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7 days

7 days since my skydive and still can’t shake it off, the amazing rush and the adrenaline, nothing compares to it. I tried to explain to Craig how it felt. 241 more words



I’ll let you go

right now, right here

i want to let you go

because in seconds i’m gonna change it all

i might regret… 60 more words

Pulp Fiction

Just finished a book,
I wish I’d never started …
Won’t get those hours back.


Everyday Poems

The End?

I’ve been trying to live my life as “normally” as I possibly can ever since my diagnosis. But it gets harder and herder to do so every day that I persist. 275 more words


Nocturne, in C Sharp Minor

by Rawan Al Fadil

I try to tip-toe on the shredded glass of regret
Scattered by my own indecisiveness
But it’s no good
The weight of responsibilities is pulling me down… 223 more words



The words ran out at the first touch of rain, at the first smell of the promise of recognition, the first meeting of the wandering eyes. 30 more words


The Struggle Of Regret & The Summit Of Moving Ahead

A little Thursday morning share from a devotion I received:

“You may be reeling from recent events, but I am bringing you to a new place of equilibrium and balance. 163 more words