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Does Sex Help Win Book Awards?

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King. Many of his books that I’ve read have a male lead who’s especially tall and is, in some form, a writer. 541 more words


Introduction to Regression Analyses

Regression analysis is one of the basic analytics techniques that one can use in uncovering insights from data. Simplistically, it is all about deriving the relationships between a predicted variable, typically called Y, and one or more predictor variables, typically called X (or X1, X2, X3, … Xn). 96 more words

Linear Regression

Feminism's hit-and-miss results for women

In previous posts to this blog I have explored the relationship between feminism and female happiness by summarizing findings from studies that examine this relationship on the national level and longitudinal level, as well as how various feminist practices (such as holding non-traditional beliefs about marriage, earning more than one’s husband, working full-time, etc.) impact women’s psychological well-being.

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Single and Multiple Regression Analysis

In statistical modeling, Regression Analysis is a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables. It includes many techniques for modeling and analyzing several variables. The main focus is on the relationship between one  dependent variables (Yn) and one or more independent variables (X). 276 more words

Accounting Basics

Don't Miss Tomorrow's ABA CADS Roundtable on the Use of Surveys and Statistics in Class Actions

Tomorrow, July 13, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, I’ll be presenting on a panel of attorneys and experts discussing the use of surveys and statistics in class actions.  271 more words

Class Action Trends

Recently Published Article – " A New Method to Estimate Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Content, an Example from Goldwyer Shale Formation, the Canning Basin"

Journal: The Open Petroleum Engineering Journal

Author(s): Munther Alshakhs, Reza Rezaee



There is an increasing interest in the Goldwyer Formation of the Canning Basin as a potentially prospective shale play. 352 more words

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