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Spells to strengthen the mind and resist other Mentem spells?

Can a spell make a mind more resistant to coercion? Or more resistant to magical manipulation? I’d say yes, so this post is a discussion of the points to why, and a few spells to demonstrate potential approaches. 737 more words

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The Crucible of Wonder, an enchanted device

Magi in Ars Magica have the potential to create wondrous magical items all around them, to better enhance their magic. Initially a player’s mind might go to items like a Wand of Fire, however the real power in Ars is the long game, and the lab is where the long game shines for a character. 555 more words

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Sample enchanted items for automatic doors

Automatic doors are a little silly as an enchanted device in Ars Magica, mainly due to the cost of time and vis it would take, however they would also add a certain majesty to a covenant (its also saves two servants standing just off-stage pulling them open while making a subtle “swish” noise). 252 more words

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New spells to Prevent Rain

Here are some inconsequential weather related spells for Ars Magica. Often small or innocuous spells will have additional subtle applications or ways to bend them circumstantially, however I enjoyed writing these are they are what they say they are. 225 more words

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MOPs, Triads, LEC's, REGOs and other such weird terms. Selling your generated energy... simple. Hah!

The following is what I understand of the energy market by dabbling at the periphery. Now that you’re making electricity you decide to move out of the guaranteed minimum value, set by the government for all generators under the Feed in Tariff scheme. 597 more words

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Using Imagonem to alter vision impairment

Macrotextures (as defined in Ars Magica sourcebook HoH:S p64) allow species to be manipulated to interact with the sensory organs in different ways, and allows for correcting vision impairment. 292 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 10

I couldn’t resist adding more spells involving physical necromancy. This post started as one spell specifically to assist a magus clean up a skeleton, and came about due to a story thread where the players need to find a skeleton to use in an enchanted device. 398 more words

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