Research based on tutor's recommendations from assignment 1

Paula Rego

Dame Paula Rego (1935-) is a Portuguese-born British artist “who is particularly known for her paintings and prints based on storybooks. … Rego’s style has evolved from abstract towards representational, and she has favoured pastels over oils for much of her career. 1,236 more words

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Charged devices for sailors

Here are some charged devices for sailors and marines; a portable wind, and a magical auger. In the write-up there is the spell effect using common Ars Magica notation and also any enchanted device modifications which might be needed. 546 more words

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A spell to make objects sentient, like Pinocchio

After writing the Ars Magica spells about Frozen, there are a plenty more movie based spell effects to ponder. I started writing this post with Pinocchio in mind, but an actual tree would also be a suitable target, as it’s branches could conceivably act as hands of a sort (as demonstrated in one of the of the Ars sourcebooks on a massive tree). 397 more words

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Spells for emergencies at sea

Here are a few random spells to use on rivers and oceans, particularly for creating places to recover at sea, to help save lost crew, or to create a temporary hold-fast for repairs. 388 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 8

A quasi-necromantic idea is to use dead body parts as a form of substitution for lost limbs, as it is a popular fantasy trope.  Many stories have similar myths, the one I like best is the… 702 more words

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Spells from Frozen, part 3

Part three of the spells from Frozen has spells inspired from the film and also some derivations. While the film’s cartoon-ish style is fantastic it is not always what a magus might desire. 797 more words

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