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5 Things I Hated About Myself

Remembering your past is normal. That’s what memories are for. People normally look back in their memories to relive the moments they’ve had. Their successes and failures, the good times and the bad times. 1,375 more words


Message in a bottle #3

I’m not one to turn back time even though I live with quite a bit of regret.  There are choices I’d change, paths I’d explore and kisses I’d freely bestow. 156 more words


Cork, Canvas, and unstuck in time

Tonight I went to an event called Cork & Canvas with an old friend of mine and his girlfriend. It was a belated birthday present from them… 2 months belated… 365 more words

Must We Wait?

Totally beats me why we nearly always fail to appreciate that and those that are there when they are. The little things. Maybe we assume they’ll always be there when we done with our circles anyway or think we’ve got some kind of hold over them. 260 more words


The Moment

*This is a recycled post I wrote in the past*

I’ve grown to become very fond of Twitter as people are allowed to share their thoughts and express concerns on their mind. 487 more words


Catching Up With Old Friends!

Yes, I realize me going MIA for long periods does get annoying, & sorry, but I had the computer not be here. That and some issues with a former school mate cropped up, so yeah, had to deal with him. 213 more words


A lost passion

“Do you have any regrets yet?”

Someone asked me this question in a conversation the other day. They were referring to doing/not doing certain things in high school or middle school, or anything within my 20 years of life. 147 more words