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TRB027 – The Gift of Podcasting

What are the gifts of the Spirit? Who has them? Are they still in operation? Why does Tony hate John MacArthur?

In this episode, Jesse and Tony discuss the ordinary and charismatic gifts, continuationism vs cessationism, and the sufficiency of Scripture. 43 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB025 - The Nuclear Missile of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is hard. It involves self-sacrifice, a desire for the good of someone who has wronged us, and an ability to recognize our own sinfulness. 35 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB024 - The Nate Episode

Sorry to all our friends and listeners who are named Nathan, Nathaniel, or Nate… it isn’t personal, probably.

Tony and Jesse discuss a bit of Schwamb inside language, the nates of the Bible, and how RC Sproul’s next book should be called… 49 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB 023 - Costco Ecclesiology

Why should you become a member of your local Church? What is the Biblical support? Is this just something we came up with?

This week, Jesse and Tony discuss the Biblical case for formal church membership and discuss why it is so important for the life of a Christian. 57 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB 021 - Role Tide Management (feat. Matt Butts)

This week, Jesse and Tony welcome Matt Butts to the show. Matt is one of the co-hosts for the Reformed Outlook, a father, a seminarian, a full time employee… he has a lot of balls in the air. 54 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB 020 - Do You Want a Resolution?

Jonathan Edwards was a theologian, philosopher, and pastor in the 18th century. When he was a young man, he penned 70 resolutions by which he sought to live his life. 72 more words

Jesse Schwamb