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Regular sex and a healthy heart "next to go"

Doctors and scientists are constantly told us that regular sex strengthens the heart. And here’s new proof of that. As recent research by British doctors, those men who have sex as often as twice a week, the risk of death from heart disease twice as likely than those who have sex once a month or even less frequently. 262 more words

Regularly - it's great!

The question is not idle, since many couples each time asking ourselves about it. According to scientists (at least, the most progressive part of this community), having carefully analyzed the relationship between physical health and sex life, sex on a regular basis and strengthens the health and psychological convergence partners contribute.That was a lot of sex… 245 more words

Sex Makes Us 10 Years Younger; Paying for Facebook

Sex Makes You 10 Years Younger

When I spotted this article last night, I found a few things about it interesting. The basic premise revolves around a ten year study conducted by a psychologist in the UK about how regular sex can help stop the aging process and help make us live longer. 942 more words

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Southern hospitality my gaysian ass

I thought Southern people were supposed to be all mannerly and genteel, at least on the outside. They might be inwardly imaging spitting acid in your face, but aren’t they supposed to like drip honey from their mouths while they say nice courteous things to you? 140 more words

Health Benefits of Regular Sex

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex
The health benefits of sex extend well beyond the bedroom. Turns out sex is good for you in ways you may never have imagined. 1,139 more words