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Paula Rego - Little Red Riding Hood Suite

Paula Rego – Little Red Riding Hood Suite

Paula Rego is of particular interest to me as, since the end of the last century, much of her work has centred on fairy tales, young girls and feminism. 479 more words

Final Project

Lilac flowers on my flats

EN. Dear Miaus, March is already here!!! Christmas  was just a sight ago and now we are just about to be on spring! Well for Guadalajara where we have 25ºC average along the year so season weather change is not drastic but at least I can use fresh clothes since early morning. 361 more words


Strange item - Wand of Cleaning

Inspired from a strange Atlas Games Ars Magica forum post, here is a Wand of Steam cleaning. Breakdown was:

Ars Magica

Sample enchanted items for a crossbow

After finding this image I wanted to write up a magical auto-loader for a crossbow which makes firing each round possible. Crossbows are already interesting in Ars Magica because they inflict a lot of damage (with the optional rules) with not a lot of skill if already loaded (reduced botch dice), but they are darn slow. 317 more words

Ars Magica

A floating book, all a wizard needs

An item of fancy and indulgence for those Magi who insist on looking the part and being most prepared. It might also make a good justification for a lab improvement item with a focus on texts or reading. 223 more words

Ars Magica

Rockaway Beach LIRR

Derelict and unused

Overgrown and defused

Nature takes back the tracks

Over years of disuse

The Rockaway Beach line of the Long Island Rail Road spanned from 1880 to 1962.

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Maintenance and Cleaning spells

Replacing the work based activities of servants and grogs with magic is interesting. It can be argued that it helps keep covenant costs or staff numbers down, but also that the vis spent is really wasted as it could be used for so much more (spend silver instead of vis). 202 more words

Ars Magica