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Make an army slaughter themselves, piecemeal

Today’s spell is a quick Rego Mentem effect for Ars Magica designed to turn a single opponent into a violent rage-filled berserker. The approach is more subtle than raining down fire on an opponent, very effective in destroying a fighting unit, and would also have a nasty effect on morale. 376 more words


Using Science in Sport (SiS) Nutrition to support my training and racing

I’ve been using Science in Sport (SiS) Australia nutrition since 2013. After embarking on the path to long course training and racing it was clear that my daily diet needed some help in specific areas to allow me to get the best out of my training and racing. 759 more words


The Buoyant Grog - marching an army across rivers

A long while ago I played in a story where the grogs and mundanes needed to cross a moderate body of water. It was a simple challenge, but the Magi present couldn’t use a magical-brute-force spontaneous effect to solve the issue. 387 more words


The many wonderful ways to blind somebody in Ars Magica

This post is another set of spells for Ars Magica which are all concerned with blinding an opponent. As I wrote these effects up they caused me to ponder what should be allowed as Muto spell effects, and where the domain of Perdo and the other techniques crosses over. 2,086 more words


Extensions to Conjuring the Mystic Tower

Conjuring the Mystic Tower (CtMT, ArM p153) is a principal and sometimes troubling spell for Ars Magica, because it demonstrates how easily wizards can create new structures, yet the mechanics are obfuscated. 774 more words