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Regretful days, straight moments

Breaking off into your own chain of mistakes is a dread that comes at its own cost, when the night strikes after you’ve done everything, sometimes all you can do is wait it out. 412 more words

Roads Not Taken

Therapist:  It will come to you unbenounst.  You could be walking through the dairy case at the store when your mind decides you’re finally safe enough and just have a total freeking meltdown while the ice cream drips down your arm. 788 more words

A regret.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life but I still carried on with no regrets, until you came along.


The Tangled Nature of Love and Time-Travel

It had been a two-hour bus ride from prison, and Ed Eisenhower had to rub his eyes. There was a woman waving in the parking lot. 1,258 more words


An Open Letter to my 16 Year Old Self

I want to tell you, you are special. You are capable of so much more than you realize. The world is at your fingertips, all you have to do it keep pushing. 667 more words



I find myself trapped in a constant loop. I want to move somewhere new, I want to find another job, I want to begin a new life. 147 more words


The Forgotten Regrets

What seems like many eons ago (really, only just 6 years ago),  I worked at a general surgeon’s clinic here in Charlotte, NC. I was there for seven years total, but learned so much about myself. 1,956 more words