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I knew this place would burn down

I knew this place would burn down.
I knew when we raised it
The intricate stone deftly woven
And guarded by misshapen gargoyles
That could not hold back the flames. 119 more words


Sonnet #4 - Let Go

‘How to Let Go’ by Chateaugrief

1st Version

Yelling at the top of my voice,

To the ones who chained me to this ugly fate, “Just let me go!” 454 more words

From The Mind

34 Days

It’s been 34 days since I found out my husband had been cheating on me since last May. It’s really quite incredible how much can occur in a mere 34 days. 1,313 more words

Living Life With Class And Grace And Muscles

Without A Regret

The sunrising is myself taking my first morning breath.
A deep inhale and slow exhale,
I watch it move from the east to the west. 79 more words

#001/ 2.5cm The Young Heroes of the Street

a bad omen at the start of a long journey

The first film in the ZiiEagle brochure is 2.5cm: The Young Heroes of the Street… 408 more words


Writing Practice - 4/19/19

Snoring loudly over there…

It’s okay that you snore. I wasn’t really sleeping anyway. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and tonight is no exception. 505 more words

Writing Practice

Siyah Beyaz Ask - The Real Swamp

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“Namik Bey, do you know what I have said to Ferhat?”

“I said to him, that he is a swamp.”

“I told him that he’s pulling all the people around him that loves him into his darkness.” 77 more words