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During my years at college, I decided to grow my hair out.

It doesn’t seem like a monumental decision. However, it was a pretty big decision for me, as I had never permitted my hair to grow past my shoulders, because my hair is more or less a sentient being capable of complex thought; it’s kind of like having Super Saiyan hair without the otherworldly strength and crazy powers that come with it. 1,066 more words


Forever Friends

Last night I made dinner for a friend and her family. My friend’s husband was in a mountain biking accident and suffered brain damage. His broken bones and flesh wounds are healing. 457 more words

Think You Are an Over-thinker?

Overthinking can give you anxiety, fear, and depression. It can drive you crazy.

Here are tips on how to be in more control of your mind and situations. 493 more words


Life is uncertain. Fundamentally. Whether the people I love will still be there tomorrow is uncertain. Whether i will still be able to do the things that give meaning to my life tomorrow is uncertain. 708 more words

first day (me blabbering)

so today was the first day of A levels and i forgot to pray before leaving the house, felt so guilty- hope GOD blessed me anyways. 424 more words

3rd September 2015, Thursday (Singapore)

My free time just got smaller and smaller. From biggest type of issue I can imagine to the smallest type of issue I realised. I, too, want to look for someone out there to love, to share, to romance. 375 more words


How to Avoid Regret While Your Young

You might think the worst thing about aging is gray hair and wrinkles…and having to ride one of those Rascal scooters everywhere. (Who am I kidding, those scooters look fun…) 1,674 more words