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TRB008 - Reformation Day Bonanza

The Protestant Reformation can only be described as a revolution, but it was also a recovery and a revival. Each year on October 31st, we celebrate this vital historical event. 85 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB007 - #ExplosionEdition

Can you serve both Christ and technology? How does our technology change us? Can we find redemptive and innovative ways to use technology for #KingdomProductivity? 24 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB006 - Choking Out Sin

Sin is something that every Christian wars against. Every war should have a battle plan.

In this episode, Jesse and Tony discuss what it means to mortify sin, and provide some practical thoughts on how we go about that. 27 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB005 - The Controversial Episode

How should a Christian vote? What issues are more important than others? What should we do when there is no clear candidate who represents our values? 75 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB004 - Get that Strange Fire Out of Here

This week Jesse and Tony discuss worship. How is our worship to be regulated? By God’s command or by our own wisdom? Should we sing Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs… or just Psalms? 39 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB003 - The Demon in the Sound Machine

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Does the present darkness need to be pierced? Who you gonna call?

In this episode, Jesse and Tony discuss Satan and his demons. 31 more words

Jesse Schwamb

TRB002 - South of the Border Calling

What does godly work look like? Is there a difference between doing God’s work, and just working in the realm of man.

Tony and Jesse discuss vocation and work this week. 21 more words

Jesse Schwamb