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Science in Sport REGO Rapid Recovery review

When you’re training, recovery is essential for your body to be able to turn your training into progress. Sleep and nutrition are the most important ingredients for good recovery, and while sleep may be harder to come by, proper recovery food is easy to find in the form of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery powder. 814 more words


Suppressing the magic of others, a meta-magic question for Ars Magica

An aside I pondered a while ago – how hard is it to suppress the magic of others?

The effect from the core rulebook called… 189 more words

Ars Magica

Quick effects for Wizards who like Winter

Another few effects for a wizard concerned with cold climates, particularly because of a penalty the wizard has in temperatures which are too hot. These are spells which might have peripheral uses but are mainly so that Agnarr Cold-Heart (an Ice mage) will be comfortable in warmer weather. 310 more words

Ars Magica

Spells for cheating at dice and cards

These are spells which manipulate the outcome of games of chance. Perhaps more suited to grogs and companions, or given as enchanted effects in items, or for the utmost advantage to Gentle gifted Magi. 333 more words

Ars Magica

Spear of Tempered Ice, a lesser enchanted device

This lesser device was designed to be a limited use and limited lifespan weapon against creatures with magical resistance.

Backstory – Crafted by the ice wizard Agnarr in preparation for returning to a dangerous and desolate locale where he previously fled a linorm wyrm.

198 more words
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Ice spells (part two) Shaping and blocking with ice

Following again the spells relating to ice and snow, and all the other frosty effects from a while ago (the Wall from GoT, a series on… 403 more words

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