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A Minuscule Immovable Lab

Edit: this should be called “Minuscule Movable Lab”, clearly I missed the title.

A quick post with an odd purpose – to shrink a room or lab down to a tiny size so it is easier to transport. 432 more words

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Spells to Repair a Dwelling

Over time I’ve written a few new Perdo and Rego spells for Terram and Herbam to damage parts of objects or structures (often using Target: Part as it is slightly harder but far more versatile), so in support of a breadth of magical spells for Ars Magica, here are a few ways to repair buildings and structures. 754 more words

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A Pick Pocket spell for the Discerning Burglar

A Magus with shady inclinations could gather a stable rudimentary level of wealth very easily. After donning a spell to move amongst mundanes without difficulty these spells might be useful to garner money or other useful materials from passing traders and townsfolk. 338 more words

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Specialised versions of Opening the Intangible Tunnel

I’ve been re-reading the Ars Magazine Sub Rosa recently and came across a spell concept that I really liked – versions of Opening the Intangible Tunnel… 211 more words

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A selction of new spells to guide interaction, behaviour, and thoughts

A few spells for influencing the mindset of opponents. There are many spells in Rego Mentem which influence a target’s response or attitude for general interaction (to be authoritative, or to be ignored) but many other reactions are desirable and only powerful Magi would be able to cast desired effects spontaneously. 411 more words

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Lost Spells (part 5) Guide a Missile

When originally written as Guiding the Hunter’s Arrow the spell increased the accuracy of the missile, which under 5th edition Ars magica is somewhat different. 176 more words

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Lost Spells (part 4) Magical Footprints and Rings

Two strange-ish terram spells, revised from their old versions from prior editions.

Marked Footsteps

Creo Terram 5, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

The target’s footsteps leave traces of a terram material where they tread, which means they can be easily followed. 72 more words

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