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A Crystal Path To Oblivion

He walks this path called life.

In Search of some memories to overcome the moments of sorrows.

Sometimes he run.

It’s the same either way because the path that lays in front of him is just endless blurred line.A snowy path that may turn to cloud altogether… 77 more words

The Tall People of Bell Prairie

The Tall People of Bell Prairie: A Creative Nonfiction Piece

Written May 13, 2019 for a creative writing course.

Hopefully, this will be just one part in a series of essays in which I will reflect on and attempt to reconcile with past life experiences. 3,039 more words



“Sometimes people are broken and don’t know how to mend because they aren’t able to say what they need or deeply want. Sometimes you get to a point in life where you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake and you desperately need to fix it, but it’s so deep and bitterly ingrained you can’t start.”   … 13 more words


Sound of Silence

There are sad refrains in a life, repeated bars which bring no joy to hear. I knew a mythical creature called a griffin. I had little love for this beast, and great interest in avoiding him. 207 more words

Captian's Log

Families of War

She sat on the floor.  Her puffy red and bruised eyes poured out tears onto the hard concrete floor.  She had been kneeling on the floor for so long, the feeling in her feet and toes had disappeared hours ago.  551 more words

Maybe I Don't Know

Perhaps I have become more familiar with this feeling

Of loss and loneliness, discomfort and despair

Although I don’t dare test my capacity

In fear that I will shatter upon any given force… 247 more words