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Brisbane ABC radio interview on raising the GST

I had a good chat this morning with Terri Begley on 612 ABC Brisbane regarding proposals to raise more revenue from the GST:

What raising the GST actually means… 265 more words


Spells for sleep, against man and beast

Sometimes a Magus needs a solution to a confrontation which doesn’t leave corpses scattered across the ground, or is operating where a little tact will be viewed favorably (rare I know, eh). 457 more words

Ars Magica

Revival of an old spell - Illusion of the Standing Wizard

Back in the older editions of Ars Magica there was a spell called Illusion of the Standing Wizard. The intent was to allow a magus to appear to be standing around not doing much while actually casting, stealing something, or some such. 126 more words


Buying a car in New Zealand

After arriving in the coastal city of Nelson, we had pretty much one goal: buy a car. This was something that I had stressed and Tracey wasn’t too sure about doing until talking with some other backpackers. 487 more words


Very short range teleportation effect

A rework of the Wizard’s Leap, down to the lowest guideline of teleportation; of 5 paces. As a level 10 spell it is learnable by almost every Wizard, and certainly low enough to be spontaneously cast by mid-powered magi. 130 more words

Ars Magica

Making an Object Immovable

Terram is also for generic effects, in this case two spells for making objects immovable. The Ars Magica sourcebook Transforming Mythic Europe (p125) has a section on creating motive power, even almost covering spell levels into equivalent horse power. 300 more words