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Treadmill of Terror

I had a headache yesterday evening, and briefly debated either skipping my run, or taking some Tylenol and powering through. Then I remembered that I had recently picked up a natural headache remedy in the form of a peppermint oil stick.   256 more words

Surviving Life

K dot.

So ayun, nastress kasi ako. Nakakaloka! Bakit ba kailangan mong ipamukha sa’kin na kasalanan ko na naman ang lahat? Every single freaking time, pinamumukha mo ‘to sakin. 469 more words


Credit Score

Jagadish uncle was a thin man. During my twelve years in school, I had not seen him change much. Neither did my cousin brothers who were several years older to me and studied in the same school. 420 more words


Hey You,

Hey You,

God you were a mistake, I have never regretted anything in my life more then kissing you. The thought of it just makes me cringe. 163 more words


Right person, wrong time

Taylor And Matt There’s this other type of love that doesn’t come dressed in everything you’ve ever wanted. It isn’t every dream coming true. It isn’t waking up one day next to someone and realizing the only thing that matters is them.

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What I Think


It starts out simply enough, a kind word, a confidence-boosting compliment,

a helping hand

or simply, showing interest in your life.

It’s new, it’s different, but it’s welcome. 219 more words


16 word story challenge (Instagram)

**This is in no way meant to be taken as condoning violence against women. Simply a metaphor used to express the magnitude of regret I felt with my divorce.**