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How to “Find Yourself” and My Adventures in Art

I tried writing a heartfelt letter to my Love after watching an inspiring video about finding oneself. I went a little crazy with the YouTube videos last night in general, but this one stood out like no other: 502 more words


Why does he want to take off his wedding ring?

If it’s just a separation…Then why does he say he might take off his wedding ring?

I just don’t get it. I thought we were married, but just not physically together. 130 more words


I Miss My Father

I stopped living with my dad when I was sixteen and we stopped talking when I was eighteen. The last words my father ever spoke to me were “When’s your birthday?” over text, after my grandmother’s funeral. 263 more words

Vo kar rahe hai waqt se shikayat abhi

Ke humare dil pe ab unka zor nahi chalta..

Hum to Apni viraniyo main kuch is kadar khush he… 10 more words

My 5 Biggest Regrets as an Athletic Training Student

Growing up I was never a phenomenal student. I was good, but looking back on my years there are a numAber of things I wish I did differently to REALLY gain and benefit from all the resources at my disposal. 611 more words

Oh Melinda, oh dear Melinda

Standing in front of the mirror admiring her jutting hips and seductive curves used to be her favourite hobby.

She’ll spend a quality Uninterrupted hour dedicated solely to gentle lotioning her delicate ebony skin, making sure not a single area of her skin was left unattended. 249 more words

The Change Theory !

Night had fallen, dinner was done and now was the time to scroll through my phone screen searching out for new posts on Instagram, new likes on Facebook and just casual surfing through the Internet. 823 more words