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It’s All Erroneous Information

You’ve experienced instant regret, right? That feeling of having decided upon a course of action that immediately reveals itself to be an idiotic choice which leaves you no further option but to then choose remorse, regret, rueing and other words beginning with ‘R’ that denote wishing you’d made an entirely different choice. 176 more words


You’re Not a Prisoner of Failure

You’ve just forgotten that you still have a choice

The idea of failure is an interesting one. The word is derived from the mid 17th century, originally… 1,524 more words

Nostalgia Tourism

“So I suppose you want to ask me why I left town.”

Actually, Ian didn’t want to ask, but he was too busy to tell Maia otherwise. 748 more words


Fending Off the Barflies

Hard to breathe when you lose control
Hard to live with the words unspoken
I walk away ’cause I got no home
Empty hole and my body’s shaking… 191 more words


Change the ending

Every so often I come across the suggestion that I counsel myself based on what I would tell my younger self. I do see value in this since that girl still lives in me somewhere. 173 more words



Oftentimes I wear my regrets like an
Iron Maiden
to drive home the many points
in my life
when I did as I ought not to have, 195 more words

A Scarf in August

I feel like we all buy things that we do not necessarily need. Either we buy it because its on sale, we want to add to our collection or we convince ourselves that there is a use for it one day. 292 more words