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As I sit here and try my best to work on my research paper, I anxiously wait for you to pop in. You’re sitting on the other side and I know you’re there because I saw your car outside. 155 more words



Regrets, we all have them, Yesterday I read an article about people’s major regrets on Quora and I can say people have a lot of differing regrets, falling in love, lying,┬ádrug abuse,┬ánot falling in love, not lying, not enjoying sex more, hurting people, not following their gut, allowing themselves to be abused, abusing others, cheating on their significant others, not taking school seriously, taking school too seriously, drug abuse, putting too much garlic in the fridge leaving their fridge always smelling like garlic yes seriously, there were too many I didn’t finish reading them. 1,821 more words


Patient satisfaction at 24 months after treatment for localized prostate cancer

The ability to “manage” patients’ satisfaction with their care in the treatment of localized prostate cancer is challenging — for patients, for caregivers, for physicians, and for health systems. 731 more words


Hello yet again,

This has been a not so good month for me and my family. Death knocked on our door yet again, but this time it hit too close to home. 247 more words

The Winery

Travel the world, broaden your horizons, but above all respect other countries customs.

Touch Down.

We deboarded blearily upon our belated arrival at LAX,
We wearily complied with Customs and Security checks,
I regret to say I might not have been at my diplomatic best… 63 more words



you warned me
but I came anyway
still unprepared
and by the furies
down the phoenix rain
molten bullets perforate
penetrate my mental armor… 79 more words



The diffident moon, having failed hitherto, betrays her desire through furtive ado

She hasn’t the pow’r for arcipluvian light, thus summons to his feet, her tidings this night… 128 more words