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Discussing and Improving the Invisible Sling of Vilano

Here are some thoughts about the Invisible Sling of Vilano, which is arguably one of the most dangerous offensive spells in the Ars Magica role playing game. 878 more words

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An ungodly projectile spell

I’ve had a great comment and a few new visits to the blog on improving the Invisible Sling of Vilano and magical projectiles posts; the comment suggests the damage should scale with the size of projectiles being used instead of adding raw power into the spell. 234 more words

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Magically projecting arrows isn't terribly efficient

I was thinking about Vilano’s Sling with reference to projecting other materials. Stone is an exceptional material because it is simple to work with, pretty tough, and very prolific in the Ars Magica setting; but what about other materials? 758 more words

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Powerful effects for a Mentem Wizard

Part of designing a high powered Magus for Ars Magica is working out what effects they might have personally developed which separates them from the wizards in the core rulebooks. 171 more words

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Arcane Tunnels for Road and Waterway in Ars Magica

An aspect of having new spell ranges of Road and Waterway with Faerie Magic and Atlantean virtues (and many others) is the limited range of spells which are designed using them. 410 more words

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Jual Beli Kendaraan di Australia

Dalam tulisan sebelumnya saya sudah cerita tentang mobil kesayangan Australia, Dash. Gara-gara cerita itu, banyak yang penasaran mengenai cara memiliki kendaraan di negara bukan tanah kelahiran. 1,101 more words


Every picture tells a story: narrative paintings

Painting is one of the oldest media for conveying narrative, and for much of human history since has been much more accessible to the general population than written narrative, as it requires no special skills. 1,193 more words