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A Moment In Thought

I’ve always wondered where I would be in life if I had made different decisions.

If only I’d spent more than a moment in thought, would I have done anything differently? 797 more words



With a cup of hot water sitting at the window of my house, looking out of the window with a mixed feeling whether I am happy, sad, in regret, refreshed, or motivated? 734 more words

Show Time

Her hurry, and thoughtlessness,
Will not be good for her,
But what’s done is done.
It’s not in her hands now,
Because she sent it away to them. 80 more words


Island Blog - Coming out, Irony and Eye rolling

‘Coming out’ means something in contemporary language, I know, and I don’t mean it that way. However, the process of coming out, of walking into the spotlight and of facing down the imagined and, perhaps, very real reactions this coming out may bring is what I am doing. 515 more words

Island Blog

Things I Am Grateful For

“You know what the best currency is? And I just thought about this yesterday, the best currency, the most valuable of all, is gratitude. When you’re dead you’re dead, but you’re not quite so dead, if you contribute something.”- John Dunsworth (The Liquor) 834 more words

Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence and the Affirmation of life

The eternal recurrence is most heavily referred to by Friedrich Nietzsche in his 1883 Thus Spoke Zarathustra, where it serves primarily as a thought experiment proposed by the title character (Zarathustra) that is meant to designate a supreme achievement of human development; the ascension to a higher type of consciousness in man. 595 more words


Moving now please

Drought in desert sand, of course, arid, dry and parched, dusty and barren my thoughts. One airstream under the hazing arch. Oasis in the desolate infertile land. 243 more words