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You left without saying goodbye

I regret that I don’t visit you often

I never thought that you are in great  pain,

You never show your weakness to anyone,

I have no idea that you are suffering and fighting alone in this miserable world, 35 more words


The President returns home after meeting his Russian counterpart for a private wee tete-a-tete. A private and it would seem, illuminating and revelatory meeting. Try to picture it, as Donald did.

All That Glistens…

The President looked down from the casement
Of his glittering golden GREAT gilded Trump Tower,
The full moons soft saffron suffused glow meant… 121 more words

6 Word Prompt - July 17th

Jo from A Creative PTSD Gal has created a 6 word story prompt for July which I am participating in. To see her original post with the full list for July – click… 82 more words

Weird Ramblings Of My Mind


As people grow older I would imagine they almost always feel some kind of regret within their life somewhere. Whether it be from childhood, a personal issue or work mishap. 101 more words

No Regrets

I’ve seen you turn around
and catch the fading beauty,
of scary love you once found
gasping like a strangled city.

Solitary lovers call out your name, 98 more words

Time Machine (Find Out)

I wish I’ll get the chance to do things differently.
Go back in time two or three years.
Back to a time where things were easier. 190 more words

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Shut eye

I am not charmed by the mocking essence

in my dreams

how they tear the lids from the innocent viscosity

of my eyes

and wake me with words that appear to be squeezed… 70 more words

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