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When the Last Interaction Is Not Positive

One of my friends died today. Our last conversation keeps repeating in my head. It was not a happy conversation. Would I have delivered the same message if I knew his days were numbered? 534 more words


The Love of My Life

When I first met her I thought she was pretty, if a little arrogant. She picked me up from my place and we went back to hers to watch Wolf Creek 2. 1,864 more words


Suitcases, postcards

So I pack my love

With its uneven edges

And messy stains

Struggling to string it

Into melodic syllables

Words and letters shouldering

The weight of emotion… 151 more words



Stay standing dear friend

I’ve no seat to welcome you

I’ve no meal to share

What you ask, I will not give

Your words, though sweet, are poison

Lesson learned

A funny thing happens when you are strict with your diet and eat the correct portion size, you physically cannot handle what used to be a normal meal for you. 316 more words


Rabbit Hole nr 1: "The Power of Now!"

My research of different worldviews let me down some interesting rabbit holes, to use the Matrix (or Alice in Wonderland) metaphor.

I looked at Eckart Tolle who dropped out of conventional life, with depression, ended up as a homeless person sitting on a bench and having the most blissful experience of his life. 332 more words

Emotional Intelligence