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Take a Minute

This is live
Every day
No retakes
There are second chances
But they’re different
You have to make them different
Because the first one didn’t work… 49 more words


I Tried to Save Myself Instead of Someone Else

I felt a part of me deteriorate tonight.

There was a pit in my chest that was suddenly filled by an anvil. I felt the weight of putting everyone else first pour out of me. 311 more words



He moves with
coiled precision, skinned teeth
edged between curled lip

Blue chips of ice
determination and anger
carving through the snow with
a curved serrated edge. 122 more words


On Regret

If I could go back,

I would not.

I’m grateful for the life I’ve got.

All the choices

That weren’t right

Still led to where I am tonight. 31 more words

Something's don't work out and that's alright.

The end of 2018 and 2019 in particular was the year in which I accepted that my dreams were not possible. I failed my nursing degree, I had a breakdown in relationships and tried to end my life multiple times. 490 more words

Back in Time

I have wasted so much time

dwelling on the past

that the future arrive way too fast.

Thinking about what might have been

made me ignore… 98 more words