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Stay Strong

Over and over

I’ve caused myself pain

Little did I realize

There was nothing to gain.

With blood on my arm,

And pain in my heart, 128 more words



God I miss him. I miss everything. Just when I think its gotten easier I slide back to square 1. I just want everything to be back to the way it was a week and a half ago. 51 more words

Ode to That Girl (On the Train who looks just like You)

This is

Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center

Transfer is available to

The past?

Can I catch the

one two three to

when you and me

had… 90 more words


Regret and Acceptance

He gazed out the window, a solemn look upon his face.

Earlier today, he had completed a task of great magnitude.

Failing said task would place his future in dire straits. 435 more words


Your Past Does Not Define You

Ok let’s talk about regrets.

We all have them. Things we wish we hadn’t done. Things we’d be ashamed for other people to know about. Moments that make us cringe when we relive them in our heads. 379 more words


Director of Suicide Squad says he has one regret about the movie

David Ayer said he had some regrets about Suicide Squad movie. He asserted that, the regrets was deeply unconventional and emotionally manipulative methods during pre-production therapy sessions with his actors. 246 more words

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