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Coz life can’t be undone and mistakes can’t be erased… and some moments of err can haunt one an entire lifetime.

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Life Implementations

The power of regret

Regret can be easily thrown in a conversation. Sometimes the actual word, but most of the time the message if a statement, like so:

“I should have done that.” 368 more words


HOW TO: Strategize Handshake to get a Genuine Sales Commitment

“Fortify the bridging hands with deliberate sensations of timely, compelling emotions.”

Nostalgic from my kindergarten years in a parochial school, a handshake would spare us from the rod of visiting the principal’s office with our summoned parents every time a quarrel erupts between me and a fellow brat (I am not that notorious though.

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I am not much of a poet, but I thought tonight I would try my hand.  And yes, it rhymes.  I hope you like it. 295 more words



You Googled “I hate my job” again today. You dragged yourself home after another long day of work. You woke up and your stomach turned at the thought of going back to that job. 478 more words

3. Semper Fidelis

Last night was the end of my first true relationship.

Lets call her Eleos.

In roman mythology, Eleos was the personification of pity, mercy,clemency, and compassion. 157 more words