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Progression and Regression

“For three sins of Judah,
    even for four, I will not relent….”
Amos 2:4a (NIV)

Yesterday was my birthday. Weather-wise it was an awful day. It was rainy, cold, and windy; A good day to stay inside and enjoy some quiet with family and friends. 392 more words



I miss him. And him. I miss them both. I shouldn’t. I should only miss one, but I feel bad about the other. He only tried to love me. 272 more words


crazy ex-racehorse

Murray has been a pendulum under saddle this week — swinging between successfully executing some quality flat work and successfully pissing me the fuck off.  There are a few extenuating circumstances that have prevented me from throttling him: 928 more words


patterns form

patterns form as experience talks

the way ahead is the sound that walks

but then, in time the trodden path 

stumbles on the aftermath

of ideas that come and eventually go… 38 more words



Quick quick quick,
get it done,
have no fun,
let the tension
get real thick. . .

Oh God! Oh No!

That’s the way
will make me sick. 109 more words


regress - "Rotten Sabbat"

Oh hi there.  How’s it going today my little friendly friends who are so very friendly?

You ever have those times where you want to kill your neighbors, like you actually fantasize about it, and maybe even once or twice poop on their lawn, you know while drunk on whiskey coming off a PCP bender? 162 more words


major malfunction; meltdown inevitable

I made a miscalculation this (Monday) morning that led to a major meltdown and malfunction from Murray the likes of which I haven’t seen in at least a year.   1,870 more words