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The Scunthorpe Problem

In my day job, I’ve been aware of this problem where “profane” words are found where they don’t exist. Though until recently I had no idea that this issue actually has a name. 336 more words


Finding Tattoo Artists with Web Scraping

Every year, Villain Arts has a tattoo convention here in Cleveland (and other cities) where more than a 100 artists show up to tattoo for a weekend. 1,537 more words

Exclude regex based paths in Spring boot


I have a controller with the following GetMapping

@GetMapping(value = "/dawson/v1/{dataType}", produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_UTF8_VALUE)
public ResponseEntity respondWithData(@PathVariable String dataType, @RequestParam(name = "minDate") String min_date, @RequestParam(name = "maxDate") String max_date, @RequestParam(USERID) String user_id, @RequestHeader(value = "Authorization") String authorizationHeader) {
… 150 more words

Using Notepad++ to mask email address for GDPR reasons

With the new GDPR rules enforced in Europe, shipping log files containing personal information (including email addresses) to 3rd parties are a no-go. Unless you have a signed… 90 more words


Python - Regular Expressions

regular expression or regex is a sequence of characters that defines a specific search pattern and using which you can match or substitute patterns inside a text with least amount of code. 499 more words


Get a Parameter within a URL Using a Regular Expression in Nintex Workflow

Recently had a need to extract a parameter from within a URL string using Nintex Workflow.  Specifically, I needed to get the ID parameter from a URL.   132 more words

Nintex Workflow 2013

Pig Latinizer using Regex

A few weeks ago I spent half a day working on a lab on Sinatra and the MVC. I needed to build a form to take user input, build a method to receive the user input, build a PigLatinizer model to convert a string to… 780 more words