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Dvarim/Deuteronomy, Nitzavim-Vayelech 29:9-31:30

Every time I sit down to type up a blog post  I think about the fact that I still have not figured out how to tackle the parashot that I missed over the summer. 1,255 more words



When I look up at the stars, it’s like nothing matters anymore, like I don’t matter. It is as if I am one of those stars in place, glittering and shining in complete peace. 188 more words


Today we are fair bound

Good morning my awesome readers! Today the tribe is fair bound. We are heading for, probably the greatest worlds fair. The Tunbridge worlds fair. It will be a nice break from the day to day grind, and a chance to see what some of the best growers and livestock raisers have. 293 more words

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Is anyone out there?

Well, no one responded to my last post. I am wondering whether any of you read it? That’s ok though. I have decided to make that page anyone. 164 more words

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My Time at TNP

It was a wild ride of 6 months as an intern journalist at The New Paper. Every day, whether in the office or out on the street, it was an adventure; a true roller coaster ride full of peaks and distant lows and through it all, the news waited for no one. 306 more words

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Dvarim/Deutoronomy, Ki Tavo 26:1-29:8

This week, I changed the way I do things a little bit. I scheduled a time to meet with Rabbi Jeremy of my Hillel to discuss the parashah after I read it as well as an interpretation of it. 1,288 more words


An Essay I Wrote in Secondary 3 (reworked)

“I… No, no, no! This is all wrong!” I cursed myself. My mind was empty. Emptiness implies that something is supposed to be there but it not. 623 more words

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