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April 29, 2016

Lately, I’ve been busy regretting.

I made so many bad choices.

I clung too tightly to some people and not tightly enough to others. Some people were so precious and I never should have let them slip away. 92 more words

If I was stable enough for any practicable period of time –
I think I would call this a relationship too.
The fact I relay this shows my intent… 20 more words


Don't live with regrets

“People don’t choose dreams, dreams choose them”

I came across another truely inspiring video. It is highly motivational and speaks about how we should all persuade our dreams before it’s too late.

25 more words


I’m sitting in the pub corner,
Comfy in my favourite seat.
Raising my glass half-heartedly,
To all the friends I used to meet.

I’m drinking to your memory, 171 more words


The Story of the Boy who Played with the Moon

Once upon a time there lived a very poor boy. His parents had no money to buy him toys, so he had acquired from an early age the habit of crafting various objects from what he happened to find. 1,624 more words

Made-up Stories


At the end of day

The horizon vanishes

Paths untaken



Is this word
Destined to be
My legacy?
Based on where I stand today,
They might say
I never could.
I never did.
I never tried. 39 more words

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