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Picture Poetry

These definitely arent my favorite, but I thought better post them than just delete them!

I edited these from my drawings.

Don’t keep things to yourself! 18 more words


Musings, Questions & Answers

I write to connect. I write to engage. I write because I want to share. That’s why I’ve decided to start a midweek series for answering questions from everyone who takes the time to read my posts. 778 more words

Damsel In Distress

No one hears when I truly cry
But when I sob with no reason why
Then they to my rescue fly
And I’m left to wonder… 17 more words


why didn’t this come up sooner. (poem entry #15)

there’s a beauty

however small

in having someone

to call your own

even if they

don’t necessarily


he said to me

i know we broke up… 125 more words


The Foreigner

Eight years later and I still dream about seeing you again. Or rather I dream about not seeing you – missing each other somehow, each time I’m traveling to visit you but our paths don’t cross. 1,036 more words

I blame myself.

I blame myself…

I blame myself for the shit that I’ve done. I blame myself for every little mistake I made. For today, for yesterday, for the other day. 426 more words

Personal Thoughts

Words Left Unsaid

Reflecting back on different people who’ve come in and out of my life recently stirred in me the feeling that I’ve left so many words unsaid and that meaningful conversations have slipped right through my fingers. 1,916 more words

Life Lessons