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Saying yes hoping you can change them

You love them dearly despite all their shortcomings and what they do, but you secretly hoping that they will change; in fact, you convinced yourself that if there is anyone who can change them it is you. 685 more words

Self Help

tousled rue

in the seismic registry,
a record exists of an
unusual disturbance —

a tremor made entirely
of partially frayed regrets

rue, tousled by breezy thoughts

Original Poems

Your atonement

and just when you thought
that you’ve finally forgotten me
you’ll find me at the horizon of
your 3 am dream

dancing on tiptoes and laughing like a child; 49 more words


Respectful empowerment

The power of what other people think is extremely strong and although, we may know better but we go with what other people say or think because we feel that we want to stay part of that tribe or that group. 290 more words


9/24/19: Summer Much Too Early

dreaming droning

cicadas—their sawing

voices splitting heat


From Regret To Learning

We know it is better, even sensible, to learn from a mistake and not repeat them. Yet, we spend time regretting decision made, paths taken or not taken in the past. 359 more words


Mother Melancholia

Ah, I understand now, alone, a product of ancient Rome

(a black collar, middle class, value family from my generation.)

Generation Catacomb!

WE utter tumors of blood. 156 more words