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My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

I was serious when I mentioned I was going to make an effort to read more books on marriages. I will be honest, I literally chose it because its title made it pretty obvious that this story was going to be about marriage. 508 more words


A Mistake to Forget

Trust me when I say
I’d erase it all, to the very first day.
Every thing we’ve had, Every moment we’ve shared.
All of it, gone in an instant. 229 more words


All I Have Left

The cut you left was beginning to heal.

The blood dried up, the wound scabbed over.

They were right: time was helping me not to feel. 42 more words

Free Verse

An Epistle Of Regret...

Your letter came by this morning.

Creased inside an envelope,

Reminding of us,

Silhouetting against those

Blissful sunsets.

And as the setting sun

Engulfed us each day… 110 more words


Hell beckons me home where the promise of comfort soothes my restless feet and calms my aimless heart. The demons speak in familiar tones reminding me that I belong to this desolate, dying land where only the slightly insane can exist but never die. 46 more words



You told me that nothing will change,

But why does it feel like you’re miles away?

I shouldn’t have told you how I really feel,

I should’ve lied.

Knowing Better

I am leagues behind,
In knowing about pits
I am in.
Have always been.

I am within,
It’s mostly dark here,
Because I’m in too deep. 143 more words